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Do you remember the first time you heard "Never Think"? I do. I was listening to the twilight soundtrack and came across the song and thought "Who is this? Is he some Willy Nelson/Van Morrison wannabe?" and immediately got annoyed and skipped to the next song.

I eventually checked out who the artist was and thought "Who is this Rob Pattinson guy? Is it the same as the actor? Well, that's just weird that he's on his own soundtrack." This gives you some perspective on just how much of a twilight newbie I was at the time. I am quite mortified to admit it in writing but it is what it is.

Eventually of course I grew to like Rob's songs and would even listen to them on repeat. Hard to imagine since they actually gave me a headache at the beginning because of the whiny incomprehensible twang. But having his beautiful face singing to me in my head was enough to keep the songs stick.

For you Rob music lovers, here are some Youtube links to him singing (some in concert others with photo montages):

"Let Me Sign"

"I'll Be Your Lover Too"

"I Was Broken"

"Stray Dog"

Now of course you know I play the piano. You just can't play "Never Think" on the piano. (Okay, that's not really true of course because here is the sheet music from thinkingofrob)

Click to see the full song
(you'll have to scroll down)

But trust me I've tried it and it just sounds plain wrong.

Many of Mr. TC's family play guitar for fun. So I started hinting at my family that I wanted to borrow a guitar. They looked at me like I had two heads. I've never once shown an interest in the last ten years. Ever. I refrain from the new and rarely push my boundaries but I think twilight has changed all that. (See Twibite challenge with me in the forest as a perfect example.)

For my birthday last year, Mr. TC took me to our local music store and said "okay, go pick out a guitar. It's your birthday present." Just like that. I love him. This is what I got.

pic from http://www.olddavy.com/

It is called a Baby Taylor. And yes, it is indeed a baby guitar. Small and cute, just like me. Just so you can tell how small it really is, I found this photo of a kid playing it. Not my kid.

I love my guitar but I don't love learning something new. I am the poster girl for the impatient and want instant gratification. Such a poor role model. Sigh.

So I haven't realized my dream of playing like Rob. I've tried lots of tutorials like this one or this one but I just don't see it happening. I am even more jealous now of KStew, not just for the whole Rob relationship thing (oh god, I don't want to get started on Robsten,) but for this.

KStew playing guitar and singing in Into the Wild

So anyone who has words of inspiration please pass them on. My nails have grown long and my fingertips soft. I'll need some encouragement to make myself bleed again.

Maybe if someone bought me this

Fender Telecaster autographed by Rob for charity

it might help give me the nudge I need. Seriously, I would pay the $2000 for that thing but never touch it while it sat in the vault with my other autographed goodies.

Well, tomorrow is Sugary Sunday. I might throw in a little one shot twilight fanfic recommendation in there as well just to ease you into the pureness of another baking post.


17foreverlisa said...

Holy shit, Jenny! I finally finished my post and go back and check my emails, and have the email alert about your new post. You and are I are definitely on the same "sheet music" page, today. This is just too weird!!!! Now I need to go and update my post with another link back to you. Gah!

twilightcupcake said...

Okay people. You have to check out 17foreverlisa's latest blog entry. Click on her name or the sidebar link. Swear we didn't plan this...