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Site updates

Have you all noticed my lovely new banner?

I was inspired by the new digs that Jelena put on her blog Confessions of a Twiholic. Seeing as I am not good with huge change (because I'm so indecisive) I decided to just update my banner.

A huge shout out to MissAmyJoon for dealing with my finicky OCD ways and creating a beautiful banner. Poor thing got a whopping huge email from me with specs but then miraculously pulled out a twilight cupcake photo from my post about my Twilight Dinner Party that I had not even asked her to use.

She is a genius and I thank her for incorporating my personal spin on the banner. Without her I never would have been able to add in the pastries I so lovingly make.

My blog is officially 6 weeks old! I feel like I've been blogging longer than that and I am on my 45th post. I have met a wonderful world of Twibloggy friends and have 24 followers so far and counting. Thanks to everyone for their support especially since I am on my lonesome being a Wordpress girl.

Just a reminder that I've also updated my flickr cupcake photos so you can see all my previous cupcake pics.


This week for my Fanfic Recommendation I'm going to add something new to the list. It's a humourous one by Poptarrt and Stoney called Call of Booty.

For those of you who don't have an XBox or PS3 in your house, it's a play on the game Call of Duty which sometimes threatens to suck up all the extra time and brain space our husbands have. Picture guys glued to multiple networked computers for so many hours that they only get up to pee when they're about to explode (I guess that could also describe me and a good fanfic).

Their title is not to be confused with this Call of Booty.

Mr. TC likes videogames. We have a PS3 in our bedroom and he plays some Grand Theft Auto and NHL. When we have guests he'll break out the Rockband or Guitar Hero. But thank god he's not that into first person shooters and networking with his buddies.

I like this fic because it is juicy and a parody of Twilight's premise but twisted so that Bella is the predator and Edward is a videogame nerd. Being the geek that I am (and previous arcade lounging girlfriend) this fic called to me and I couldn't help but read it from start to finish in one sitting. It's only 7 chapters so far but I think it will be good.

[caption id="attachment_1223" align="aligncenter" width="191" caption="I picture Gameward a bit skinnier than this but I think this is more realistic when you only eat cheesies and pop"][/caption]

fanfic updates

Remember in my previous post Fanfic: Get It While It's Hot that I warned you to download a few of my favourite fics on your fanfic downloaders because I was worried they would be pulled soon from fanfiction.net? Well the time has come and the following now exist solely at Twilighted.net. At least they haven't disappeared completely but many of us just find it harder to navigate twilighted.net.

Clipped Wings & Inked Armour

Master of the Universe

Week Wrap up

Okay, the last weekend of Olympics is upon us. I'll be attending the Closing Ceremonies with the kids and I'll do a sum up post of sorts.

I'm totally choked that Rob Pattinson will be on the TODAY show on March 1st. That is a mere 2 days after they leave my neighbourhood. Jimmy Fallon drove by my house this morning and I didn't know either. We keep missing stuff and then watch it later in the morning and go "really, they were here?"

I wonder what Rob's hair will look like. Assuming that he is still filming Bel Ami his hair is likely to look like it did at the BAFTAs.

Of course you know me and my dislike of long hair so I am hoping that he goes back to Robward hair soon.

But seriously, the man kills me in a tux everytime.

I just got my copy of Vogue today. It weighs a good hefty 5 lbs at least and I bought it for the 4 pages it has on Rob and Emilie de Ravin talking about their latest movie Remember Me which hits the theatres March 12th.

Worth it because I do think they look lovely here

See you every Friday at Twisted Edbrella's Friday Fun Five and Twilight Sagapalooza's Drunken Mad Libs. If you haven't done either of these you have to check them out. Bring a glass of wine or stronger and shut the kids and husband outside while you sit on the washroom floor. They'll come knocking asking why you're laughing you're ass off but it's worth it.

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dangrdafne said...

I love your new banner. MissAmyJoon is amazing.
I second your rec of Call of Booty by Stoney and Poptarrts.

twilightcupcake said...

thanks Dangrdafne. I'm still fiddling with making a button/badge too. This is beyond my computer savvy!

DQ said...

I love the new banner. It looks amazing!

twilightcupcake said...

thanks DQ. I got it sent to me while we were at H&M.; that was supposed to be the surprise, not the jibjabs :)

Poptarrts said...

Shout out to us!

Thank you!

musingbella said...

LOVE the new banner, and you're not on your own at WordPress (although I am considering jumping ship to blogger... it seems to have more available functionality)! Happy Friday!

Mrs. R said...

Absolutely LOVE your new banner! Eye candy.

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks everyone. MB if you jump ship I don't blame you for doing it early.

Mrs. R. Thanks for the comments. Btw, you better be careful who you meet in this blogosphere. Mrs. P (as in polite but more as in punish) is known around these parts as a hard ass that we all love so beware if you get weird comments back if people mistake you :)

Amy said...

Yay! Glad you like it TC! Don't worry. You weren't demanding at all. I'm actually the same way. It's all about the details. If there is a crooked picture on the wall it will bug me until it is fixed. Your cupcakes are too beautiful not to show off, so of course I had to incorporate them.

I didn't even find the page of the Remember Me article in Vogue, so I didn't buy it. It's basically a bazillion pages of ads.

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks Amy. It is way in the back X 4 pages only but I'm a sucker for a romantic shot. Plus I'm a clothing shopaholic so I love Vogue but never fork out for it otherwise.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Girl, here I am again, thanking you for the shoutout.

On to the good stuff - your banner is fabulous! Excellent job MissAmyJoon.

Hopefully, I'm going to be more creative today and on the weekend than I was this week. I need to update.

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Twired Jen said...

Awww I LOVE your new banner. It's so pretty and creative! Also, can't wait to watch the today show with Mr.RPattz...hopefully I'm off in the morning..Oh wait..March 1st ..I am!!! Squee I'll get to see it live. Can't wait. Poor NST bf will have to deal with my squeeing. I'll try and keep it under wraps.

Have fun at the closing ceremonies! Can't wait to hear about your 1st hand account!