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Rob's fingers inspire me
By the way all the sheet music below is listed on my Sheet Music page for this blog. I've also included Breaking Dawn, Hunger Games, etc.
This post is truncated. It was a helluva lot longer but then wordpress lost it. I am so pissed off that I could cry or scream my guts out. Regardless, this one will be short. Minimal witty monologue.
Anyways, this post is basically about twilight piano sheet music. If I hadn't discovered it my piano would still be collecting dust. All those years of lessons would be wasted just like my sisters. And, no, I don't blame her because I wasted all the chinese school lessons and she has beautiful writing.

I still picture the Yiruma music (Rivers Flows in You) as the first song I heard original twilight book Edward playing as Bella's Lullaby.

Old fan montage on Youtube

Here's the Yiruma sheet music

Click the pic: Sheet music for River Flows in You by Yiruma

Since I ended up caving in and actually liking Carter Burwell's Bella's Lullaby I had to download the sheet music for it too.

Bella's Lullaby page 1

Bella's Lullaby page 2

The official sheet music book finally came out.

Of course I had to get the Easy Piano and Piano Solo versions of Twilight: The Score just in case I was having a lazy day. I haven't been brave enough to buy the Piano/Vocal/Guitar version of the soundtrack though.

Twilight Soundtrack Piano/Vocal/Guitar

I just don't think I could do Muse or Paramore justice with my piano and singing voice on my own.

Time passed and I think my family became officially sick of twilight music a long time ago. Good thing I got to mix it up a bit when the New Moon soundtrack came out. The only instrumental to play on there was The Meadow so here's the unofficial sheet music I found (this was the best version). You'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the arrangers page for the links but it's worth it.

The Meadow: Arranged by Fouad Tadros

I'm sure my family is sick of that song now too.

But you know what? Tomorrow, I'm getting (drumroll)...

New Moon Piano Solo

Yeah for another book! I'm sure I'll be filled with angst and despair the whole time that I'm playing it. Leave it to New Moon to always make me feel so depressed I want to kill either myself or Bella (never Edward. No, never him, even though it's his stupid ass that causes the whole clusterf*ck in the first place).

I will not be getting this.

New Moon Soundtrack Piano/Vocal/Guitar

I love some of these songs, don't get me wrong. Like the Monsters song. My kids love the Monsters song and I love how all I see is Rob in slow motion every time it's playing.

But once again, there is no way I'll be able to play the songs well enough. It would just be degrading and make me miserable to try.

So for all of you who had music lessons as a child but haven't touched your piano in years, just print out the music from the links above. Sit down and try. See he's doing it, why can't you? It will make him happy.


dangrdafne said...

OME!!!! It was Bella's Lullaby that got me back to playing the piano too!! Although my piano is at my mother's house so I don't get much time to play it. I have been wanting The Meadow music so thank you for the link. Now I wish I could get to my Mom's today to play but a foot of snow is going to prevent that :(

17foreverlisa said...

I am sitting here shaking my head in disbelief. I too piano lessons for eight years when I was growing up and knew songs like "Brian's Song," "Beth," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Evergreen," etc., by heart. Somewhere along the way, my piano became a dust collector and I rarely sat down and playing anything. It took up so much room in my living room. I finally caved and sold it two years ago. Little did I know that Twilight would come into my life and I would want to learn to play sheet music from the soundtrack. I literally cried when I realized what I had done.

Fast forward to today. The post I am working on is about me taking on one of my "Bucket List" items and the inspiration behind it. I have always wanted to learn to play the acoustic guitar. I have a Fender on loan from my son's best friend, who is like a son to me, while he is away at college. He has moved onto the electric guitar. He loaned me the guitar and a tuner to get started along with the link to a website. I have mentioned that I am going to start learning to play in some comments and a few of my posts in the last few weeks. Why now? Because I love Rob, and I love his music. It was the tipping point for me into this world of Robsanity. I want to learn to play "Never Think," for starters.

First you hold my hand through uploading ff on my iPod Touch. Then you spark something in me with your FFF answers. Now you speak to my heart through sheet music. I'm still shaking my head. I think I just fell in love with you, even if you did make me tear up a little at the reminder of how much I miss my piano. LOL!

Great post. Mine won't be as beautiful (I can only imagine what your original one was like if it was longer this -- sorry it was lost!), but it will echo your inspiration.


Cullenary Curser said...

I could kiss you! I haven't touched the piano in years. I am SO getting the meadow and playing it the next time I have a piano in front of me. I feel like that song should have been her lullaby.

twilightcupcake said...

Thank you all for your comments. Nice thing to wake up to this am.
@Dangrdafne - yes my original piano is at my moms house but luckily I now one in my own home too. My son takes lessons now so it helps I'm trying to set an example by playing for fun. Glad to get you the Meadow music.
@17foreverlisa I am so happy to have touched your heart in some way. That makes me happy. I will follow all of your blogs and continue gawking at Rob and your manips because there is no way I can do that stuff (I tried with the P&P; post and was cursing for an hour - not fun).
I am crying for you that you sold your piano. It might be time to surf the garage sales and see if you can pick it a used keyboard for now.
I also just got a guitar this year for the same reasons (don't tell Mr. TC who bought it - he doesn't know the inspiration). I'll write a little post on that later.
@CC Glad that you are inspired. The Meadow is an oft not talked about piece. It is repetitive of course but I love it. As soon as I play it I keep seeing the movie in my head and that makes me sigh...

Have fun ladies and let me know if the links don't work and I'll send you the original music I have.

my guitar wants to “heart” twilight but it can’t « twilight, travel, and treats said...

[...] of course you know I play the piano. You just can’t play “Never Think” on the piano. (Okay, that’s not really [...]

Amy said...

Hi There,

I don't know if you ever found this arrangement of The Meadow, but this is the one I practice:


He last a link to the sheet music in the side bar. :o)

twilightcupcake said...

Hi Amy. I remember looking at that one and I think I found the one that I use easier to read. I think they are almost the same. This song doesn't leave to much to interpretation. Btw, your the banner queen right? You do nice work. Where do you get your mad skills?

Amy said...

Haha, I've only made one banner for Mrs. P, so I don't think I'm a Queen....at least not yet ;)

I just started making backgrounds and stuff a month ago. I'm still learning. I just play around until I get something I like, which can take a long time. If you need a banner, I'd be happy to give it a try!

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks for the offer Amy. I was thinking how sad it is I don't have one. But my title does fit with the streamlined look of the blog. I'll let you know if I get bored of it or need help. Thanks!

twilightcupcake said...

Okay Amy, I am so OCD. I compared the two versions of the sheet music and they are identical. It's a fun one to play, easy to learn as it is so repetitive.