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For those of you just arriving here
Questions 1-7 from September 11 - here's Quiz Day 1
Questions 8-14 from September 12 - here's Quiz Day 2
Questions 15-21 from September 13 - here's Quiz Day 3
Questions 22-28 from September 14 - here's Quiz Day 4
Questions 29-35 from September 15 - here's Quiz Day 5
Questions 36-42 from September 16 - here's Quiz Day 6

Remember, there's a $50 Zazzle gift certificate for MotU merchandise at stake.

Separate from the 50 question quiz is the Bonus Question where you could win a 8X10 glossy autographed by Snowqueens Icedragon.

Quiz Day #7

(Hint - all answers are found within Chapters 80-87)

43) What is in the second set of drawers in Edward's playroom?
44) What floor is the Mile High Club on?
45) When is Edward's birthday (month and day)?
46) What brand of watch is Edward wearing?
47) How many birthday boxes does Bella give Edward to open?
48) What is Taylor's daughter's name?
49) What kind of drink does Bella throw at Irina?
50) How many times has Bella been tied up by the grey silk tie?

Phew, all 50 questions done. Remember you can finish the 50 question quiz without answering the Bonus - you'll still be eligible for the $50 gift certificate.

Send your answers to TwilightCupcake at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com.

The contestants who have the most correct answers to the 50 questions will be entered into the draw for a $50 Zazzle.com certificate for MotU merchandise and a winner randomly chosen.

Bonus Question answers can be submitted even if you have not completed the 50 question quiz.
Contest closes night of Saturday September 18th at midnight Pacific Standard Time.


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