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Hey everyone,

I just fell in love with a new story - it just finished and guess what? It's going to be pulled on October 1st from fanfiction.net and then later published. So...go read it now!

The story is Just Wait by InstantKarmaGirl. It's All Human, high school setting, some lemons but very mature themes.
Fanfiction link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5320917/1/Just_Wait

In a world saturated by vices, Bella is forced to move in with her father to avoid the repercussions of her past deeds. But after she meets the socially withdrawn adopted son of the town's doctor, will she allow herself to open up and heal?
Very dark and tortured. The Edward and Bella characters are both extremely broken people. It is well written and the story addictive.
I blew through all 67 chapters in 20 hours - no sleep and just taking time out to feed and bathe the kids. Just like I did for Twilight - yes, that level of addiction.

So if you want to check it out here's your chance. It moves slowly and has long chapters but I love this style of story. The character development is wonderful and I'm sad to see it end. Every time I close my eyes I still picture her Edward and Bella in my head - do you know how that is?

Don't forget to check out the banner I made for the MotU Crackfic - those girls are crazy! When you see the banner you'll go - WTF? Just read the story and you'll get it :)


JeDeCe said...

I couldn't agree more...this fic completely OWNED me last weekend too. So beautifully written, I could't stop thinking about this E&B. Definitely a must-read for angst fans!

dianne.pollu said...

This 'pulling out' killed me. I was reading this story from last november, almost from the begining & last 3 months i haven't read Just wait because of the voluntering (actually I was saving chapters because this story is so good, it's so worth waiting). Fuck. & now I won't end this. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I was reading fanfiction because of this story. And now I'm done. no more fanfiction for me. But what's the worst - I hate not to end smth. i always end everything. And I'm desperate to find last 5 chapters. Fuck. I'm late just one day. I hate myself, I really really hate myself.

dianne.pollu said...
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cary said...

I'm so sad....I was on Chapter 27, and reading as fast as I could...but, not fast enough. Does anyone have the story saved? :@

Lori s said...

I read up to chapter 50 then saved the rest but then my son poured apple juice on my laptop and apparently fried my computer! Is it bad that the first thing I thought of was this story? J- you will have to tell me what happens now unless someone has this sucker saved or if my computer some how come to life.
It is killing me! I am so curious how it ends.

twilightcupcake said...

@Cary and @dianne_pollu
sorry for taking so long to comment back. Please email me at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com and I might be able to help you with the rest of the story ;)

Anonymous said...

The author is publishing Just Wait. Info is on her profile:

natni said...


regarding ur comment, i have send u a mail

did u received it?


p-daisy17 said...



I was wondering if you had the completed version of the story, I just found out that it was being taken down.

I was looking forward to re-reading it.

If you do have it could you please send it to me at p-daisy17 (at) hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk.

Thank you so much.

Monica said...

If someone still needs the story I have it.... Email me to monik.1702@hotmail and I'll send it to you...

beto9003 said...
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Monica Gallego said...

Hey guys I dont have permission so I cant keep sending the story... I`m sorry for the ones that didnt get it

Kathryn said...

Is this available anywhere. If it was published, do you know what it's oublished name is?