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A Pound of Flesh by Jaxon 22

So I'd put off reading this one for a while. Don't ask me why since it's won a shitload of awards. Maybe I was a bit put off by the title (the imagery of an actual pound of flesh in my profession is as real as it gets) even though I know it's in reference to The Merchant of Venice. Or maybe I didn't think I'd like the whole prison love story thing. Edward is an inmate and Bella is his tutor in prison. Turns out Edward knows her from the past. They're both angsty and stubborn - some very hot arguments ensue.

Well, I'm very glad I finally decided to give in and read it. This story has won awards for good reason. It's a serious one but moves at a good pace. The foreplay is intense and once you finally reach the lemons they are hot. Be in for the long burn. It's not complete but I'm still satisfied. For all you English lit buffs out there I think you'll like it. I remember reading The Merchant of Venice in school and if I have to relive it I'm glad it's with PunkAssWard. This story has also inspired me to pull out all the pencil skirts and blouses again. Don't ask me why since I'm not supposed to be sexy in front of patients but the urge to become as sexy as Tutorella is hard to suppress.

I wanted to thank the author Jaxon22 as well. You know how sometimes you read a fic and even the inspirational quote at the top is already poignant? Yeah this is how her writing is. Without even starting to write she's already chosen words to get me thinking. I actually let the quote sink in for a while before starting each chapter and think "well fuck me but that's brilliant."

By the way isn't that banner beautiful? It was nominated for an award as well. It's so steamy I may have to figure out a way to put it on my iPhone without the kids seeing...

In case you wanted to know, here's the list of awards this fanfic has won

'Best Written FF of the Year so Far' at the Twilight All Human Awards. Sept '10.
'Most Original Story' at The Hidden Star Awards. Sept '10.
'Best Lemon' at The Sparkleteer Awards. Dec '10
'Best Plot' at The Sparkleteer Awards. Dec '10
'Most Seductive Tease' at The Sparkleteer Awards. Dec '10.
'Best Worth the Wait Lemon' at The Golden Lemon Awards. Feb '11.
'Most re-read Lemon' at The Golden Lemon Awards. Feb '11.
'Best Make-Out' at The Golden Lemon Awards. Feb '11

Happy reading!


Lori said...

Thank you! I just downloaded it. I am not very experienced with unfinished ones. How do you get updates? I get them for MOTU but i couldn't figure it out for last tango or this one (other than following on twitter, which i guess i should do).
Thanks! See you later.

twilightcupcake said...

Lori there isn't a way to download each new chapter. You can get an alert to your email when the story is updated or if you want whenever the author publishes anything just by following the story via fanfiction.net buttons at the bottom. Have you already been using those?