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While making a card this weekend I was in the search for a good Cricut stencil font I realized there was no comprehensive list. So I made one :)

Here are all the ones I could find (please click on the cartridge name to go to the applicable Cricut site):
3 Birds On Parade
Alphalicious - Matchbook

Ashlyn's Alphabet - Standard
Calligraphy - Gratitude
Calligraphy - Matrimony
Creative Memories Cheerful Seasons - Cheerful Shapes
Creative Memories Divine Weddings - Font3
Creative Memories Reminisce Accents - Monogram

Creative Memories Storks Delivery - Monogram
Creative Memories Tis the Season - Monogram
Cricut Alphabet - Font 2

Cricut Everyday - Font 1
Cursive 101 - Notebook
Cursive 101 - Puzzle
Cursive 101 - Tile
Dinosaur Tracks - Letter
Disney Pooh Font Set - Honeypot
Don Juan - Marquee
Don Juan - Puzzle
Doodletype - Stencil
Jasmine - Italic
Jasmine - Standard
Kate's ABCs - BabyGirlFont1
Learning Curve - Puzzle
Learning Curve - Tile
Learning Curve - Traincar

Letter Envy - Font
Lovely Floral - Font
Makin' the Grade - Apples
Makin' the Grade - Awards
Makin' the Grade - Lockers
Makin' the Grade - Tiles
Martha Stewart All Occasions Cake Art - Banneret
Martha Stewart Birthday Cake Art - Medallion/Banner
Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art - Flourish Frame
Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art - Postage
Mini Monogram - Standard
Nate's ABCs - Font1
Nifty Fifties - Font
Nursery Rhyme - Monogram
Old West - Rope
Once Upon A Princess - Monogram Banner
Opposites Attract - Standard
Opposites Attract - Upright
Opposites Attract - UprightRound
Plantin SchoolBook - Endcaps
Printing 101 - Instruction
Printing 101 - Notebook
Printing 101 - Puzzle
Printing 101 - Tile
Printing Press - Clip
Printing Press - Standard
Quarter Note - Font 2
Quarter Note - Font 3
Rock Princess - Skull font
Sanrio Hello Kitty Font - Flower
Simply Sweet - Blocked
Simply Sweet - Heart
Simply Sweet - Stitched
Simply Sweet - Tab
Songbird - Bird
Songbird - Birdhouse
Songbird - Flower

Songbird - Flowertop

Songbird - Standard
Tie the Knot - Monogram
Type Candy - Standard

Type Candy - Taffyscript

If you have anything to add please email me at twimobile (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!


J. Leonard said...

Cool blog! I love Twilight! You should chck out my twilight themed charm bracelet. It might make a good blog post ;-)


Jessica said...

I was trying to help my dad with a stencil project - he was doing it the old-school way - so I pulled out my cricut. We were dealing with numbers and it was ok until the 4 and 8. We came up with a 'cheater-way' to make it work, but I was determined to find out if there was a "stencil" cartridge. I wasn't having much luck until I happened upon your blog - thanks to google! ;)

Your info was Very helpful ... especially the graphics! Come to find out I was using the correct cartridge (Plantin SchoolBook) I just had to put it on "End Caps". Your post was a lifesaver - not to mention now my Dad will think I'm pretty smart. ;) Thanks!

Maria said...

I like stencil fonts! However, your Twilight theme has impressed me in sober fact! Great post!

Farmette said...

Great list! I used it to wow my boss with a custom stencil she needed.
Can you update periodically with new fonts that come out?

Anonymous said...

I want to make decals for some of my enamel ware. I am wanting to font like the long letters on the Rea Dunn stuff. Is there a cartridge for this?