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Ever wish you took better pictures when you were in Forks? Never had the chance to go but would love to pay $0.99 to live vicariously? Wish you had nice enough Twilight photos for high quality wallpaper on your iPad or iPhone?

I got a lovely email the other day letting me know about this cool Alone in Forks iPad app. Went to check it out from my iPhone 3GS but didn't want to update my software. So I installed the app on my iPad but I'm sure it looks as good on the iPhone.

It has a vast collection of pictures from Forks, La Push, Port Angeles, and also Twilight filming locations in Portland taken by the talented photographer Angel Abreu of Majic Moments Photography.

Here's a sample of some of the pictures. With the installed app they come in hi res so it makes for beautiful wallpaper.

Not only are there lovely pictures but they are also geotagged which means you can see exactly where they were taken on GoogleMaps. Especially good if you are driving around doing your Twilight tour in Forks or Portland and trying to find a specific location.

What are they missing? I didn't see any pics from Canada but I can't blame them for not coming up North of the border. Maybe that will be added in an update later on.

Go ahead and check them out in the iTunes app store.


HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

Hey, guess where I'm blogging from? My iPad!! I got to get used to typing.
Anyway, I saw this app and hesitated because I'm too cheap to pay 99 cents. Isn't that funny? But you convinced me and besides, I was there. So 99 cents is cheap for all those gorgeous photos. Downloading the app now.