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Today, I came across this photo

"Vancouverite Rob" New Moon set

from the LA Times archive of the New Moon backlot pics. I didn't have an ache for twilight to come back to town until just then. Now my yearning is back with a vengeance.

As many of you know, Vancouver is known as "Hollywood North." Americans come up here to film because theoretically it's cheaper. We often have a slew of celebrities in town. I'm sure if you are from LA or New York you may not care because the ones we see up here actually live where you are. But it usually serves to make enough buzz to fill the Entertainment section of our local papers.

I don't usually care who is in town. When a friend of ours got to know Hugh Jackman on a first name basis that was kind of cool. When I have the occasional celebrity patient that is also fun. But even when Paris Hilton was in town I didn't give a rats ass.

But I remember the moment that I saw pics of Rob landing in Vancouver and when he came back AGAIN after leaving town for awards.

He looks so pissed off. Jeez, I feel guilty.
photo from Cullens Boys Anonymous

I remember making a surreptitious trip near a certain downtown hotel just to go for lunch with my son and mother on a day off. My mother thought it was very odd but didn't ask me why we were taking my 6 year old son for lunch at a 5 star hotel restaurant.

Everyday I would drive to work past the hotel where the cast were staying. I'd slow WAY down and peer through the early morning crowds looking for a glimpse of something or somebody.

Ashley in front of her Vancouver hotel.
photo from twilightish.com

Maybe I might catch Ashley walking her dog? MK even started bringing her dog out for longer walks  "just in case." I don't know what I was expecting. It's not like Rob was going to head to the local Starbucks and order a latte all nonchalantly like he used to. Poor bastard.

I remember frantically reading twitter posts about where he was eating (I know, it's sad, and I wouldn't stop him from eating dinner). My secretary would text me at 11pm about a filming set that she was stalking in the rain. I miss that. I miss all of it.

Even standing outside their hotel for three hours waiting for a glimpse of them coming back from shopping - oh lord, this is sounding way too stalkerish and desperate. Okay, at least I didn't have a newborn in tow like MK (honey, it's all your fault!). Totally good use of a sunny weekend day.

But now this is me. I'm stuck now in the Vancouver rain just waiting. Waiting for them all to come back. Waiting for my reason to have my heart quicken while driving to work. Waiting for my reason to hang out on downtown street corners for hours looking casual so I don't get arrested for trespassing. Waiting for my reason to eat at more restaurants around town just in case the cast have a party.

This filming locale limbo is driving me insane. Please make it stop.


Rhonda said...

i heard that the BC gov't has changed our tax laws to make it more profitable for films/tx series to be done in BC. yay!

twilightcupcake said...

That's what I hear too. I guess a while back it was getting to be too many hoops to jump through and too expensive but I think the government realizes the impact now. Yeah for us fans!

Twired Jen said...

So jealous! Ok...so I work at a Sheraton in SD, and it was reported that they were staying at the Sheraton Vancouver...Then I met a guy staying with us who worked there, and he slyly confirmed it. Gaaahhhh! I want to come to Vancouver. Hope they announce Breakin' Dawn deets soon!

twilightcupcake said...

Hi Jen. First of all, awesome that you work at the Sheraton in SD. A friend of ours is a concierge at a 5 star here and he always seems to have the best stories. Can I confess to you that I stood outside the Sheraton Wall Centre Vancouver for hours stalking the cast?
Regarding Bella's house they just found a house that looks like what they think it should look like in the book. They then asked the residents of that house "do you mind if we put a sign on your lawn for tourists to take photos of?"
My husband is a trooper. I'm sure your b/f must be quite tolerant too if you are a twi blogger.
Good night for real now.