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This isn't a Twilight post. Sorry to disappoint the Twitards. Bet you were thinking I'd be talking about something Twi-embarrassing like my Rob pic from Forks.

No this is a whine and bitch post.

By the way, those of you who know my good friend Dangrdafne will know she is a ray of sunshine. Her blog is a wonderful place to go if you are needing a little bit of positive reinforcement and a smile.

This post is pretty much the opposite of her blog. It makes me feel almost bad when she is trying to spread good cheer. (DD - forgive me)

So I've been a bit cranky the last few days. In fact I've been so grumpy my husband decided not to call anyone to join us on outings this weekend so as not to expose them to my potential wrath.

I usually love Christmas. As the girls at work say, I seem like a "Christmas kind of person," whatever that means. Could it be the baking, organizing, handmade gifts, and incessant singing? Well I don't know where that girl has gone but she better come back before Dec 25th.

What I intended to make this year. Sadly these aren't mine.
Maybe it's the fact that I've organized three gift exchanges so far and wrapped almost 45 gifts. I'm still behind as Christmas cards are made but not written and my cookie cutters and ingredients are bought but still in packages. No one is getting handmade anything this year.

Despite my Grinch like demeanor today I still laughed my ass off today. I'm sure you've seen these de-motivational posters before by Despair Inc. but these are my favourites. Weird how when you're feeling mean that laughing at others makes you happy.

poignant but depressing

seriously LMAO!

Love this one too

always my motto

Check out these and more at Despair Inc.


Dangrdafne said...

Awwww sweetie, I am so sorry you are grinchy this Christmas. It happens and it is ok. I actually love posts like this - they are honest and a great laugh usually. Despair posters are hilarious - I am partial to the penguin one ;) but they are all great. At least you are aware you are in the bad mood and you are trying to take care of it. I would say don't worry about getting the cards done before Christmas, people can get cards until after New Year's - it makes the season longer. Also I would just make one type of cookie and alleviate that pressure. This is the first year in a long time that I am feeling calm and not concerned about the holiday. If it gets done, great. If not, oh well, there is always next year and people are not going to love me less for not getting a cookie made :)

I love you and I wish I could hug you. Watch your kids play for an hour and just enjoy what you have. Relax and take a bath. Deep breaths and know I love you.

Twired Jen said...

Oh my gosh, I am loving these posters. Definitely have to make fun of ourselves from time to time.

Sorry you're feeling blue, I'm sure you'll snap out of it before ya know it!

Love ya!

xo J