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I am supposed to jump on a plane in 12 hours but I have to post this before I go because I need to scream or something.

So on Twi-sted Edbrella's Friday Fun Five today one of the questions Nibbles asked was about what Twilight item I covet.

I wrote back that one of my unrealistic coveted items was the Rob Pattinson autographed Fender Telecaster that I saw auctioned on ebay last year. I had written about this guitar back in one of my previous posts about trying to learn how to play twilight music.

He apparently wandered into this guitar shop and was playing around with one of the guitars. The owner recognized him and asked if he would mind signing it for charity. I know Rob doesn't do this often as I have rarely seen anything actually autographed by him that he "presented" afterwards like this.

Remember that I collect things right? Well I seriously looked into getting this guitar when I was on my whole "guitar search" in the fall. I couldn't find it anywhere and couldn't see who had bought it and what possible fabulous "museum of twilight stuff" it might be in.

Well, I did a quick google again on it tonight and

Holy Fuck!

is all I have to say.

Turns out the guitar never did get auctioned off on ebay and it's apparently supposed to be auctioned off March 12th - as in today - to coincide with the release of Remember Me. The money is supposed to go to a homeless shelter in LA called Midnight Mission.

I couldn't fuckin' believe it. This is screaming, jumping up and down, howling with laughter and chills exciting.

So guess what - here's the ebay posting.

I have added it my watched list of things. I notice there isn't a single bid on it - after all it is $3000 - how many nights of babysitting would a tween have to do to buy this thing?

After my recent Italy inspired KStew purchase I don't know if I could justify even looking at this but it's okay to window shop right?

Maybe I should start some kind of collection online to get the funds to purchase this. The question would then become how we would share it. It can't be any worse than trying to buy his Remember Me suit and sharing that (ew, gross - knowing what these ladies might do to it first).

Here's hoping my next post will be about travel because that section of my blog is sadly lacking since my Forks Travel guides from the beginning of this blog way back in January. Check them out if you haven't seen them. Might be useful for those of you heading to Forks in September.


smartEpantz said...

Sorry TC sweetie pie, but the only thing that I can say is HOOOOOOLLYYYY SSHHHIIIIIIITTT!!!!

I want you to have that guitar. I NEED you to have that guitar. Please promise me that if, nay, WHEN you get it you will learn to play the fuck out of it.

Also, I can't really look at anything in that pic except his fingers. Seriously, I try...aaaaaaaaannndd then I'm right back on the fingers...every time. Purrrrrrrrrr.

My thoughts are with you and your family as you travel and gather together with loved ones! Give us updates if you can!


mmMoxie said...

Maybe no one will bid on it and they'll be forced to lower the price and you'll be able to get it!

TongueTwied said...

Notice the store name?


Go for it!

Dangrdafne said...

I noticed that it is local pick up only... in LA... so I guess when you come to FFOORRKKSS (notice how I have you coming to FFOORRKKSS) you could first drive south to LA and pick up the guitar and then on your way back home with it, you can stop in FFOORRKKSS so we can all see it!!!

By the way I will throw in some money so you can get it!

Also I really really really want you to come to FFOORRKKSS to play with us!! PPLLEEAASSEE!!

twilightcupcake said...

Hi everyone

waiting at the gate for our plane.

E - the fingers are wonderful aren't they. That's why I live watching him play piano in twilight.

@mmMoxie. Wouldn't it be awesome if they dropped the price?

@tongue twied good catch. Totally didn't notice that.

@dangrdafne. You are so sweet! I am now contemplating how I would get it home from LA. It would end up costing a lot more than the bid price. I am still undecided about Forks for a few reasons. Not sure how I'd get there. Red Bella has offered to give me a ride if I meet her in Victoria. Also not sure about where I'd stay. I have done Forks before and loved it but I've never done a trip with people I don't know so Mr TC is weary of letting me go.

Twired Jen said...

Have a great time on your trip...and stop in now and then, will ya?!

PS...Wonder how you'd justify that purchase to Mr. TC? :P

Safe travels!

twilightcupcake said...

@Twired Jen I'll worry about Mr. TC if I win it :) Gosh could you imagine me asking him to go LA and pick it up with me? Hey, in fact you're the closest one to LA. You wouldn't mind babysitting it for a while would you?

@Dangrdafne Thanks - wouldn't it be lovely if we all won it together and took turns with it?

The odd thing about this auction is this might be one thing that Rob will actually find out who won just because it's a guitar and he cares about music.

Dangrdafne said...

@TC - I wouldn't need any time with the guitar. Knowing you had it would be a win enough for me. Or I would give my turn to 17ForeverLisa. I also agree Rob would probably find out about the winner for this one. I say we go for it :)