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You may have noticed the Twihearted candy heart on the right sidebar.

It's an idea started by Dangrdafne I believe. In honour of Twitarded's SnarkierThanYou's mom there is a tribute page on the American Heart Association site. Click the heart to be taken  the American Heart Association to donate to fighting heart disease.

STY is a very lovely lady and she wrote a very moving post after her mother suddenly passed away last year. Her post and her tribute page at the AHA has reminded me to kick the ass of every patient who isn't taking care of themselves. I've become much more strict with making sure everyone has a normal blood pressure, sugar level, and cholesterol. Smoking, eating poorly, and not exercising are all things that I'm harping on about again. Don't get me wrong - I would always shake my head and tsk-tsk but now I'll give them "the talk" over and over until they're so sick of me they actually decide to change their habits.

So please go and donate. And of course take care of yourselves.

For those friends who know me in real life, I vow to exercise more too okay? :) And you know Mr. TC forces me to eat my veggies as much as possible so no worries there.


Dangrdafne said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I love that it has inspired you to work harder with your patients I had never thought of it that way :)

My After Car is an XKR actually was the originator and we worked together to make it all a reality :)

adonicass said...

Thanks for promoting SNY's cause, and of course, Twitarded. If not for Twitarded, I would not have found you.

Summer 2009: I read (read=raced) though all 4 books. I was a basket case. Could not figure out what was wrong with me. I'd read a book or two before, but nothing had affected me like Twi4. Desperate, I googled, and found Twitarded.

The rest, as they say, is pornistory. And you have the autograph to prove it!


twilightcupcake said...

@DD - thank YOU and XKR for starting this whole thing. Hopefully we'll get a handle on heart disease at some point or at least bring it to everyone's attention to take care of themselves.

@adonicaSS - yes I am so happy to have found Twitarded to meet all these lovely women. And yes I love getting the autographs too - but meeting the actors would be even better.