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This post is dedicated to my awesome cousin VL. She lives in Hong Kong and passed a major milestone recently - the woman finally reached full fledged psychiatrist status! She is now officially going to get paid to heal minds.

She is the only other person in the health care field in our family - seems everyone else is a computer person, accountant, engineer, or educator. So I have extra love for her since we suffered through the torture of med school together. Except she is a smart girl for avoiding blood and guts in her career choice. She can wear Prada shoes every day without the threat of bodily fluids. I still manage to have babies pee on me once a month and hate getting that out of cashmere!

Why you should love VL? She has lovingly brought me random Twilight books and things from her travels around the globe. Like Japanese and Russian versions of Twilight. She is a total Twilight enabler and I love her for it!

So what is VL's addiction?

You know she must have one to get her through being type A enough to finish med school. VL is a Hello Kitty collector. Her Hello Kitty collection towers over my piddly vault of Twilight stuff. But Hello Kitty is 35 years old so we've got time to catch up.

My favourite medical Hello Kitty images online?

Hello Kitty medical stuff

See the Hello Kitty maternity
ward in Taiwan? Maybe if I worked here I wouldn't have quit delivering babies. But then I wouldn't have had time to read Twilight in the first place so things have worked out for the best.

Hello Kitty anatomy -too weird!

You know I can't resist

Totally want the vamp one.

Congratulations sweetie!


HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

Is your entire family this cute? Geez!

Congrats to your cousin VL! That is awesome!!

(BTW, I would triple heart my doctor if she came out with Hello Kitty on, somewhere within her outfit.)

fanficzombie said...

It is kind of freaky how Hello Kitty is everywhere. I swear you can google anything and you will find a Hello Kitty version.

Today I was googling 'waterproof kindle case' ....yep...totally came across a neoprene Hello Kitty Kindle case. CRAZY>>>>

vw: pairub

Dangrdafne said...

I love that when I see Hello Kitty I immediately think of you, Twilight Cupcake. Hello Kitty is so cute and I never knew there was a doctor version. I too would be happy to see my doctors sporting some Hello Kitty :)

Congratulations to your cousin!

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