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So we were watching The Sound of Music during our family Christmas party and I suddenly had a revelation. I've seen that movie many times as a young girl but not as an adult. Especially not as a grown woman who spends half her free time reading lemony fanfic.

I suddenly realized why many women have been watching this movie for years.
Christopher Plummer is hot.

I couldn't find a pic online to do him justice.
Something about that gorgeous aloof powerful man who suddenly dumps the bitch and admits his love for the lowly nun. It just screamed Edward Cullen all over it. Seems so many fanfic Edwards have followed this recipe and it works.

Doesn't the Baroness remind you of a bitchy Tanya?

Granted that Julie Andrews is just too blonde to be Bella. But I'll let that slide.
I now have to put this movie on my ipad. Maybe a bit for the cute musical numbers but now definitely for the eye candy.

It is now even more disturbing that this is my mother in law's favourite movie. Up until tonight I'd never questioned her motives.

Does anyone know a twilight fanfic version of this? I know it wouldn't have the musical acts but even the story alone would be enough.


TongueTwied said...

HOLY SH*T!!! And guess what I'm watching right now? (exciting sat night, I know!) MINI loves the music.

I recently had a very similar revelation to you. I looked at Christopher Plummer and I was like, "wow I guess I'm old enough to look at him and think how debonair (sp?) he is!" but the way he is so commanding is Fifty like, no?

Barroness--the bitchy Tanya. LMAO!

sorry I don't know any fanfics similar.
Happy New Year TC!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched it as an adult, and now I want to. I find myself watching a lot of classic movies whenever I visit my mother, and I'm discovering there were a lot of "sexually dominating" themes that totally escaped me when I saw them as a child...The King and I, Gone With The Wind...even Oklahoma...lolol!

twilightcupcake said...

@TT too funny you are watching it now. Debonair. Haven't heard that word for ages but it fits.

@Mrs P - omg I need to go back and watch some of those. Don't know about sitting through so much Gone with the wind but I'll try thanks to you!

Dangrdafne said...

I just watched the reunion on Oprah and I can't really remember the movie - so I will have to watch it again one of these days :)