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These mittens were very hard to find for Christmas 2009

Today I donned my red and white outfit (Go Canada!) and we headed out to watch day 104 of the Olympic Torch relay. It was sunny yesterday but today it was pouring rain. Should have guessed as after all, it is Vancouver.

We all hoped that rain down here means possible snow up on Cypress Mountain since they've had to bring in snow as the weather has just been too nice.

No snow on Cypress Mountain (we call it Cypress Bowl)

We were going to watch the torch relay twice today. Once with all the kids from school at a nearby street corner and once in front of our house. We watched the pre torch parade with the gratuitous corporate sponsorship. I personally love seeing the Coca-Cola trucks since my aunt has been collecting Coca-Cola souvenirs for years.

They were just handing out these bottles and I was lucky enough to get a red one and my wonderful friend KR gave me her black one too. She knows I'm a collector as I've let her into the twilight vault and she was rendered a bit speechless.

A guy came by carrying one of the torches that had been previously used during these Olympics (of course they've cut the fuel line so it could never be re-lit). This was pretty cool and I was very excited I got a photo of both my kids holding the Olympic torch.

Passing around an Olympic torch amongst the kids

One of the moms asked the man what he had done to get this honour of carrying the torch. Did he run with it? He answered "Actually, I'm the mayor and this torch now belongs to our District." I don't know who was more embarrassed, the mom or the mayor. There was a kind of hush because nobody had known who he was. Had we actually voted for him?

After about 40 minutes in the rain and multiple police cruisers teasing us that the torch was coming, the torch bearer finally arrived. Lots of cheering and the kids were super excited.

I saw the torch for all of 10 seconds but it was worth it. Made up for my kids playing swordfight with their Canada flags for half an hour in the pouring rain. Sorry about the lack of decent photos. We had all the kids up front so us short adults in the back didn't get as many good photos.

Soaking wet we scrambled back in the car to head back home in time to watch the torch come down our own street.

Mr. TC is such a boy scout. He was so prepared that he actually set up a big tent for us to stand under in the driveway. I guess he's heard me gripe about the rain for long enough to know that the tent would keep me quiet and happy. Remember, I'm an indoor girl. Smart man.

The torch came down our street and this time we had a much better view, even if it was dark and approaching evening.

Taken while I'm standing in my driveway

The flame actually went out about 20 feet past our house and they had to light it again from the constant flame that was going in the trailer with the motorcade.

Re-lighting the flame

Off went the flame and it's entourage onto another part of Vancouver. I saw on the news tonight that a torch bearer proposed this evening and his girlfriend said yes. Apparently this is a growing trend. I can't really fault them. It's not a cheesy jumbo-tron proposal so I'll be happy for them.

On a twilight note, I originally wanted to run a series of mini-E at the Olympics. Mr. TC has been quite tolerant of my twihardedness (remember he actually drove me to Forks) but this is where he drew the line. Apparently me taking photos of mini-E in front of thousands of other people at the biggest event our city has ever seen was not his idea of a good time. So, this is the only mini-E Olympic photo for today.

I may still photoshop him in and figure out other creative ways to get around the mini-E Olympics embargo. We'll have to see how stealth I can get.


Mrs. P said...

How awesome is it that the torch came right down your street?!? SO cool...

Those coke bottles are great, I love them!

My post tomorrow is somewhat Olympic related...but on a much less professional level. LMAO!!!

twilightcupcake said...

I did my best today to keep my post clean (so hard!) so that Mr. TC could cross post to his travel blog Averagetraveller.com
I couldn't cross post my "O" in Olympics post because it was just not the right feel eg. too dirty so I tried very hard today.
So curious to see what your Olympic post will be. Still sad about mini-E. I'm going to the Opening Ceremonies but think I'll have to leave him at home.

Solon said...

wow!! I love the photos friend!
keep on posting! :D

Mrs. R said...

Love today's blog! I think it's a great idea to take pics of mini-E at all the Olympic venues. How cool is that? If the little red knome can travel, why not mini-E. You'll look back on those pics and laugh for years to come. Does it really matter if people you'll never see again in your life catch you take pictures with your secret obsession? It could be worse...

Jelena said...

Oh gawd, at least your husband lets you have a mini. I think my is going to flip out when I bring him home, which is why I'm waiting for Stan to gift me with one, and then I can say "Honey, I couldn't possibly refuse the gift". :D

17forverlisa said...

Jenny, that is just amazing! Your kids are too young to appreciate the significance of this in their lives, but this kid isn't ;) I can't believe it came that close to your house. You weren't kidding when you said the media, etc., have been going pass your house on a regular basis to get to the games. Wow. Keep the pictures and notes coming. I love it. Poor Mini E. LOL!

dangrdafne said...

Have I mentioned how jealous I am of you??


I am glad I can live vicariously through you, thank you.

twilightcupcake said...

Glad you all enjoyed the photos. Today i'm watching the celebrities do the torch relay. Michael Buble is holding his concert up the hill for free but at 4am. Just too early for me!

Twired Jen said...

It's really neat that you & your children are getting to experience this all. They'll remember it for a a life time!