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More Olympic Mascots

I've been finding the little Olympic Mascots in the funniest places. I picked up a free Olympic map the other day and was happily surprised with the mascot graphics strewn throughout. I got strange looks from Mr. TC as I was taking multiple iphone pics of our map.

You'll notice that Sumi is missing since he is the Paralympic Mascot so we'll be seeing him in March at the Paralympic Games. Of the pics below my favourites are the Mukmuk referee and the strange shot of Quatchi giving Miga an orange while she is holding a purse. It just seems very Asian.

(Sorry to Dangrdafne that the Mukmuk shots couldn't be better. I know you love the little guy).

Our first Olympics Womens Hockey Game

So, last weekend, I brought my eldest kid to my Alma Mater the University of British Columbia (UBC) to watch an Olympics Womens hockey game. It was the first Olympic hockey game for the 2010 games so it was exciting for all. I hadn't planned on going at all. But the night before I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. TC offered to stay at home and watch our little one while I went out for the Olympics. So sweet.

UBC's Museum of Anthropology

Not only was it surreal bringing my son to UBC (where I had spent a good 10 years of my life) but being there for the Olympics made it unforgettable.

Outside the brand new Thunderbird Stadium we were greeted by these interesting ladies - they reminded me of something that belonged in Fifth Element and my son was too afraid to go take a photo. A cross somewhere between Nordic Supremes and Alien Miss Piggy they spoke with these fake Swedish accents and were hilarious.

Interesting Nordic Alien Supremes to greet
us outside Thunderbird Stadium

We were also greeted by Quatchi and Miga. I was as excited as my 7 year old. Also a bit sad as my 4 year old had just said the night before "Mommy, I really want to meet Miga. I love her!" Hopefully we'll catch up with them again when we have the little one with us.

I realized that I'd never taken my son to a hockey game before by myself. He asked me lots of questions about rules and other things that normally my husband would answer. It finally dawned on me that I had actually absorbed lots of hockey info growing up in Canada and watching hockey with Mr. TC for almost 20 years.

Sweden vs. Switzerland Womens

We watched Sweden versus Switzerland. There were a lot more Swedish fans and the guy next to us even had a Team Sweden umbrella.

Swedish fans everywhere

Not that I don't like hockey but I couldn't help taking some more shots of Olympics signs all over the place.

Very cool centre ice

On the pane of glass in front
of our seats

I've been watching Canucks games for so long the "Let's Make Noise" and "Score!" announcements have gotten a bit old. Being as mascot obsessed as I was it was awesome when I saw that all the announcements on the video screens had Quatchi, Miga, and Mukmuk on them. I took video of all of them on the pretense that I was taping them for my 4 year old.

One of many Olympic Mascot announcements

I wish I could post all the videos right now but I can't. Silly Wordpress.com limits before and now I'll figure out blogger too.

We headed off to the gift shop and I almost caved and bought my son the souvenir hockey stick but instead he got a puck (much more likely to get opened and flung around the house).

Miga & Quatchi souvenir puck

I'll eventually go back to Opening Ceremonies and also meeting Wayne Gretzky on top of Grouse Mountain at 4am!


dangrdafne said...

Awww thanks for the shout out. I adore Mukmuk but I adore your posts even more. You are so happy and it comes through loud and clear. I am so glad you could share the Olympics with your older child on your own and have fun together. I love the puck! It seems like Vancouver has got this mascot thing down perfectly. They are cute, accessible and everywhere! I LOVE the map - hey if it is free perhaps one could end up in the box with Mukmuk ;) just saying

Thank you again for an awesome post and great pictures!

DQ said...

Where did you find that map? I love it!

twilightcupcake said...

It was inside Thunderbird stadium after you show your ticket. It is at the Visa booth where people get directions, park strollers, etc. I'll grab a few on Monday at hockey if you want.

Mrs. P said...

This coverage that you are doing is just amazing...the photos are gorgeous and you are so lucky to be there to experience it all!

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks Mrs. P. I can't seem to post about Rob because Olympics has taken over my life. Relying on you guys to keep me informed. Just watched the latest video Crystalized video by Byel that Lisa posted. She does beautiful work!

DQ said...

Yes, please!

dangrdafne said...

I like that you are choosing to post about the Olympics instead of Rob. And realize you are probably the only person posting anything with Mini-E at the Olympics - even if he is banished to your home to baby sit the mascots :) If anything, I appreciate it since I love the Olympics and to have someone I know there is just the icing on the cake or the cupcake in this case ;)

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks dangrdafne you'll get your wish as I feel another Olympic post coming on.

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