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Twilight, Travel, and Treats

Reflections of a Twihard on all things twilight, travel, and treats.

Thanks to my lovely roommate Honolulu Girl of TrueBloodTwilight for putting up with me.I am so very happy that she nagged me into coming with her. It was wonderful to find a kindred spirit in the Twitarded world - someone who seems to love shopping and eating good food and is OCD about dirt and nature in general. If we had to stay in the Forks Motel, home of grimey carpet and questionable bedspreads, at least we were doing it together.

me and lovely roommate HG

I'm focussing my post on food and shopping. It seems that our trip has been well chronicled by Twitarded, Twired Jen, Honolulu Girl, MusingBella, and Mama Cougar to name just a few.

Pike Place Market
(eg. we get lost as I have no sense of direction)

After meeting up at Seatac and then picking up our rental car, we ventured into Seattle. Pike Place Market was our first destination. We followed the directions given from the market to the attached parking garage. Crap if that place wasn't scary. We ended up lining up for "elevator to market" but it felt like we were in a soup kitchen lineup. Homeless crazy people to be frank. Quickly escaping we found our way outside but inadvertently went up the Pike Hill Climb instead. By this time I'm thinking that HG is going to leave me in Seattle after knowing me for only two hours because I've gotten us completely lost. She is lovely of course and doesn't think anything of it.

Favourite things in Pike Place

- beautiful flowers for super cheap (those bouquets on the bottom are $5-10 each) - we briefly considered buying one for our motel in Forks

- lovely french bakery Le Panier - felt strange that this was the first place I took HG to in Seattle - not really Pacific Northwest cuisine

yum eclair for breakfast

HG's apple fritter

my favourite macaroons to save for later
- Pike Place Chowder in Post Alley
voted America's best New England clam chowder
very good seafood bisque
- produce galore
HG really liked these peppers
champagne grapes
- movie memorabilia store Golden Age Collectables in the basement. I bought an original Eclipse movie script and drooled at the autographed pictures of Rob and Kristen on the wall before we left.

Next stop

As you know there's a little fanfic called Master of the Universe that I sort of like. Enough to dedicate a whole week of posts and help make a tribute site to. Well, Edward from that story happens to live in a palatial penthouse in Seattle in a building called Escala.

HG and I ventured north a few blocks from Pike Place and there we were. Seriously adrenaline rushing through me just thinking that perhaps Edward was going to come home and zoom past us on the street.

17foreverlisa and Twired Jen were lucky enough to actually go inside to an open house and see the Penthouse. So jealous!

After that we walked a couple blocks to the Nordstrom flagship store and best malls in Seattle - Pacific Place (home of Tiffany's) and Westlake Centre (home of Hot Topic - which had virtually no twilight stuff at all!)

By late afternoon we realized it was time to head towards the town of Forks, a place with only two traffic lights but good potential for Twilight shopping.



There's the local Forks diner that I've been to before but after passing by one of their windows that was permanently filled with flies we decided to never go in there.

We spent almost every meal at The Lodge - a Twilight restaurant run by the Dazzled by Twilight crew. It's attached to the Twilight Lounge (place with a bar and dancefloor) and The Dungeon (small bar area).

Can't you picture Charlie drinking from this?
Yes if you click on the menus below you can see what kind of
Twilight food names they came up with

Thank you to TT for the wonderful surprise card that awaited us at breakfast lovingly transported by 17foreverlisa.

- variable portions, regular diner fare

wish that every diner had these glasses

I know she comes off hardcore but Mrs. P and her
awesome Long Island accent are too adorable for words

I'll quickly add in that we had a nice gloomy cold trip to Rialto Beach. And Lisa, despite her fear of all things aquatic, actually came down to the beach to take photos with us.

LtoR: TwiLoveSue, StarlitViolets, 17ForeverLisa, me, HG, Twired Jen, Cullenary Curser, Mrs.P

I would take credit for the genius behind the above photo but I just copied the idea from the gay guys we saw last year at Rialto doing the same thing. Except they took 3 tries and this was our first (and last).

Also what you don't see is Lisa and I cursing at our phones since we have no cell service and can't get a hold of Dangrdafne, Dangrdonna, and LivingWithEdward to join us. Don't they know us Twitards can't survive without cell service?

Twilight Sites

As stated above there are too many blogs to name that have already written there Twilight tour posts. Hence I'll just include my favourite pics.

The Miller Tree Inn aka The Cullen House

HG and I at La Push
Edward trying to force Bella to leave La Push

Port Angeles

Bella Italia

Take note that it takes at least an hour to get here from Forks. Thank goodness the restaurant was only a little snarky when Twired Jen graciously called to alert them of our tardiness.

super suave Edward belonging to Mrs. Fashion, friend of MusingBella
happy sharing a meal with Twired Jen and 17foreverLisa
couldn't stop eating this sourdough
obligatory mushroom ravioli
tasty crabcakes - don't ask what market price was though

Almost talked HG into going next door to Lincoln Theatre to watch Eclipse with me. Wouldn't watching Twilight in Port Angeles have been cool? Oh well, food wins everytime.


If there is one selling point for Forks it is a mecca for a Twilight shopoholic. Who needs the Hoh forest when you could be submersed into twi merchandise heaven?

Red Edition from UK
Team Edward ornament - they made me one on the spot
then gave it to me for FREE because it was so wet - score!
can't find these at home
yes I caved in and bought one - and I LOVE IT!
a present for Mr. TC? Had to get him something to open in Forks
pretend version of their wedding invite

have never seen the Cullen crest on nailpolish before
Rosalie would be proud

The store that used to be 98331 Gear is now listed as a cosmetics place across the street and just one block over from Dazzled by Twilight. They sell autographed merchandise and you can reach the owner at ForksChick. This is one time I did not go back home and look up the certificate of authenticity on every item before purchase.

Why? I couldn't leave the store without buying this:

And to my amazement the owner even included the frame.

Also bought this at the same time - my favourite photo of Rob and Kristen

excuse the reflection off the protective cover
Being the shopping loving city girls that we are HG and I could not get through an afternoon without having a little snack. What to do with no Starbucks or Nordstrom Cafe? We hit the local internet cafe - A Work in Progress & Cafe Paix. Surprisingly decent iced chai latte.

Last thoughts

Dangrdafne channelling Bella
I was overjoyed to finally meet my friend Dangrdafne and her friend Dangrdonna.

fellow city girls - me, Mrs. P, HG

Thanks to Mrs. P for bringing back these goodies from Disney. Can't wait to outfit my Bella and Edward Barbie dolls in these guys.

My wonderful friend Lisa surprised me with this Premiere magazine. It made me jump up and down clapping my hands and squealing like a 10 year old girl. Ironic to have an American give me this French magazine.

Lastly a quick 10 second video of the view from La Push Beach

La Push Beach video

Next post will be to finish off the Italy Trip - Montepulciano and Volterra - finally!


Jenny Jerkface said...

Pike Place Market is insane. Unfortunately, we didn't get to really explore Seattle but I've been there before and got hopelessly lost.

Love your thoughts on the food! I am now kicking myself for not getting any chowder while I was out there.

But the salmon was kick-ass.


Musing Bella said...

When were you two at Post Alley? We had lunch there on Thursday at about 12:30, and I wonder if we were all there at the same time? Too funny. We went to the market, too - I've been there a bunch, but the flower prices always blow me away. If I lived in Seattle, I would have fresh flowers always in my home.

Love the food-focused post, although now I'm starved for dinner! I am waiting patiently for your Volterra post. :) So good to finally meet you (my fan fic enabler)!!

Twired Jen said...

This is such an amazing re-cap TC. It was such a joy to finally meet you and I truly hope we'll meet again in the future. Miss you and your cute lil' ways already!

Thanks for the shout too!

xoxo J

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

TC, I am laughing so hard at the intro to your post.

But first off, it's beautiful and as always, I love your pictures. (I'm so happy I got to see how you prepare for your post. I think I will learn to pay better attention to my surroundings. Very cool.)

But it's true, you and I might have squeed at the bugs in our room and the texture of our carpet. ACK!!

I have to say, I am loving everyone's posts. It's like reliving Forks again.

You are the best roommate!! Miss you tons!! And I miss your fast-talking-cute-little-Canadian accent. xoxoxo


Living with Edward said...

I wish we could have met up with you at rialto and jumped in the air with you. pout. La Push needs a phone tower.

I love that the one of the photos of the Lodge menu has the word "kills" under it from your purse. That just looks hysterical.

Loved your post and loved you!

StarlitViolets said...

I had SO much fun with you! I'll never forget our Friday game night in our jammies! That was truly a highlight.

I already miss your speed-talking. You are the cutest little thing ever! (((BIG HUGS)))

Dangrdafne said...

I miss my buddy from Canada :(

I love these pictures and I am so glad that you and HG got to spend so much time together. Next time we should all meet in Seattle to hang out :)

Miss you!

twilightcupcake said...

@JJ - yes Pike place is too confusing. At least it was sunny and not the usual rain. I think HG brought the Hawaii sun with her for the whole trip.

@MB we were there the same time! I am proud to be your fanfic enabler and glad to have met you too. Will be posting a bit of food for Tuscany but lots of Twi.

@Jen right back at you - you are exactly as cute and perky in real life as I thought you'd be from your blog/vids.

@HG I'm blushing about my fast talking Canadian accent - I'm glad you were actually able to keep up with me and didn't give me the blank "What the hell did she just say?" stare. Thank you also for humouring me every time we ate or had to take pictures - those travel post pics take a bossy photographer :)

@LWE Oh god, i didn't even see the Kills from my bag under the menu until you pointed it out. LMAO I'm sure you guys being a bit ill had nothing to do with The Lodge for brekkie.

@SLV You are just too cute yourself! So super sweet and I can't get the image of you bawling on the Saturday night out of my head. I'm glad the speed talking amused you ;) I felt so comfortable with you guys I forgot to tone it down!

Anonymous said...

Your photo skills amaze me...you can frame every one of these!!!
I was glad to bring back the Disney ornaments, it was the least I could do.
Love you..

17foreverlisa said...

TC, I don't even know where to begin. Being able to meet you in person and having a game night in my room was a highlight of my trip.

You have done so much for all of us in the bloggy world, never asking for anything in return. You have spoiled us/me rotten with your techie advice, your beautiful posts, and your ginormous heart. Being able to hug you, talk to you, spend time with you in Washington was incredible. Like I have told so many others, you and HG were just so tiny and cute that I wanted to keep you both :)

I am so glad that you didn't already have the Premiere magazine and that I could give you something for all that you have done for me. It makes me think of Fifty every time I see it, so it had to be that one.

Now I'm getting teary again. Geesh. Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to make the trip. It meant more than you will ever know.

Laters baby x


*Jelly Baby* said...

Love this post, TC. It covers everything. I really hope to meet HG and you one day, because I adore you both. Just by looking at the photos I could tell that you two were, indeed, kindred spirits.


UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

I loved your pics!!!!God, I hope I get to go someday because it looks like you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing your awesome pics.

TongueTwied said...

Your food pictures always do me in!! And I marvel at you and HG's restraint to stop and take a picture before eating those bakery yummies!

Loved seeing everything you bought. Love...love...love the autograph pictures! Great choices!

Premiere magazine *whispers* I have one too. Check out Ryan Gosling midway through.

TC I don't know how old you look in person but in pictures you don't look a day over 22.