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The Hunger Games

Well I finally read something other than Twilight. HonoluluGirl is a huge fan of The Hunger Games and its sequels Catching Fire and MockingJay. She had tried to convince me in the Sea-Tac airport to read it. Then my good friend YS also mentioned this weekend how it was very good. So I gave in.

This book sucked me in because it had the first chapter for free on pdf. It was so easy to just buy the book after that as I had to know what would happen.

The story is set in the future in some post-apocalyptic world and involves turmoil and war. That was enough to put me off reading the series entirely. Mr. TC loves post-apocalyptic stuff and zombie stories so I thought this would be more up his alley.

Well, I was surprisingly enthralled. As with Twilight I zoomed through it very quickly - read all three books in less than 48 hours. YS thinks I'm nuts but if I don't do it this way I'll lose interest and never finish them.

I won't bore you with my synopsis but here's the teaser from the official site
Could you survive on your own, in the wild, with everyone fighting against you?Twenty-four are forced to enter. Only the winner survives. In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. Each year, the districts are forced by the Capitol to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the Hunger Games, a brutal and terrifying fight to the death - televised for all of Panem to see.

Survival is second nature for sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who struggles to feed her mother and younger sister by secretly hunting and gathering beyond the fences of District 12. When Katniss steps in to take the place of her sister in the Hunger Games, she knows it may be her death sentence. If she is to survive, she must weigh survival against humanity and life against love.

You can read the first chapter here for free.

There's a strong willed feisty unlikely hero and a love triangle. What more do you need? Oh yeah the writing is pretty good too. And they're making it into a movie soon.

I read it on my iPad. You can't buy it from Amazon or iBooks in iPad/Kindle format in Canada so my only option was to buy it from Kobobooks on my iPad using their app. It was amazingly easy and I am officially a fan of theirs.

Let me know what you think when you've read it.

I posted yesterday the answer to my questions from Jelena at Confessions of a Twiholic. Today I'll post answers to Musing Bella from Cheaper than Therapy.

1) What was your favorite subject in school, and why?

I loved biology. Big surprise there :) In all fairness I loved physics and chemistry as well but not much about either of those careers appealed to me.

2) Do you have any daily rituals, and what are they?

It seems that I need to wake up and check my iPhone first thing in the morning. Even before I go to the washroom. Maybe this is a common thing amongst all of us bloggers in Twitardia.

seems he loves his iPhone too

3) Do you prefer beer, wine, or hard alcohol (or none of the above)?

I prefer hard liquor. Gin or vodka with some kind of juice is ideal.
If I could only drink one thing ever again it would be doing shots of China White. And of course I mean the liquor, not the hard stuff.

China White
1 part Vodka

4) What is the very first thing you would do if you won a million dollars?

Boring as it may be I would pay off my mortgage. Then I'd invest into vacation property in Hawaii.

5) If you could live one fan fic story (as any character), what would it be?

Oh I like this one. You see that "Ward of the Day" column on the right sidebar with all my fanfic recommendations? Which one would you choose?

I would like to be Snarkella in The Misapprehension of Bella Swan as she falls for Hockeyward. She's smart and sassy and is beautiful even though she doesn't know it. Hockeyward is sweet, Canadian, and hugely endowed. Sounds like a good life.
And lastly she has a great rack. It would be nice for an Asian girl to experience that once.

6) What is something you're looking forward to in the next six months?

Another great question. I'm looking forward to watching my kids in the Christmas concert, especially since it will be the first for our youngest who just started kindergarten. Otherwise I don't have any trips planned until London in July 2011. I know, it's a shocker for me too to not have any plane tickets booked but it will be nice to stay home and earn money to pay off all my previous vacations.

7) Have you ever slapped someone for real? And if so, why?

No, although there are times where I was very tempted to but it's not in my nature.

8) What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Mini Coffee Crisp bars. I'm not picky about my sweets though - anything I can sneak away from the kids is good to me.

I am not going to tag anyone since I'm so OCD that I won't do it without first finding out who has already been tagged and that might take me all night.
So I'll just leave some questions for those of you who feel like you'd like me to know you better as well.

Leave your answers in the comments
1) What is your favourite photo of yourself?
2) Favourite food
3) Best meal ever
4) Worst hair day you remember
5) Fuck, Marry, Kill - Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson, Eric from TrueBlood

Okay ladies, can't wait to see your answers

There's been a silly game of blog tagging happening in our Twilight blogosphere and I've been tagged by my lovely friends Musing Bella and Jelena. They asked me some questions and here are my answers.

From Jelena at Confessions of a Twiholic

1. What is the favourite spot (aside from Forks) that you've ever visited?
If I could only keep vacationing somewhere it would be Hawaii. Asia is nice as a second home and Europe is magnificent for its food but Hawaii has soft sand and sun that we don't have in Vancouver.
All time favourite place is the Spa at the Grand Wailea in Maui. They have these multicoloured baths with algae etc that you rotate through
and also a rainfall shower but super intense.
the showers on the left - you sit on a bench and water pounds onto your shoulders
from the ceiling - love it
 It gives a lomi lomi massage - high powered jets that come down on your neck and shoulders - a pounding that is bliss.
By the way, in that shower picture, the showers on the right are high powered fine jets. As in you have to hold on because if you don't you might actually go flying out the door. Most people find it painful but I went back at least 10 times. Maybe 50 needs to have one of those next to the playroom in MotU?
2. Would you rather live by the sea or in the mountains?
I live at the base of a mountain. The gondola to go skiing is literally a few houses up from us.
the mountain that I live at the base of

About 10 minutes down the hill is the waterfront. This is the bridge I drive over to go to work everyday
more realistic

love this one though

So my answer is that I live on a mountain and by the water. Is it pretty? Yes. Do I sometimes wish that I lived by the water on a warm sandy beach - everyday!! Mountains bring rain and snow. Brrr.
3. What was your worst ever nightmare?
I don't know. I have lots of good and bad dreams every night and only seem to have peaceful sleep with the occasional cold and flu medicine. My most recent bad dream involved being chased all over a giant shopping mall that was supposed to enclose a city in Hong Kong. I felt like I was in a bad Mission Impossible movie.
what a nightmare Rob might look like
4. What did you dream of becoming when you were growing up?
A fashion designer. I remember in summer camp they made us draw a "in the future" poster and I wanted to be Alice. I had drawings of outfits and colour schemes everywhere. I'm sure my old school Chinese parents were silently praying it was a phase.
I so could have done better than Valentino, well the one on the right is kinda pretty
5. What's your favourite fruit?
Since I'm allergic to all fresh fruit and veggies I'll have to go with my realistic option. I love the dried sweetened strawberries from Chukar's Cherries in Pike Place Market, Seattle. On our last Forks trip I picked up four bags. I'm sure for all you fresh fruit fiends these things look disgusting but they are heaven for me.
6. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
Twining's English Breakfast Tea - just like Bella from MotU. If I'm at Starbuck's I'll have a chai latte.
I prefer my tea with Storm Troopers
7. Which booze do you always have at your house?
Bombay Sapphire Gin. By the way I found these gingerbread houses online - they have gin inside and the ingredients for a apple cocktail in them. Wow corporate Christmas gifts for liquor companies are kick ass.
8. Did you ever ride on a horse?
Sadly no.
Answers to Musing Bella's questions tomorrow.

Remember that I went to the Twilight Convention and met Peter Facinelli and Catherine Hardwicke? That was months ago and it took a while for me to actually get the photos. Here they are:

My best friend MK is on the other side of the celebrity but figured even though I've outed myself on this blog she doesn't need to (yet!).

Another squeal moment - look what I got through auction last month?

Autographed Rob stuff is a lot cheaper if it isn't Twilight related. One of the least expensive items I own and it came through a very reputable dealer. Yeah!

Yes, I'm procrastinating but I swear my Volterra and Montepulciano posts are coming.

Thanks to my lovely roommate Honolulu Girl of TrueBloodTwilight for putting up with me.I am so very happy that she nagged me into coming with her. It was wonderful to find a kindred spirit in the Twitarded world - someone who seems to love shopping and eating good food and is OCD about dirt and nature in general. If we had to stay in the Forks Motel, home of grimey carpet and questionable bedspreads, at least we were doing it together.

me and lovely roommate HG

I'm focussing my post on food and shopping. It seems that our trip has been well chronicled by Twitarded, Twired Jen, Honolulu Girl, MusingBella, and Mama Cougar to name just a few.

Pike Place Market
(eg. we get lost as I have no sense of direction)

After meeting up at Seatac and then picking up our rental car, we ventured into Seattle. Pike Place Market was our first destination. We followed the directions given from the market to the attached parking garage. Crap if that place wasn't scary. We ended up lining up for "elevator to market" but it felt like we were in a soup kitchen lineup. Homeless crazy people to be frank. Quickly escaping we found our way outside but inadvertently went up the Pike Hill Climb instead. By this time I'm thinking that HG is going to leave me in Seattle after knowing me for only two hours because I've gotten us completely lost. She is lovely of course and doesn't think anything of it.

Favourite things in Pike Place

- beautiful flowers for super cheap (those bouquets on the bottom are $5-10 each) - we briefly considered buying one for our motel in Forks

- lovely french bakery Le Panier - felt strange that this was the first place I took HG to in Seattle - not really Pacific Northwest cuisine

yum eclair for breakfast

HG's apple fritter

my favourite macaroons to save for later
- Pike Place Chowder in Post Alley
voted America's best New England clam chowder
very good seafood bisque
- produce galore
HG really liked these peppers
champagne grapes
- movie memorabilia store Golden Age Collectables in the basement. I bought an original Eclipse movie script and drooled at the autographed pictures of Rob and Kristen on the wall before we left.

Next stop

As you know there's a little fanfic called Master of the Universe that I sort of like. Enough to dedicate a whole week of posts and help make a tribute site to. Well, Edward from that story happens to live in a palatial penthouse in Seattle in a building called Escala.

HG and I ventured north a few blocks from Pike Place and there we were. Seriously adrenaline rushing through me just thinking that perhaps Edward was going to come home and zoom past us on the street.

17foreverlisa and Twired Jen were lucky enough to actually go inside to an open house and see the Penthouse. So jealous!

After that we walked a couple blocks to the Nordstrom flagship store and best malls in Seattle - Pacific Place (home of Tiffany's) and Westlake Centre (home of Hot Topic - which had virtually no twilight stuff at all!)

By late afternoon we realized it was time to head towards the town of Forks, a place with only two traffic lights but good potential for Twilight shopping.



There's the local Forks diner that I've been to before but after passing by one of their windows that was permanently filled with flies we decided to never go in there.

We spent almost every meal at The Lodge - a Twilight restaurant run by the Dazzled by Twilight crew. It's attached to the Twilight Lounge (place with a bar and dancefloor) and The Dungeon (small bar area).

Can't you picture Charlie drinking from this?
Yes if you click on the menus below you can see what kind of
Twilight food names they came up with

Thank you to TT for the wonderful surprise card that awaited us at breakfast lovingly transported by 17foreverlisa.

- variable portions, regular diner fare

wish that every diner had these glasses

I know she comes off hardcore but Mrs. P and her
awesome Long Island accent are too adorable for words

I'll quickly add in that we had a nice gloomy cold trip to Rialto Beach. And Lisa, despite her fear of all things aquatic, actually came down to the beach to take photos with us.

LtoR: TwiLoveSue, StarlitViolets, 17ForeverLisa, me, HG, Twired Jen, Cullenary Curser, Mrs.P

I would take credit for the genius behind the above photo but I just copied the idea from the gay guys we saw last year at Rialto doing the same thing. Except they took 3 tries and this was our first (and last).

Also what you don't see is Lisa and I cursing at our phones since we have no cell service and can't get a hold of Dangrdafne, Dangrdonna, and LivingWithEdward to join us. Don't they know us Twitards can't survive without cell service?

Twilight Sites

As stated above there are too many blogs to name that have already written there Twilight tour posts. Hence I'll just include my favourite pics.

The Miller Tree Inn aka The Cullen House

HG and I at La Push
Edward trying to force Bella to leave La Push

Port Angeles

Bella Italia

Take note that it takes at least an hour to get here from Forks. Thank goodness the restaurant was only a little snarky when Twired Jen graciously called to alert them of our tardiness.

super suave Edward belonging to Mrs. Fashion, friend of MusingBella
happy sharing a meal with Twired Jen and 17foreverLisa
couldn't stop eating this sourdough
obligatory mushroom ravioli
tasty crabcakes - don't ask what market price was though

Almost talked HG into going next door to Lincoln Theatre to watch Eclipse with me. Wouldn't watching Twilight in Port Angeles have been cool? Oh well, food wins everytime.


If there is one selling point for Forks it is a mecca for a Twilight shopoholic. Who needs the Hoh forest when you could be submersed into twi merchandise heaven?

Red Edition from UK
Team Edward ornament - they made me one on the spot
then gave it to me for FREE because it was so wet - score!
can't find these at home
yes I caved in and bought one - and I LOVE IT!
a present for Mr. TC? Had to get him something to open in Forks
pretend version of their wedding invite

have never seen the Cullen crest on nailpolish before
Rosalie would be proud

The store that used to be 98331 Gear is now listed as a cosmetics place across the street and just one block over from Dazzled by Twilight. They sell autographed merchandise and you can reach the owner at ForksChick. This is one time I did not go back home and look up the certificate of authenticity on every item before purchase.

Why? I couldn't leave the store without buying this:

And to my amazement the owner even included the frame.

Also bought this at the same time - my favourite photo of Rob and Kristen

excuse the reflection off the protective cover
Being the shopping loving city girls that we are HG and I could not get through an afternoon without having a little snack. What to do with no Starbucks or Nordstrom Cafe? We hit the local internet cafe - A Work in Progress & Cafe Paix. Surprisingly decent iced chai latte.

Last thoughts

Dangrdafne channelling Bella
I was overjoyed to finally meet my friend Dangrdafne and her friend Dangrdonna.

fellow city girls - me, Mrs. P, HG

Thanks to Mrs. P for bringing back these goodies from Disney. Can't wait to outfit my Bella and Edward Barbie dolls in these guys.

My wonderful friend Lisa surprised me with this Premiere magazine. It made me jump up and down clapping my hands and squealing like a 10 year old girl. Ironic to have an American give me this French magazine.

Lastly a quick 10 second video of the view from La Push Beach

La Push Beach video

Next post will be to finish off the Italy Trip - Montepulciano and Volterra - finally!