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In honour of the birthday of my favourite fanfic of all time Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon I've put together a little quiz. 

I will post 50 questions over the week from September 11 to 18th plus a BONUS question on September 18th.
All answers will be given at the end of the contest.

Best of all?
Win $50 of MotU Merchandise!

I will randomly choose a winner from the entries that had the most correct answers. The winner will be given a $50 USD gift certificate to be used at Zazzle.com.

What could you get with your $50 gift certificate?

Possible MotU Merchandise Designs:

Things you could get:
Magnets for $5
Mugs from $16
Tote bags from $18
T shirts from $21

What would you get with your $50?

This is what I have on my desk at work:

It's quiz time:

Quiz Day #1
(Hint - all answers are found within Chapters 1-9)

1) What is the name on the front of Edward's office building?
2) Of what newspaper is Rosalie Hale the editor-in-chief?
3) What colour pants does Edward buy from Bella?
4) What brand of camera does Jake use in the Heathman photoshoot?
5) What is the name of Bella's favourite tea?
6) What does Edward send to Bella the day of her final exams?
7) While Edward holds her hair back, where does Bella puke?

You can email me daily with your answers for the current day or you can email me at the end with answers for all 50 at once. The contestants who have the most correct answers to the 50 questions will be entered into the draw and a winner randomly chosen.
Winner will be announced and answers posted on September 19th.

Go on to Quiz Day #2 questions.
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Contest closes midnight September 18th Pacific Standard Time.
Send your answers to TwilightCupcake at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com.
If you haven't already seen it please check out the MotU Tribute site at http://www.motutribute.com/
I've posted my MotU wallpapers there for desktop, iPad, and iPhone. I'll have these available on this blog starting next week.


Twired Jen said...

I am so excited to do this and will answering from work tomorrow since it's supposed to be quiet. Yay!

Happy birthday baby!

xo J

17foreverlisa said...

Nothing owns me like MotU does, and you know that. That's why I'm sweating bullets thinking about taking the quiz. I want to ace it!!