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The Host

So I must be the last Twilight fan left who had not read The Host? I was finally convinced by my friend YS to read it because she had been hounding me for a year.
Well I just finished it. It was a very interesting story and something that I'd never conceived of. In some ways it reminded me of Twilight.


The story is basically invasion of the body snatchers but told from the body snatchers point of view. Oh and picture the body snatchers are angelic altruistic creatures called Souls. What if suddenly one actually feels bad for being a parasite because the host body's mind becomes her friend. And the Soul falls in love with the Hosts' true love because she keeps reliving all the steamy memories. That's quite a pickle.

Having the parasite build a conscience really reminded me of the angsty vampire.

Overall a sweet love story and I was happy to feel like Stephenie Meyer was able to show off her writing a bit more. It's still a YA book with minimal lemons but I wasn't expecting more.

I'm now feeling like I want a sequel. So I went cruising for fanfic.

The Host Fanfic I enjoyed

Unbreak My Heart by IsabellClair
This is The Host from Jared's POV. What I was looking for but warning it is far from complete so don't be disappointed when you reach the end.

Anything But by RawSugar
Interesting twist to The Host epilogue and is a nice extension of the Wanda/Ian story with a steamy twist.

Brighter by ianlover1
This was where I went when I was looking for Host lemons. You must take two seconds to register at The Host fanfic archive since it's for mature readers. Somewhat satisfied my lemon cravings.

All in all I am still starved for The Host fanfic. In fact I felt so thirsty that I quickly reverted back to Bella/Edward fanfic just to put out the edginess. But that will be my next post...


*Jelena* said...

No, you're not the only one. I haven't read the host, and although it sounds very intriguing, and I the idea actually is ingenious, I doubt I will read it.I'm a bit tired of all YA. I like my reads to be a little more lemony. Even when I was in my early teens I preferred Sidney Sheldon and the likes to anything YA (not that the genre was popular back then as it is now).

I doubt I'll be reading anything by Stephenie Meyer - who, aside from good ides, is not really such a good writer after all.

Missed you. XOXO

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

I still haven't read it. I think it's the book summary that keeps me from reading this. Maybe one day. I have a long to-read list.

twilightcupcake said...

I'm glad to see it's not just me. I'm glad that I read it. Definitely was turned off by the summary and the first two chapters. But if you actually get past those it's a worthy story.
Jelena the writing was better in The Host. In some ways it actually seemed like a different author and the plot movement was a good pace.

mk said...

I can't believe you actually read it and liked it! I thought it would not be your style. Well, I am glad you liked it... I did too. I should have known you could handle yourself since you liked the hunger games series. Oh by the way, in the same genre, there is also the "uglies", "pretties", "extras" and "specials" series. And, you may like "the girl with the dragon tatoo" series!

TongueTwied said...

I've had the book for well over a year and haven't read it. FF is the priority and that book is just looking too long! I'm kind of glad it will be made into a movie, though.

ps-I'm reading Under the Apple Tree! It's on your rec list.

@Jelena, like your picture!

twilightcupcake said...

MK - yes I like a good love story anyways. Have been meaning to read the dragon tattoo series as well. The Hunger Games was way more intense.

TT - I finally read it just to get it out of the way but happy that I did now. I still think about the story even after it's done. Yes please make your way down the ff rec list. I'll have to add some more that I've read since then. Utat is a good one - just so angsty though.

Twired Jen said...

Interesting...I haven't read it either. I actually picked it up the other day at Borders and pondered buying it, but just couldn't do it.

You're spoiler re-cap was enough for me ;)

Thanks TC!

xo J

fanficzombie said...

I read it sometime last year and I did enjoy it. It started slow but once it picked up I thought it was a good story.

But I too find I just don't stray from the FF much anymore...quite frankly...I like it and it is free. That works for a cheap bitch like me.

Dangrdafne said...

It is in my HUGE pile of to read books :)

Musing Bella said...

Hey TC! I'm glad you liked The Host! I read it before I discovered fanfic, and I agree that the writing is better than in Twilight. I loved the idea, and it didn't occur to me that there might be fanfic... I might have to check that out. My only complaint is the name "Wanda." I know where she gets it from and it makes sense, it's just so "A Fish Called..." and not particularly attractive to me. No offense to any Wandas reading. Just doesn't do it for me as a name.