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More Olympic Mascot Toys

Mr. TC made my day yesterday. Not only did he take the kids out while I stayed home but he came home bearing gifts.

He got me the only McDonald's Olympics Toys that I had been missing.

Goalie Quatchi moves limbs up/down when rolled

Luge Quatchi

When rolled Luge Quatchi gets Asian eyes
(yes, I can say it because I'm Chinese)

I had to line up the whole collection and take a pic - I was overflowing with giddiness.

This is the suggested lineup from the McDonald's toy
"instructions." I'm a sucker for manuals of any kind. 

I couldn't help but take a pic with mini-Edward

Quatchi teaching Edward the 2 Man Luge

Seriously 2 Man Luge is a real event. It's not some twisted gay porn activity.


Olympics Mascots On Ice

Remember how in my Olympic hockey post my eldest got to meet Quatchi and Miga and I was sad that our youngest one missed it? Well, we pulled the youngest from school on a sunny Thursday to rectify that situation.

I had just bought the boys some Olympics Mascots hats since they were 50% off at the shop next to my office - score!

This is a photo of my youngest sporting sunglasses and loving his Miga hat. Funny how you can't tell if he's napping or not under all that.

My gangsta Miga boy

He really had fallen asleep. Even the 4 year old gangsta has an entourage to carry him around.

Mr. TC gets a workout being the entourage

As promised we trudged through the throng of people and made it to Robson Square - better known as GE Plaza during the Olympics. They've got a free outdoor skating rink with $3 skate rentals. A good deal and I'm happy they brought this rink back after many years without it.

Vancouver Art Gallery all dolled up
- looks like Vivienne Tam did it don't you think?

You know Mother Nature has a strange sense of humour when there are cherry blossoms out during the 'Winter' Olympics. She usually saves them for the Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring.

By the way, there is a Zip Trek line going above Robson Square. It's about 6 stories over this major social hub in Vancouver and people travel over 550 feet across. And you get to zoom in the sky across all these people while strapped into a harness for free. Which of course means massive lines (like 4 hours and over).

Hope the logos don't wear off the glass too quickly

Anyways, back to the Mascot skate. Canadian kids spend a lot of time at the ice rink. Thank goodness they love Zambonis and any other form of ice cleaning machine. It keeps them busy while waiting.

After they cleared the ice they put up an inflatable staging area at the other end of the rink. Thank goodness we guess properly where to stand because you couldn't see anything from the other side.

See those people behind the barricade? Sucks to be them

Finally the mascots came out and there were major cheers. Most of us had been standing for about 40 minutes, not too bad but a long wait for the kids.

They each did a lap walking around and hugging almost every kid who was by the rail. It was awesome! My son was in heaven and had his arms out the whole time just waiting for his hug.

First came Quatchi

He is gigantic

Acting oh so shy - they've got the
meek Asian bit down pat

Then Sumi

Sumi totally hams it up for the camera

Doesn't it look like he's giving you the finger?

And lastly, my sons favourite, Miga!

Too busy trying to keep my son from climbing
over the rail to take a good photo

They eventually came up with a dance that seemed to fit Vancouver. Lots of blues, greens, and sealife. The costumes were quirky but the kids loved them.

These glowing guys remind me of earplugs


Hockey Quatchi came out to play too

My son left with an awesome smile on his face but the one question all the kids had was "Where is Mukmuk?" I told my son "Mukmuk is having a nap because he's so little." He seemed to buy it.

Here are some around Robson Square pics that I thought to throw in as well

Can you tell I love these hats?

The entrance to Pacific Centre Shopping Mall gets
turned into an igloo

With matching polar bears outside

Throng of people at GE Plaza just hanging out

And my favourite sign for the day should have been this - the biggest Canadian Flag in the world

World's Biggest Canadian Flag
corner of Georgia and Howe Street

Or even this one

But instead it was this one - it made me go back through the crowd with my cell phone.

Okay, going to Women's Hockey Semi-final tomorrow night with Mr. TC and both kids. Wish us luck.


dangrdafne said...

You should already know what I am going to say in this comment:
Your son is a child after my own heart.
He asked exactly what I wanted to know too - where is Mukmuk?
And while I am MUCH older than him, I will accept your answer too ;)
Although I would also accept that he is in the box that is coming to my house!!!! wee hee :)

Jelena said...

Aw, I love cherry blossoms, but who doesn't right?

And your son is soooo cute. :D

I can't believe you have the whole collection, LoL. And, that's the NM Edward, right? I don't like him either. I only like Twilight Edward - not that I've seen him in person yet, but soon. He's traveling over Europe as I type this.

I feel really bad that I got to see zip of this year's Olympics. The time difference is brutal, and unlike 4 yrs ago, when they were held in Italy, I'm working now, and, to top it all off, I don't have cable, LoL. It was a choice. We just have a room antenna that catches a few channels. I'm happy with that. We decided not to get it in an attempt to watch less television - or rather, to watch more quality TV. With cable, you can always find something on. The only channel I truly miss is National Geographic. It was my fave. Ok, I'm ranting. :)

twilightcupcake said...

I love that I can say i sent mukmuk to go visit auntie dangrdafne in the States :)

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks Jelena. I love the cherry blossoms brutal for allergies. My little one is cute but sometimes he's a bit crazy.
I'll have to keep you updated with my posts then. The good thing is you can find lots of video online. The major events I watch are figure skating and hockey with a bit of everything else. Hopefully NBC has some videos for you. Less tv is a good thing.

Space-age powerboat ’sliced in two’ by Japan whalers (video) | JapanToday.info said...

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dangrdafne said...

Awww that sounds so cute "Auntie Dangrdafne" it made me smile on such an icky Monday :)

17foreverlisa said...

This is another awesome post, TC. Your son is adorable and how sweet of Mr. TC to get you the missing McDonald's mascots. Posing Edward doing the two-man luge was too funny. I laughed out loud because my mind had gone in the gutter immediately and then there you were addressing my thoughts. LOL!! I loved the last sign and the fact that you were thinking of your blog/us enough to take a picture of it, too!

I can't thank you enough for sharing your Olympic experience with us. I could have done without the Zamboni, though. *wink*


twilightcupcake said...

Hey Lisa

So sorry about the orca. I was trying to think a
of where to put the spoiler warning and then was going to email you a warning and then in the end I forgot.
I got threw off this am as it is my day off but I got a call on my cell from a patients daughter that my patient had a stroke over the weekend and probably won't make it. I had just stepped out of the shower. So of course I call the hospital still wearing just a towel and spent almost an hour on the phone basically naked. Hence I got thrown off this morning before my post.
Thanks for the sweet comments. More olympics posts to come still.