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Remember I wrote a rec on Heat of a Blue Flame by 107yearoldvirgin mentioning she is a veteran fanfic author. Well, as promised, here is a rec more of her stories.

Progress - The Original Sleep Humper Story
 I know, the name of this fic gets me every time. And yes, the name says it all. This is comedy and a cute story. It's light so breeze through it. Edward is the sleep humper. Bella has body dysmorphic disorder (long name but it's a long name for "she doesn't see herself clearly"). Sweet that two people who think they're broken and undesirable can find each other.

Puddle Jumping
 I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It made me laugh and cry as well. This is a light hearted fic but with a strong message - it's completed as well. I'm not sure it was meant to be an after school special but it is. It's very cleverly written and told from a present day Bella looking back. Edward is gorgeous and brilliant - in fact he's one of those super geniuses. He's got Aspergers. She loves him. It's a very cute story and is followed by many regular Twihards but also by some special interest groups. For good reason as it's a lovely tale that sheds light on the reality of falling in love with someone whose mind doesn't quite work the way yours does. Sound familiar?

I'll be adding it to the "Ward of the Day" fanfic recs on the sidebar of course.



Amy Munro said...

I haven't read 'sleep humper' but Puddle Jumping was AMAZING. Laughter and tears.

I also really recommend 107yearoldvirgin's Maybe. It's one of my all time faves. Edward is the singer in a band. Bella is a music journalist. He sings 'Sex on Fire'.... nuff said? Really good!

Great review x

sue said...
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TwiloveSue said...

Thanks for the recs, TC! I can't believe I didn't know about these stories. More fics to read :)Yay!!!

(sorry I deleted the previous comment; I was signed in with the wrong account)

twilightcupcake said...

@TwiKiwi - thanks for that rec too - I'll have to read it soon. Edward singing Sex on Fire - yes definitely sounds good.

@Sue - you're welcome. I'm always amazed by how much good fanfic there is out there that I haven't touched. Hope it never ends!