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100 Monkeys

I have not been a huge Jackson fan. He's okay and I've already posted about my indifference to Jacksonitis. But this week I had dinner with Lorabell from Confessions of a Twicrack Addict. She mentioned the 100 Monkeys concert happening in Vancouver and suggested I should go.

I hummed and hawed knowing that Twired Jen really would be disappointed if I didn't attend in her honour. But the real thing pushing me over the edge? The promise of possibly seeing Rob and Kristen. The last time there was a 100 Monkeys show in town they was there.

Remember this from 2009?

Rob at 100 Monkeys Vancouver 2009

I figured if they were going to come out of hiding for anything it might be to this show. Totally worth the $20 for the chance.
I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that I don't go to clubs anymore. I've got a busy job, 2 kids, and soccer mom duties on my days off. But this is Twilight related stuff so I had to push my boundaries.

My sister and her husband were kind enough to accompany me. She was the original one to introduce me to Twilight and I think she's still a fan but not a total nutjob like I am.

Through the night we joined up with many Twihards including Lorabell from TwiCrackAddict, Malicious Mandy, red_bella, Twi_Lin, and RobbedMyHeart. I've forgotten everyone else's aliases. We had awesome seats.

The opening band didn't look old enough to be in the club with us.
I was disappointed when they announced that Jackson was filming all day 90 minutes outside Vancouver and wouldn't be playing until they moved to another venue down the street in 2 hours.

100 Monkeys sans Jackson was still enjoyable.
 At 10pm we had to move everyone in the rain down the street three blocks and wait outside again to a sports bar. It was bizarre seeing this sports bar packed with women.

The opening band played again at midnight. There were so many people trying to peep through the door in the kitchen to where the Monkeys were waiting that it became a show just watching the paparazzi.

Yes, by this time they STILL hadn't come on the stage.

Eventually at 1am the 100 Monkeys with Jackson finally came on stage. By this time I'd waited for 6 hours to see him!

This is how far away we were. I'm short so I trade a clear view to proximity.
We had been standing in the same spot keeping our place for almost 2 hours. At least I was only wearing kitten heels but I was silently cursing Twired Jen hoping that Jackson would be worth it.

He was worth the wait.

These are some videos my sister took. I love that her camera takes HD video. The screencaps are better than my pictures!

Even my brother in law said he thought Jackson was a good singer and the 100 Monkeys were good without him but great with him.

He is very charismatic and those guys are a much better band live than on my iPod.

Can someone remind me of where Jackson's accent is from? It's very distinct but not pure southern.

Thanks to all my friends infected with Jacksonitis who convinced me to go. Sadly there was no sign of Rob or Kristen but they're still in town for a few more weeks so there's still hope.


Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

Wow! I can't believe you waited 6 hours! Honestly, I would have gone insane but I'm happy it was worth it for you in the end.

Twired Jen said...

Aww Jenny, great post. It's such a bummer you had to wait so long. I wish you could have seen him the entire time.

I'm going to wait to watch the vids until DG is in bed..can't wait.

xo J

TongueTwied said...

glad to hear you say he was worth the wait! They are a great live

I'm really in awe he made the effort to get there and good for the band for being able to perform a show for the crowd without him.

YAY! You saw Jackson sing!!!! squee!!

TongueTwied said...

Oh and you saw Mohawtie **sigh**

Jaymes805 said...

SO glad you went. I used to not be a huge Jackson fan either but something changed... big time and now he's my numero uno (Sorry Rob) and they are AMAZING life. If you don't know my love for Jackson, you can check it out over at www.rathgasm101.blogspot.com haha. It's very apparent there.

Sucks you had to wait so long for him to come on but hopefully it was worth the wait! :) I'll have to watch these vids when I get home from work.

Twi-Lin said...

It was so good to see you this past weekend. I am glad you you got to see Jackson! I know it was really late! I'm sorry if I whoo'd too much standing by you. I get really excited when I see them. In the video your sister caught the moment when Jackson made eye contact with me during Orson Brawl...well that is what I want to believe! ;)

Elusive S @ Twired said...

He was born in Singapore, grew up in Texas... but then he went to highschool in Michigan and moved to California 8 yrs ago.


Jacksonitis... what can I say.

So glad you saw them! LOOOVE them. LOVE LOVE him.


Dangrdafne said...

Still waiting for my chance to see 100 Monkeys. I am so glad you did this it sounds like tons of fun!!