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So it looks like the Twi-Mobile Revolution is underway. I am so proud of all of you who have started up mobile blogs already. To those of you without mobiles who are humoring the rest of us thanks for putting your trust in me. And for those of you who have started using the mobile blogs I am hoping you are enjoying the ease of reading. Let me know if you hit any roadblocks or find quirks.

Despite Honolulu Girl nicknaming me Twi-IT, which I thought sounded too much like Twit so I am renaming myself Twi-Tech instead, I am in no ways a true techie. Still going to work seeing patients everyday but there must be some programmer blood in me since my sister and both parents are in IT and also my husband too.

I have decided to call our little network the Twi-Mobile Network for now. Honolulu Girl suggested "Twi on the Go" which I thought was really cute too but alas Mr. TC convinced me (being the techie that he is) that I needed the word Mobile in there.

So far here are the blogs that have added a Mobile version (the icons that appear are their iphone app icons)

Desktop: DangrDafne Days of Delirium
Mobile: http://dangrdafne.mofuse.mobi/

Desktop: TrueBloodTwilight
Mobile: http://truebloodtwilight.mofuse.mobi/

Desktop: Twibite
Mobile: http://twibite.mofuse.mobi

Desktop: Twilight Mommy
Mobile: http://twilightmommy.mofuse.mobi/

Desktop: Lick My Poptarts
Mobile: http://poptart.mofuse.mobi/

Desktop: Twilight Sagapalooza
Mobile: http://twisaga.mofuse.mobi/

Desktop: Twired
Mobile: http://twired.mofuse.mobi/

Desktop: Confessions of a Twiholic
Mobile: http://twiholic.mofuse.mobi/

Lastly, I think the most significant has actually been the only fanfic we've converted so far:

Desktop: Call of Booty Fanfic
Mobile: http://callofbooty.mofuse.mobi/

Reading fanfic on my phone in proper mobile format has to be one of the greatest pleasures in life. No more scrolling across the screen or clicking on the wrong button just when Edward is going to come.

If you aren't on this list but want to get your blog mobile then check out my step by step guide or send me an email at twicupcake@gmail.com and I'd be happy to help.

For the bloggers, I've got a few Twi-Mobile Buttons that I'll be posting for you soon. It will be a nice way to unify our network and make it easy for followers to identify the mobile links. Plus a few tips on link placement and other Twi-Mobile adjustments you might want to do.

Okay it's super late and I'm off to sleep before my last day of work and then Asia for 2 weeks.


Dangrdafne said...

I personally like "Twi on the Go" :) Thank you for this post, it is nice to see who I still have to add to my list. Call of Booty though was definitely the bonus add!! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Hong Kong (or hiking, whichever it is - I saw the Tweets with SoTwired and I thought Hk was hiking too LOL!!). What is the time difference for you? Going to track the box today, will let you know what I find.

Twilight Mommy said...

Twi-Mobile has a nice ring to it. Sounds a bit less teenager and more adult. If that make sense. Anyway, thanks again for all your help. This was simply a great idea. DangrDaf has already proven it works - she used it to watch the trailers on my site when she was at work. Your brilliant.

mmMoxie said...

LizardStew says our link is still giving her the same message, even after I changed the link.

stupid technology!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Jen, it was your idea, you run with it girl. I think it's brilliant and can you guess how many of them out there who don't comment but just read? This is for them, and if makes it easier for them, they will become more likely... loyal followers. And that even though that is not the goal, it is certainly icing on the cake for any blogger. So to all the busy peeps out there; The Twi Mobile Network Revolution has begun! Viva La Twi-Mobile!

Jen, you're cracking me up. Yes, TwiTech sounds much better and your husband is right, Twi-Mobile Network sounds pro.

twilightcupcake said...

@Dangrdafne - thanks, the box is not here but it will be a nice reason to come home from vacation.

@TM - so glad that you're happy you went through all the work.

@mmMoxie - I hope you guys enjoyed the movie and that at least one of you managed to get it working on your phone. When I go to your mobile blog site it looks perfect so let me know if you still can't get on.

@HG - thank you!! I am happy to have a fellow iphoner on my side and my husb is an IT consultant so it's funny that you guys caught onto the fact he's all about the professional - so funny because we are twilight blogs :) how professional is that?? Hopefully I'll be able to help more people convert even while in HK. I'm bringing my netbook and my parents have photoshop so that's all we need.

Spread the word! Thanks

mk said...

hahahaha, was just laughing at how HK may be considered hiking or hong kong - those who know our little tc know the only hiking she does is up an escalator to go to the mall!!!! ... and she'll only wear hiking boots if and when burberry decides to introduce a hiking shoe line!!!!

Ok, enough laughing at poor old tc's expense... and to think, she can't even defend herself since she is probably on board now! (Have a wonderful trip, miss you already!)

twilightcupcake said...

@MK - LOL yes you know me so well. I am the complete opposite of you extremely active Vancouverites - how you know me so well and yes, I would buy those Burberry hiking boots! You know I don't mind you making fun of me at all and we have landed safe and sound thanks.