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love breaking out the martini glasses at home

I don't know about you but most of family and friends think that I am crazy. This twilight obsession has taken over my life and most of the people around me don't share my passion. So, instead of curing myself of this malady I decided to throw a party. The main purpose was to bring together the disconnected friends I had that were also twihards. Keep in mind there is minimal debauchery at this party as a few of the guests had just had babies. All good clean and elegant fun despite the super strong martinis - I swear I followed the recipe exactly.


First thing I did of course was went shopping. After all, I needed a new machine to make invites. Why

I was inspired by these beautiful handmade twilightations from Lyssabz's etsy shop. Very pretty.

twilightations from Lyssabz's on etsy

But when it comes to crafts I like to make my own and I love a good trip to Michael's. There on the shelf for 40% off was the last pink Cricut machine in stock. For those of you non scrapbookers the Cricut is a personal electronic cutter.

special pink edition for The Cure

It's like a CAD machine that you use in drafting except that it cuts instead of draws. You can buy pricey cartridges for it or you can buy a software called Sure Cuts A Lot that lets you design, and hence cut, anything you want.

That's how I made these

Black paper cut out with the Cricut

See the shiny paper I used underneath?

My first party with a dress code

After all the spray glue fumes, I had a headache for two days. Worth it for pretty cards sent out in the mail to my friends.


I don't cook. I can reheat and follow a basic recipe for lasagna but dinner parties are my husband's thing. There was no way I was asking him to cook for this soiree since he was helping to get the kids out of the house.  So, I enlisted the help of a good girlfriend JR. She is a party planner/caterer when she is not at her full time job in health care and caring for her two teenage boys.

JR is not a twilight fan. She might have seen the first film once? (I think she has now become a Taycob fan since New Moon.) But she loves a dinner party and was super excited.

Here's what she came up with

Twilight Dinner Menu

Assorted Cheese platter

Edward’s Red Apple Amuse Bouche

Red delicious apple with asiago

and caramelized onion wrapped in crispy pancetta

Bella’s Spinach Salad

Tender baby spinach salad topped with pecans and blue cheese,

drizzled with a warm bacon dressing

Cullen Family Blood Orange Granita

“Ice cold” frozen blood orange granita

topped with fresh cracked pepper

Port Angeles Mushroom Ravioli

Shittake, chanterelle and enoki stuffed ravioli topped

with white wine butter reduction, garnished with arugula

Chocolate Fountain

profiteroles, strawberries, marshmallows

Twilight Red Velvet Cupcakes

Of course the only thing I contributed other than paying for the ingredients was the chocolate fountain and cupcakes. None of the women in my family can cook but we can all make dessert.

These are the only twilight cupcakes I've ever made *shock.* I'll have to devote a whole post to the process of getting the edible silver twilight on there.


I am a fan of favour bags. My friend DQ is kind of an expert at them but I went these alone.

I filled these bags I bought at Michaels with

strawberry shampoo (on sale for a buck each at save-on foods)

For non-twihards, this is Bella's shampoo

new moon chocolate from Dazzled by Twilight in Forks

Only 5 Edwards in a bag of 22 chocolates

twilight magnets from Chapters
DQ went all over town getting these

apple candles from Ikea

Don't mind the 3 - yes, I know you can count

I would have loved to put some jewelry in there but I put my money into buying the decorations :)


I spent my money on this

Edward in my living room

Sorry about the fuzzy image but I figure it was more real than a stock web pic. I ordered him online before new moon was released. Tough bugger to get a hold of since it seemed to be only sold in the UK. Managed to order it from Yahoo through some guy in the US. Did not want to ask how he got one because I didn't care.

Mr. TC was kind enough to drive me down across to Point Roberts, WA to pick up Edward. When the border guard asked me what we were picking up he had trouble understanding "vampire cardboard cut-out." He was not happy looking. As soon as we said "twilight" he started howling with laughter and asking if it was this Edward guy. Apparently his daughter loves twilight and he even asked me where I ordered it from. Twilight saves the day again!

My friend ML brought along her mini Edward and Bella to the party to keep big Edward company.

Mr. TC also brought the TV down from our room into the living room so we had the Twilight movie running in the background all night.

Lovely tablecloth from JR

Tea lights everywhere and I had wonderful help stringing glowing Christmas lights all over. I wanted to reproduce the dance scene lighting from the movie and it worked.

My mom and son helped me set the table (that is the most enabling I've ever had from them).

I put a small selection of my twilight stuff out too.

Top right - framed KStew and RPattz autographed photo next to my
Stephenie Meyer autographed book - nice to bring them out of the safe.

I usually have my autographed stuff locked up away from the kiddies. So nice to let them out to be loved. Oh, the red booklet is a copy of a rough draft script from Twilight.

stuff I made them do (nothing nasty)

After everyone had their blood orange martini, I got down to business.

Just coming back from Forks the week before I was armed with the most kick ass quiz encompassing all four books. I'm not going to post it here because I want you all to head to Forks with the Twitarded crew and get your own copy at the Chamber of Commerce.

Prizes included a New Moon movie companion guide

and a 5X7 photo autographed by Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser. Both generously donated by dinner guests. Other things were stickers from Dazzled by Twilight and also, my personal favourite, Twilight Magnetic Poetry (note they don't sell this online anymore, photo below is only one I can find nowadays).

Twilight magnetic poetry

Lastly we cracked open my new Twilight Scene It game.

Everyone drove home sober but full of JR's yummy food and loaded up prizes and goodies.

To the women in this photo, thank you ladies for a lovely time. We'll have to throw another one for the release of Eclipse. I'm guessing there will be more drinking now that the kiddies are growing up.


Jelena @ Twiholic said...

OMG! Luuuurve those Twilight cupcakes! You should've enter the Twitarded contest that just ended with this post. They would've flipped.

You're so lucky to have such a supporting family, even though they think you're crazy. Here, they would seriously stage an intervention if they knew just how far my obsession reaches. I would get some serious roll eyes and "you're insane"'s if I tried to pull off anything remotely similar to that fantastic dinner party of yours.

Btw, you set the table beautifully.

Oh, and this is the only non-blogger Twilight blog I've come across. Maybe cause I actually don't follow as many blogs, IDK.

Want2Binforks said...

Will you be my new best friend??? I love all your ideas; my friends and I are having a Nm release party but we are a jeans and sweats all the way plus we don't cook. So I guess it will be nothing like your party mow that I think about it :)

twilightcupcake said...

We are usually jeans and T shirts usually but that's what made it so special. I hadn't seen these ladies in dresses for a long time so it was time to go shopping. I am very lucky to have a caterer friend but we could have easily done just the appy platters (we had brie and other soft cheeses, crackers, olives, roasted garlic, etc.) that even I could do without cooking.
Have fun and send us some photos too.

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks Jelena. I'll send a quick shout out to JJ and STY after this. I'll admit to you I was a bit disappointed with the twilight cupcakes. They weren't red enough and I didn't have time to make a new batch. Definitely will devote a post to them later.
I didn't share my party plans with many people outside of who was invited. Even my trip to Forks was dubbed a "trip to the Olympic Peninsula."
Glad you like the table setting. I had so much fun planning and JR brought her own plates (enough for all 5 courses!) and the candelabras too.
I was checking about the blogger thing - you are right. The only other one it seems is "Letters to Rob." I think it is a twilight-specific blogosphere thing. Oh well, okay to be different ;)