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My hubby and I were finally able to watch the latest Harry Potter film. It was quite clear that we aren't dealing with little kids anymore. Although these movies didn't make me all hot and bothered for the actors I couldn't help having a peek at what our Hogwarts students have grown up to become.

My favourite images

I almost don't recognize Daniel Radcliffe in some of these.

Emma Watson making Burberry look so lovely. By the way I've been pining for that coat on the right for the last year. But it begs to be worn really over only lingerie. Not too practical in Vancouver.

Do you find the Hogwart gang sexy? Remember we aren't including Cedric Diggory in this lot.


I_heart_Fifty / TwiKiwi said...


Wow, Daniel looks so different! I can't imagine having grown up in public like that, those 'little harry' images are gonna haunt him!

Have you seen the pics of Emma at the HP7 premiere? She cut all her hair off and wore this sexy as hell little dress. She's workin it!

Dangrdafne said...

I think they have all grown up quite well. They were so cute when they were little that I kind of thought they might turn out ok ;) Emma is just gorgeous but even better she is smart and kind. I hope they all do well in the after HP careers/lives.

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

I love these group of actors. It seems so far, the parents have done right because the kids have grown into intelligent, well behaved young adults. I especially love Emma Watson. I just think she is such a good role model for you girls. Such a classy girl (and her wardrobe... omg, I just love her style.)

Margaret said...

I've loved Daniel for a while now...but I wish he was taller. LOL! They've grown into beautiful and disgustingly rich creatures!