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Remember my last angsty post about The Shameful Truth About How Twilight Changed My Life? Well as promised here is the followup to that where I finally admit to myself that I like looking at Rob Pattinson.

At the beginning of this twilight love I swore I loved the saga because I loved Bella & Edward. For all the reasons I had mentioned in my last post was why I clung onto this series and kept reading it over and over until I wasn't sure how many times I had read it but just wondered where in the reading cycle I was.

So now things are good. I feel worthy and Mr. TC and I are back to loving like bunnies again. So why am I still here in the blogosphere with all of you? Well, after a while of being immersed in this twilight world I slowly evolved to think of Rob Pattinson as Edward. The mental porn that is lemony fanfic did not help these matters out at all.

Mafia Prince Edward from Emancipation Proclamation

Somehow I am in denial that I like Rob Pattinson just because he is hot. It just seems so shallow for me to admit it and I'm not sure why. Even me writing the above phrase leaves me feeling juvenile and guilty as if I was a whistling construction worker ogling a woman on the street.

I feel like these men have no appreciation for a possible brilliant mind or that woman's feelings but is just treating her as a sex object. Of course I like Rob's adorkableness and self-deprecating awkward artsy character but I think I'd still like looking at him if he was a smooth cocky bastard.

All my original twilight merchandise always had Bella & Edward, never just Edward. I kept telling myself that I loved the love story part and not just him. Then things have now slowly evolved to the point where I can finally admit that I love Robward and, yes, Rob Pattinson can often make me drool and that's okay.

I'm finally okay to go from buying this blanket

to buying this one

I am in no way judging anyone for their love of Rob or any other actor and have never judged anyone in the past. It has just been my own internal struggle with the idea. With my immersion into the twilight blogging world I'm finally allowing myself to openly feel it and enjoy it.

So keep up all the Rob pics, videos, and manips. I am happy to hold my head up high and put up just a picture of Rob in my banner instead of insisting it be Robsten. I watch videos of Rob on youtube without hiding in the bathroom. I'll even drool over pictures of Rob when he is someone other than Edward.

Now, onto getting my hands on that new blanket...

Site updates

Have you all noticed my lovely new banner?

I was inspired by the new digs that Jelena put on her blog Confessions of a Twiholic. Seeing as I am not good with huge change (because I'm so indecisive) I decided to just update my banner.

A huge shout out to MissAmyJoon for dealing with my finicky OCD ways and creating a beautiful banner. Poor thing got a whopping huge email from me with specs but then miraculously pulled out a twilight cupcake photo from my post about my Twilight Dinner Party that I had not even asked her to use.

She is a genius and I thank her for incorporating my personal spin on the banner. Without her I never would have been able to add in the pastries I so lovingly make.

My blog is officially 6 weeks old! I feel like I've been blogging longer than that and I am on my 45th post. I have met a wonderful world of Twibloggy friends and have 24 followers so far and counting. Thanks to everyone for their support especially since I am on my lonesome being a Wordpress girl.

Just a reminder that I've also updated my flickr cupcake photos so you can see all my previous cupcake pics.


This week for my Fanfic Recommendation I'm going to add something new to the list. It's a humourous one by Poptarrt and Stoney called Call of Booty.

For those of you who don't have an XBox or PS3 in your house, it's a play on the game Call of Duty which sometimes threatens to suck up all the extra time and brain space our husbands have. Picture guys glued to multiple networked computers for so many hours that they only get up to pee when they're about to explode (I guess that could also describe me and a good fanfic).

Their title is not to be confused with this Call of Booty.

Mr. TC likes videogames. We have a PS3 in our bedroom and he plays some Grand Theft Auto and NHL. When we have guests he'll break out the Rockband or Guitar Hero. But thank god he's not that into first person shooters and networking with his buddies.

I like this fic because it is juicy and a parody of Twilight's premise but twisted so that Bella is the predator and Edward is a videogame nerd. Being the geek that I am (and previous arcade lounging girlfriend) this fic called to me and I couldn't help but read it from start to finish in one sitting. It's only 7 chapters so far but I think it will be good.

[caption id="attachment_1223" align="aligncenter" width="191" caption="I picture Gameward a bit skinnier than this but I think this is more realistic when you only eat cheesies and pop"][/caption]

fanfic updates

Remember in my previous post Fanfic: Get It While It's Hot that I warned you to download a few of my favourite fics on your fanfic downloaders because I was worried they would be pulled soon from fanfiction.net? Well the time has come and the following now exist solely at Twilighted.net. At least they haven't disappeared completely but many of us just find it harder to navigate twilighted.net.

Clipped Wings & Inked Armour

Master of the Universe

Week Wrap up

Okay, the last weekend of Olympics is upon us. I'll be attending the Closing Ceremonies with the kids and I'll do a sum up post of sorts.

I'm totally choked that Rob Pattinson will be on the TODAY show on March 1st. That is a mere 2 days after they leave my neighbourhood. Jimmy Fallon drove by my house this morning and I didn't know either. We keep missing stuff and then watch it later in the morning and go "really, they were here?"

I wonder what Rob's hair will look like. Assuming that he is still filming Bel Ami his hair is likely to look like it did at the BAFTAs.

Of course you know me and my dislike of long hair so I am hoping that he goes back to Robward hair soon.

But seriously, the man kills me in a tux everytime.

I just got my copy of Vogue today. It weighs a good hefty 5 lbs at least and I bought it for the 4 pages it has on Rob and Emilie de Ravin talking about their latest movie Remember Me which hits the theatres March 12th.

Worth it because I do think they look lovely here

See you every Friday at Twisted Edbrella's Friday Fun Five and Twilight Sagapalooza's Drunken Mad Libs. If you haven't done either of these you have to check them out. Bring a glass of wine or stronger and shut the kids and husband outside while you sit on the washroom floor. They'll come knocking asking why you're laughing you're ass off but it's worth it.

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Ready girls?

After yesterdays ultra heavy post (thank you to all that commented btw, you are lovely) I thought I would give you something to laugh about.

So back in early February 17foreverLisa posted an awesome birthday card for SoTwired Jen who was turning the big 3-0. She took Jen's freebie 5 list and made a little video. Well, I loved the JibJab idea and of course took it and used it to make a card for Lisa (just because she's sweet)..

Yesterday on twitter I was having a conversation with Stoney at Twisoup about how she is going to see Jackson Rathbone's band 100 Monkeys in Chicago and she is super stoked.

Jackson's band 100 Monkeys

Now you know that I've posted in the past how I have managed to avoid Jacksonitis so far but still "yeah for her."

We joked about how they wanted to meet him but didn't want to be crazy fangirls and then I asked if they were fanwomen but since they're in their 20's they would qualify as fanladies.

I don't think this is what Stoney had in mind
when she said Fanladies

Of course the word ladies evolved into thinking about Ladies' Night with Jackson.

I haven't been to a Ladies' Night for a quite a while because all my recent friends who got married were prudes (sorry girls, but you are). So I'm making one up.

Stoney at Twisoup is a graphics whiz but I beat her to it although my version is crude as heck. I'm borrowing from 17foreverLisa but hopefully she won't mind and you will all like it.

Special shout outs to SoTwired Jen & Sara and Stoney at Twisoup to get front row seats. Get the money out honeys 'cause here they come.

For all those struck with Jacksonitis

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

For the rest of us who just love Rob (this is the one I made for Lisa so you may have seen it already but I can watch it on repeat all day long)

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Well, I hope that gives you something fun to dream about when you're going to sleep or in the shower tomorrow am.

For all of my friends and family who are potentially reading this, there may be too much information for you in this post. It's emotionally angsty with my heart and soul poured out onto a platter for you all to see.


Before we start, I put a lot of hesitation into posting this. It has been in my draft box for a few days just staring at me. Olympics is easier and less revealing for sure. Mainly I'm not sure how Mr. TC will feel about me revealing our lives for the world to see. Hey, honey, do you actually read my blog? Well, I guess we'll see. Hopefully he'll finish the article and see this puts him in a good light.

On with the post...

I love a girl who speaks her mind. Even if sometimes what she says is controversial, women have been oppressed enough that if she wants to speak I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and listen. Usually.

Jelena at Confessions of a Twiholic recently put up a post that was a slight tirade. Please click on her name and give her post a read. It is directed at all us twihards and also sort of calls into question our love for Twilight or Rob and the reflection upon our relationship with our significant others. Not to analyze her post too much as you can read it for yourself. I love the fact that she isn't afraid to tell her side and give the rest of us some food for thought.

The reason I bring it up is because it sparks my internal struggle to figure out what I love about Twilight so much. Is it really Rob or Edward? Is it the adoring stupid crazy teenage love of Bella & Edward?

Her post made me feel ashamed. (Jelena, not your fault here and of course I'm not blaming you). I have to admit that when I first read Twilight I felt like I was walking through life but with blinders on. Mr. TC and I had been together for over 15 years and I had a fulfilling career and two young kids which left me drained with little energy for anything else.

Twilight propelled me, and I'm sure most of you who are also obsessed, into a world of basic Romeo & Juliet love where you would honestly die for the other person. The pedestal is high and that person hasn't fallen yet.

I am no longer a teenager and being with the same person for 15 years and having two kids drains that passion out of your life. Mr. TC has always professed that he loves me and despite all my insane quirks thinks I'm special, beautiful, smart, and all that. I don't think he ever lost that passion and love that had slowly been sucked out of me with the daily dredges of work and kids. I had been so blind.

Edward's love for Bella despite her clumsiness, outward appearance of being plain, skinny awkwardness, and shy nature jolted me out of my dazed bored dispassionate life. I finished reading the epiphany part of New Moon (where she has the revelation that Edward really loves her) and walked right upstairs and started crying on the bed with Mr. TC.

All I could say was "You really do love me don't you?" "You think I'm smart, beautiful, sexy, and aren't just saying those things because I want to hear them."
Mr. TC looked at me, exasperated, and said "Do I ever lie to you? (no he doesn't - the man will tell you if you look like a whale in a dress) Of course I love you. That's what I've been trying to tell you for the last 15 years."

With those words I realized that my husband loved me the way Edward loves Bella and I haven't been loving him back the way Bella loves Edward. This was my epiphany.

Serious, I didn't GET that you really love me.
Yes, I'm an idiot.

Don't get me wrong. I truly honestly deeply love my husband. But I don't think that I had shown him that love very much in the last few years and that filled me with regret.

I spent the next two days crying, just a blubbering mess wherever I went. You see I was mourning. So many years I wasted where my husband must have not felt as loved as he should have and that is no way for a marriage to be.

It is tragic to me that I had the blinders on for so long. It took a first person account of a girl in her teens who feels undeserving who suddenly realizes she is worthy and truly loved to shake me out of my stupidity.

The wonderful flip side of this is that I am 33. I could have spent so many more decades walking through life too busy to hold my husbands hand. But now I will be the one to grab his hand (and maybe his ass) and give it a squeeze.

Yes, we are now this stupidly in love
but without the silly outfits

I have to thank Stephenie Meyer for saving my marriage from potentially slowly spiralling into the irritable tension or dullness that eventually ends in divorce. Is it sad that I have to thank an author for giving me life again?

Often I feel alone in this. Twilight has brought a spark back to many peoples lives I think but maybe not for the same reasons.

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences too.

Now, for the next post, moving on to me admitting that I like looking at Rob Pattinson...

More Olympic Mascot Toys

Mr. TC made my day yesterday. Not only did he take the kids out while I stayed home but he came home bearing gifts.

He got me the only McDonald's Olympics Toys that I had been missing.

Goalie Quatchi moves limbs up/down when rolled

Luge Quatchi

When rolled Luge Quatchi gets Asian eyes
(yes, I can say it because I'm Chinese)

I had to line up the whole collection and take a pic - I was overflowing with giddiness.

This is the suggested lineup from the McDonald's toy
"instructions." I'm a sucker for manuals of any kind. 

I couldn't help but take a pic with mini-Edward

Quatchi teaching Edward the 2 Man Luge

Seriously 2 Man Luge is a real event. It's not some twisted gay porn activity.


Olympics Mascots On Ice

Remember how in my Olympic hockey post my eldest got to meet Quatchi and Miga and I was sad that our youngest one missed it? Well, we pulled the youngest from school on a sunny Thursday to rectify that situation.

I had just bought the boys some Olympics Mascots hats since they were 50% off at the shop next to my office - score!

This is a photo of my youngest sporting sunglasses and loving his Miga hat. Funny how you can't tell if he's napping or not under all that.

My gangsta Miga boy

He really had fallen asleep. Even the 4 year old gangsta has an entourage to carry him around.

Mr. TC gets a workout being the entourage

As promised we trudged through the throng of people and made it to Robson Square - better known as GE Plaza during the Olympics. They've got a free outdoor skating rink with $3 skate rentals. A good deal and I'm happy they brought this rink back after many years without it.

Vancouver Art Gallery all dolled up
- looks like Vivienne Tam did it don't you think?

You know Mother Nature has a strange sense of humour when there are cherry blossoms out during the 'Winter' Olympics. She usually saves them for the Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring.

By the way, there is a Zip Trek line going above Robson Square. It's about 6 stories over this major social hub in Vancouver and people travel over 550 feet across. And you get to zoom in the sky across all these people while strapped into a harness for free. Which of course means massive lines (like 4 hours and over).

Hope the logos don't wear off the glass too quickly

Anyways, back to the Mascot skate. Canadian kids spend a lot of time at the ice rink. Thank goodness they love Zambonis and any other form of ice cleaning machine. It keeps them busy while waiting.

After they cleared the ice they put up an inflatable staging area at the other end of the rink. Thank goodness we guess properly where to stand because you couldn't see anything from the other side.

See those people behind the barricade? Sucks to be them

Finally the mascots came out and there were major cheers. Most of us had been standing for about 40 minutes, not too bad but a long wait for the kids.

They each did a lap walking around and hugging almost every kid who was by the rail. It was awesome! My son was in heaven and had his arms out the whole time just waiting for his hug.

First came Quatchi

He is gigantic

Acting oh so shy - they've got the
meek Asian bit down pat

Then Sumi

Sumi totally hams it up for the camera

Doesn't it look like he's giving you the finger?

And lastly, my sons favourite, Miga!

Too busy trying to keep my son from climbing
over the rail to take a good photo

They eventually came up with a dance that seemed to fit Vancouver. Lots of blues, greens, and sealife. The costumes were quirky but the kids loved them.

These glowing guys remind me of earplugs


Hockey Quatchi came out to play too

My son left with an awesome smile on his face but the one question all the kids had was "Where is Mukmuk?" I told my son "Mukmuk is having a nap because he's so little." He seemed to buy it.

Here are some around Robson Square pics that I thought to throw in as well

Can you tell I love these hats?

The entrance to Pacific Centre Shopping Mall gets
turned into an igloo

With matching polar bears outside

Throng of people at GE Plaza just hanging out

And my favourite sign for the day should have been this - the biggest Canadian Flag in the world

World's Biggest Canadian Flag
corner of Georgia and Howe Street

Or even this one

But instead it was this one - it made me go back through the crowd with my cell phone.

Okay, going to Women's Hockey Semi-final tomorrow night with Mr. TC and both kids. Wish us luck.