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Today I was going to write about gumpaste monkeys. I'm having a heck of a time getting the colour right so they'll have to wait til next week.

I also promised you a fanfic rec so I'll include a food related one at the bottom of the post. It'll involve him

and one of these

So, first for the wholesome treats. I'll go back in time to one of my favourite sugar creations. Have you seen my Edward and Bella figurines? They used to be  in the upper right sidebar at the About Me listing. That's before I changed to a beautiful new Avatar. This is what they looked like.

I had been dreaming about making these guys for a long time. But there seemed to be no good occasion. You can't just make them for yourself for no reason, can you???

So I was ecstatic when I realized that MK's birthday was coming up in November and we hadn't planned her cake yet. I conspired with Mr. MK to surprise her with her favourite pavlova cake (which I can't make) with my  twilight decorations on top.

I call her Chubbella. Not hard to see why. KStew is stick thin but that doesn't stand up so well on a cake. In fact my Bella is quite a bit heavier than Edward if you include the weight of her hair. I think she looks good this way. Being frail and skinny is not always appealing.

I actually had the most fun making Edward of course. I loved making his hair and getting the right coppery shade was surprisingly easy.

I loved making his hair and sparkly skin

I painted his skin with a bit of white pearl dust mixed with vodka and let it dry. I prop them up a bit with miscellaneous kitchen things (like that rice bowl behind them) overnight while they are drying. It helps to put parchment underneath if you are worried they'll stick.

When transporting figurines I usually pack them with parchment underneath lying flat and then surround them with bunched up paper or regular towels to minimize movement inside a Tupperware container.

Despite all this gentle care I wasn't able to keep them totally from harm. Mr. MK was so excited about giving MK her surprise cake (this was the first time he had done anything like this) that he prepped her cake without waiting for me. I walked into the kitchen to find that he had unceremoniously just shoved my precious dolls into her cake. Screw the parchment squares that I had brought with me. He was so proud of himself I couldn't say anything and just stood there with my mouth hanging open.

MK loved her cake (bless her heart she is easy to please when it comes to twilight). We managed to wipe off all the cake icing and salvage Bella's shoe that had loosened from the moisture. I think Edward and Chubbella are now somewhere in her freezer. This warms my heart to no end as MK is the ultimate minimalist. You would almost think she doesn't believe in the concept of sentimental value the way she declutters her house. But she kept my figurines!! I guess having a best friend for 20 years (!) buys you some real estate in her storage space.

Okay, I promised a fanfic rec and I won't disappoint.

If you are interested in a very hard core lemon one shot (well, two chapters) you should check out Wendy's by KatieBelleCullen. It is full of sexual tension, smut with frosties, and a pierced tongue. I knew I loved those frosties for a reason.

What you get when you google Frosty & Sex
Eva Longoria on popsugar.com

Hope this post satisfied your sweet tooth...


mk said...

After reading this post, I got the urge to go visit chubella and edward in my freezer - yup, there they were, behind the Breyer's Neapolitan icecream (of course, then I had to have a bowl of icecream too) - all's well, Edward's still sparkly even :)

I did not know of Mr. MK's haste - he does not realize how twilight rules supreme in our lives - well, maybe he does (remember "No, you guys have taken this too far!" when we wanted to go to forks - well, we showed him, eh!) Yes, I know I am unsentimental... but decluttering is so liberating! ... and we have a "thin" house (no space for sentiment).

mmmm...pavlova... and edward... there is got to be a fanfic of that combination ;)

twilightcupcake said...

Okay MK you are so right about the pavlova fanfic. I'd love to read it actually eating a pavlova. Maybe you should write it?
Sorry to out Mr. MK and his haste. I didn't want you to know. Oh well this blog will reveal more in the future I'm sure.

Erin said...

I loooove that Wendy's fic. I read it on my newly-Stanza-compatible iTouch last week. :-) A little steamy for work and the bus, but as satisfying as a cold frosty on a hot, steamy day!
I love Chubbella and Edward, by the way. I, too, am a baking/pastry girl (even went to culinary school, not that I use the education except at home) - now I'm thinking of all the Twilight-related baking projects I could come up with!

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks Erin. So happy your iPod touch is fanfic friendly now. I would have loved to go to pastry school but real life called. So it is a hobby. Show us any twilight food stuff you create!