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Hydraulic Level 5 by Gondolier

I'm really an indoor girl. I don't do extreme sports. I live at the bottom of a ski hill and haven't been up it in over 10 years. So you can understand my reluctance to read Hydraulic Level 5 by Gondolier. For all you non water folk the title is a white water rafting reference and the first chapter is set during a rafting trip. I got completely lost with all the terminology and felt icky and wet. It also starts with a story about children named Tony, Isabel, Daisy, and Evan. It left me confused.

But you know what? I acknowledge I was confused because I'm an idiot.

This story is worth the read and it really does NOT revolve around sports. And the story of the little kids is for a memoir Edward is writing so it's super duper sweet.

Plot - Edward and Bella are childhood sweethearts who get married young and then divorce. Edward becomes the celebrity author of the Spoon Creek Vampires series. Bella is in PR and lives in Washington still and it's been 7 years since their breakup. They will need to see each other again for Rosalie and Emmett's wedding. As always it's a story of them fighting it out, lots of sexual tension, and then rekindling their friendship and romance.

This fanfic works for many reasons. It glimpses into the celebrity life a la Robert Pattinson with his crazed fans and paparazzi. It walks you through their childhood anecdotes without boring you. And it has unexpected twists and turns that make your heart wrench but yet seem natural and obvious in hindsight.

It's not heavy on the lemons so I deem it as a mature fic eg. you need to be a grownup to appreciate the story without the sex. You read it for the lovely storyline and powerful message.

Don't forget she has Hydraulic Level 5 Outtakes as well.
Thanks to Lorabell from Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict for convincing me to get past the sports metaphors and plod on.


Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

Hey, I just found a new job for you. You should review and rate fanfics, good or bad. You’re good at dishing the truthful details about a story.

You live at the bottom of a ski run and don’t ski? Ok, who am I kidding. I was on the ski club in high school but never made it past the kiddie slope. I have a fear of going downhill... fast... and dying.... or hitting a rock like I did. (true story) :)

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