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Well some of you have been wondering where I've been hiding. I have been sucked into two fanfics by Danieller123. They are both completed so you can jump right into them knowing you'll get an ending soon.

The first one I found was

Under the Apple Tree
Under the Apple Tree is kind of like Pretty Woman but much heavier. Bella is a stripper/prostitute. Edward is a pediatrician who has lots of emotional baggage. He wants to save her. She is too stubborn and has too much pride to be saved. You get the picture.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the characters. The doctor POV (Edward's) was actually spot on which makes me wonder what Danieller123 must do for a living. Her storytelling around Bella's addiction and abuse is captivating.

Originally I was worried it would be just be angst laden and way too heavy. But Hooker Bella's smart mouth and beautiful Doctor Edward's caring ways kept me engaged.

This is definitely on my top to read list.

I was fully prepared to do my fanfic rec on here and then decided just for fun to check out her other work called The Workshop. Wouldn't you know that I got sucked into it so badly I didn't have an hour free so I decided to finish them both and rec them together.

Okay moving on...

The Workshop: A Tale of Edible Delights

This is a fanfic for all of you Food Network junkies out there. Anyone who enjoys watching Gordon Ramsey tear a strip off some young chef will want to read this.

Bella is a young Michelin star winning chef who owns successful restaurants around the world. Edward applies to be the sous chef at her new location. He is of course a super sexy single father with an incredibly cute daughter. Oh yeah and she has a no fraternization policy at work.

I enjoyed this one for many reasons. I think the biggest was because I love food. They mention the show "Man vs. Food" a lot. I can't tell you how many times I've watched that guy Adam try to kill himself by eating a hamburger the size of his head or a pizza the size of a chair.

As you all know I like to bake. Some of you may not know that I do not know how to cook. Like I can make macaroni and cheese and reheat stuff for the kids. I don't even boil eggs properly. Thank God me and the kiddies have my wonderful husband who can make a feast for 50 people without breaking a sweat.

This fanfic actually inspired me to want to cook more. As I finished the epilogue I told my husband I wanted to try making pasta from scratch. He gave me the "oh my god who are you and what have you done with my wife?" look.

The number of profanities coming out of Bella's mouth in both of these fanfics combined could probably render a priest unconscious. But it's part of the characters so just be forewarned.

Lemon count is decent but these fanfics do not focus on the sex. Enough that they are rated Mature and keep me interested but not enough to render them just smut.

Let me know your thoughts.


Lori said...

Thank you for this post! I am just finishing clipped wings and inked armor and i was trying to decide what to read next! Yippee.. i love your picks.

Jayla said...

*waves hi* oooh these look good. i will file them away for later. thank you!

(i prefer gordon on his uk show 'the f word'...)

Noble Korhedron said...

I just wanted to comment to say that 'The Workshop' is probably no longer available online, except as a PDF from fanfiction fan groups. I will try and find my PDF of it, which I think is buried somewhere in my 'Twilight FF' folder. However, I'm not hopeful of doing this quickly, and will probably not find it for at least a week or more, due to real-life pressure of various sorts.

However, if you're reading this, and I have found it, I'll be happy to share it, provided that if you share it anywhere you credit danieller123 for writing it in the first place. I despise plagarism, but I refuse to accept that sharing someone's work who has pulled a fanfic is the same thing, it is ONLY the same thing IF you are claiming that YOU authored the work in the first place....

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