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Hey all,

I delved right back into Twiight fanfic after The Host because I honestly needed to keep reading something!

Things I found that I thought I'd share

Heat of the Blue Flame by 107 Year Old Virgin

This fic is incomplete. It still gets through lots of good stuff so definitely worth a read. It's the kind of story that makes me remember what it's like to fall in love. To have someone who can pull you out of the numbness of just existing.
Edward is a photographer. Mysterious and hot as always. Bella is his angst normal girl subject. It's a very sweet story that moves quite quickly so you aren't left hanging for too long.
The author 107 Year Old Virgin is quite famous in the fandom so I'm sure you will be seeing me rec more of her stories.

More stories from Danieller123 author of Under the Apple Tree (you all know I loved that ff so I couldn't resist peeking at her other stories)

What Are the Chances

This is a weird fic but feels brilliant. Reminds me of a short story you might receive in a couple paragraphs everyday in the paper. Considering how few words there are the characters and story is rich. It is written by danieller123 of Under the Apple Tree fame (see other rec here).
It is very sweet and even though there are currents of age difference which reminded me of Celine Dion it was not in poor taste.
This story is finished and the ending leaves you feeling a bit incomplete but actually more at peace. You'll have to read it to find out :)

Men Without Eyes

This story is about Edward in a wheelchair. No, he's not blind. But he is crotchety and it's assumed that he's hot. Bella is the new neighbour across the street. It is also incomplete so it's a short read. It still has a ways to go so if you get frustrated easily maybe save this one for a later date when it's further along.