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The answer to my title question is usually NO. Except this year I was at Walmart with the kids and saw the Eclipse Valentine's cards and had to buy them. Yes I bought them all.

Here's a pic of all recent Twilight Valentine's swag being given away on Twifans by this uber fan @Twilidiot. I'm super jealous of the chocolates and boxed Valentine's and wished we lived in the USA.

Eclipse Valentine's Swag
Reminder - this is not my pic - I wish!

But my favourite guilty pleasure is opening up the "talking" card over and over again.

Here's the video posted by @twilidiot as well.

I am so grateful she had these on flickr since everytime I open up the card I have to do it stealthily. Kids are sleeping now and it's actually quite loud. It makes me a bit giddy and I started buzzing just a little.

And just so you know, Team Edward people, I really am closing the card before Jacob's voice comes on!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

Why am I laughing at all the stuff you bought? You are too cute, TC. Happy Valentine's Day!!

Mrs. P said...

you seriously close it before Jacob speaks?? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day TC...xoxoxo

Dangrdafne said...

I received the card from Living with Edward so I didn't have to buy one :)!!

I want those chocolates though. I will have to find them. Hubby won't get them... although he did get me New Moon chocolates once - I was impressed he did it :)

twilightcupcake said...

@HG - you laugh because you know you'd do it too! But honestly I wish I had bought as much stuff as that girl. I just bought the big cards and tried desperately to find everything else but Canada doesn't seem to carry them. And only store carrying the Eclipse cards was Walmart.

@Mrs P - yes, I really do. TL's voice just aggravates me so it's easy to be able to shut him up like that!

@DD - oh so nice of LWE. Very sweet. Thoughtful that your hubby bought you NM choc before. Impressive!