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It's Honolulu Girl's birthday today!

As you can guess the phrase in the title is Hawaiian for Happy Birthday - I have no idea how to pronounce it and I'm not sure if HG/Suzie does either given what a Cali girl she really is.

Us at First Beach La Push - gorgeous day!

Remember that Suzie was my Forks trip roomie? We met through her blog True Blood Twilight a year ago. I am so happy to have met such a kindred spirit in this Twilight blogosphere. If it weren't for us sticking it out together in the small town we probably would have run screaming to the nearest Four Seasons. We clicked from the get go and I'm forever grateful that she convinced me to join her.

This girl is busy - she's got her regular blog True Blood Twilight

plus a film review blog I Adore Books and Film that she shares with her teenage daughter.

She's also a writer of very hot fanfiction

Cinderella: A Tale of Lust

Le Moulin Rouge
She has a regular day job but her real passion is writing and film. She's now writing film reviews in Inside Out Hawaii magazine. Also who can forget her recent extra work on Hawaii 5-0 with the gorgeous Alex O'Loughlin.

Suzie I feel for you with the closed eyes.
But we're all looking at the cute guy anyways ;)

Since you're now an iPad addict as well I made you some super simple birthday gifts. Remember I've been going for minimalist recently - finding it easier to look through my iPad apps that way.

Click for 1024X1024px.
With a bit of Bella and Edward from Breaking Dawn
Sorry for not making you a True Blood one but with all the RobPorn on my computer there isn't any space for Alex Skarsgard :)

I will however throw in a pic that someone else made with my little message added :) Thought this desktop was very pretty.

Here are some messages from kiTT at Tongue-Twied

And an awesome video kiTT made. Gotta love the 80's


And Lisa

Happy Birthday my dear! Love you and miss you so!


17foreverlisa said...

Great post, TC! Thanks for letting us crash the party ;)

@RobMusement - Very nice! You know how I love your picspam work.

@kiTT - The video turned out awesome!!!!! I love the music, of course, but the thoughtfulness that went into it...the clever sayings...all of HG's favorite things... That is so sweet. Who in the heck is the young blond hottie? That picture at the 2:45 mark? WOW. And I had to pause and just stare for awhile at Rob at the 1:45 mark with "His kisses." You did good!

@HG - I hope you're having a wonderful day. We love you!

TongueTwied said...

Happy Birthday HG!!!!!!!

Nice sentiments TC and overall great post! You two ARE kindred spirits!

Robmusement and Lisa--you guys always know how to decorate and entertain for these parties! Nice work, as usual!

TC--thank you! :)

Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

Before I wake these ungrateful children up, I wanted to let you all know how very touched I am by this post. TC, the post was beautiful and “word” to you being my roomie in Forks and your bag full of magical pills. Was I not having a migraine every single day we were there? But I couldn’t have survived without you. Kisses!

And Robmusement and Lisa, thank you to the pics. They are saved on my computer and I cherish them!!

TT, I LOVE MY VIDEO!! Now show me how to download it for my viewing pleasure? You put ALL my men in it, I LOOOOOOVE it sooo much!! I WANNNTT my video saved... Email it to me?

And also TC, I freaking loved the iPad pic.

Thank you again!!! Love you guys tons... More than my real friends...
xoxoxo Suzie

And I just want to say that instead of being depressed about my birthday, I’m learning to be thankful and grateful for another year survived, happy and healthy.

twilightcupcake said...

HG - I had totally forgotten about the daily migraine you were such a trouper. Glad the magical pills came in handy and hope you managed to get some of your own. Happy Birthday!!

Dangrdafne said...

Well as I stop here again to see the video I see that I did something wrong with my comment on my iPhone as the comment isn't here :(

I hope you had a lovely birthday and I hope you know how much you are loved.