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I see that some of you have now been reading Pound of Flesh by jaxon22. Well she has another story that is not as dark but still very good. Sometimes you need light but it's not fluffy.

Help Wanted by Jaxon22

Plot - Bella starts a position as the personal assistant to the arrogant, rude, and distant Hollywood actor Edward Cullen. She gets to find out more about the real man behind the facade. Lemons and love ensue.

As I mentioned this story is lighthearted and swoon worthy. Edward is the ultimate Hollywood jackass with a sordid past. There's a scene early in the story where Bella is reading lines with Edward and they kiss. It's surprisingly hot for just a small kiss. The writing is good and the lemons get much more involved. There are the standard trials and tribulations that Bella has to deal with being in the public eye with Edward. But it's still cute and worth reading.

There are Outtakes showing Edward's POV of Bella's job interview and their important moments. Definitely need to check those out after you're done the main story.