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This isn't a Twilight post. Sorry to disappoint the Twitards. Bet you were thinking I'd be talking about something Twi-embarrassing like my Rob pic from Forks.

No this is a whine and bitch post.

By the way, those of you who know my good friend Dangrdafne will know she is a ray of sunshine. Her blog is a wonderful place to go if you are needing a little bit of positive reinforcement and a smile.

This post is pretty much the opposite of her blog. It makes me feel almost bad when she is trying to spread good cheer. (DD - forgive me)

So I've been a bit cranky the last few days. In fact I've been so grumpy my husband decided not to call anyone to join us on outings this weekend so as not to expose them to my potential wrath.

I usually love Christmas. As the girls at work say, I seem like a "Christmas kind of person," whatever that means. Could it be the baking, organizing, handmade gifts, and incessant singing? Well I don't know where that girl has gone but she better come back before Dec 25th.

What I intended to make this year. Sadly these aren't mine.
Maybe it's the fact that I've organized three gift exchanges so far and wrapped almost 45 gifts. I'm still behind as Christmas cards are made but not written and my cookie cutters and ingredients are bought but still in packages. No one is getting handmade anything this year.

Despite my Grinch like demeanor today I still laughed my ass off today. I'm sure you've seen these de-motivational posters before by Despair Inc. but these are my favourites. Weird how when you're feeling mean that laughing at others makes you happy.

poignant but depressing

seriously LMAO!

Love this one too

always my motto

Check out these and more at Despair Inc.

I have always thought the duet "Baby It's Cold Outside" is sweet. Except the part where he tells her not to hold out - which equates to me as why don't you put out.
But this version I heard on the radio is the ABSOLUTE BEST!

It's a duet between a little kid and his dad called "Daddy It's Cold Outside" by AJ and the Flipflops.

Super cute - you must hear it!

Daddy It's Cold Outside

Thanks to Robnipulations for sending these to me tonight. So pretty!

Blackberry (480x360)


iPad (1024x1024)

This post is dedicated to my awesome cousin VL. She lives in Hong Kong and passed a major milestone recently - the woman finally reached full fledged psychiatrist status! She is now officially going to get paid to heal minds.

She is the only other person in the health care field in our family - seems everyone else is a computer person, accountant, engineer, or educator. So I have extra love for her since we suffered through the torture of med school together. Except she is a smart girl for avoiding blood and guts in her career choice. She can wear Prada shoes every day without the threat of bodily fluids. I still manage to have babies pee on me once a month and hate getting that out of cashmere!

Why you should love VL? She has lovingly brought me random Twilight books and things from her travels around the globe. Like Japanese and Russian versions of Twilight. She is a total Twilight enabler and I love her for it!

So what is VL's addiction?

You know she must have one to get her through being type A enough to finish med school. VL is a Hello Kitty collector. Her Hello Kitty collection towers over my piddly vault of Twilight stuff. But Hello Kitty is 35 years old so we've got time to catch up.

My favourite medical Hello Kitty images online?

Hello Kitty medical stuff

See the Hello Kitty maternity
ward in Taiwan? Maybe if I worked here I wouldn't have quit delivering babies. But then I wouldn't have had time to read Twilight in the first place so things have worked out for the best.

Hello Kitty anatomy -too weird!

You know I can't resist

Totally want the vamp one.

Congratulations sweetie!

(for those of you subscribed to both - please forgive the cross-posting of this to my regular blog Twilight, Travel, and Treats)

Do you ever get the inspiration to post something while you're out and about? Up until recently I'd just wait until I got home and hope I'd still remember my ideas. Well for $2.99 I've found a good way to get those ideas out onto the page before I forget.

Blogpress is available for iPod/iPhone/iPad. It is very flexible and you can blog across many platforms

These are the blogging platforms it supports

Also Tumblr and SquareSpace


  • you can write a post and have it posted across multiple blogs
  • can insert photos or videos from your iPhone - great if you're posting photos taken on your iPhone
  • can save either to a local draft, online draft, or post immediately
  • you can save photos you've posted to Flickr, Picasa, or another album associated with your blog
  • you can save videos to your Youtube account
  • you can post your location and connect up with your Twitter or Facebook accounts.


  • a bug - when I try and switch to HTML mode the app closes - right now I can't do any HTML changes (fonts, links, etc)
  • another bug - when I choose to post immediately it just saves as an online draft
Despite the bugs I've been able to draft most posts on my iPhone and also insert photos from my phone then save it as a online draft. Then I've had to use my computer to add in links and add formatting and any other images. Then I finally post. It is still a worthwhile app although without the bugs it would be so much better. I'll let you know when the bugs are fixed.

Update - Blogpress on my iPad has been bugless so far. The HTML works well and it's easy to add formatting and links.
Also the inability to publish straight from the phone is my silliness - when you click the i next to the post title you can add labels etc but there is also a Publish selector at the bottom that I hadn't noticed.

Let me know if you've found any other useful blogging apps. I use the wordpress and tumblr ones and may review those ones next but they're free so it's easy just to try them out.

More screencaps


More Fanfic Recs

You know how some (most) of us have this stranger fantasy? You meet some anonymous hot guy that you get to f"ck the sh*t out of for hours? Well Last Tango in Forks by AwesomeSauce76 is all over that. It is heavy on the smut to the point you almost feel you are watching porn. As the story progresses there is more plot to it so it's not just a lemon fest. As always Strangerward is tortured and Bella in this case is nurturing and unknowingly hot.
By the way those of you who have strong issues with infidelity should maybe skip this one.

Company Loves Misery is written by AngstGoddess003 of Wide Awake fame. Remember Wide Awake was the fanfic that led to my addiction? Yeah so she really is the girl who started it all for me.
Edward is a recovering alcoholic who bullied Bella during highschool. Now he must make amends - will Bella forgive him?
Boozeward is sweet and it's nice to see him grovelling and Bella having the power in this one.

Let me know your thoughts.

It's a crazy time of year. In coming up with my wishlist for the family I didn't realize how many things I actually wanted.
I now have a whole section of my wishlist called "Seriously, Don't Laugh - Twilight Stuff."

There are the obvious things that are from Hot Topic that I had no chance to buy since I live in Canada. Like the New Moon and Eclipse fleece blankets.

Have been wishing for this since last year!

But then there are special things I didn't know existed but now feel like I can't live without

Not sure why I'd need this silver necklace from Edward but his face is too pretty

And you know what's on backorder? The Hallmark twilight ornament. I know, it doesn't look anything like them and he definitely isn't the hot Robward that we love.

They aren't even that attractive looking but I still want it.

Speaking of ornaments look what came in the mail?

Thank you to my awesome friend Dangrdafne for this lovely gift.

Finally stuff that I stupidly want even though they'll just sit in the vault but at least they're pretty.

Anyone remember Edward having a Masen ring?
What kind of Twilight gifts are you secretly hoping for?