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My fanfic rec today is something I've just started called Going Down? by TexasKatherine. It is a funny fanfic with lemons. Not stupid funny but just light and humourous.
Mini spoiler - the first chapter starts with Bella and Edward trapped in an elevator. The one shot alone should be enough to make you go check it out! I'm just on chapter 3 of 5 now so we'll have to see how things go but so far it's cute. Totally needed after all the heavy epic fanfics I've been reading the last few weeks.

Have you been to my other site lately? If you ever wonder where I am I'm usually doing something on that side. But at least it's pretty over there. Not Edward Cullen kind of pretty but still Twi-Mobile is pretty if I do say so myself. Come have a look!

My eyes are officially buggy from spending the whole weekend revamping the mobile fanfic section of Twi-Mobile. I've added detailed instructions for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Blackberry, Sony eReader, and Kobo eReader. I'm sure I'm missing a few devices and the list is by no means exhaustive but that's all I've got for now. So if you need more help on taking your fanfic with you to go then please go check it out.

I also made Twi-Mobile easier to navigate by adding drop down menus to the top. Plus I've stickied the important posts for the Twi-Mobile member directory, Fanfic info, and Mobile Blog Set-Up.

Okay off to finish off my fanfic. Anyone have a fanfic rec of what to read after?


Dangrdafne said...

I have 2 recs for you. Be aware that both are in process fics but SO WORTH IT!!!

1) Elusively Yours by Gemma H - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5942709/1/Elusively_Yours
This is the description: "Edward Cullen has just one rule for his sex life: The moms he picks up in the schoolyard have to be involved with someone else. It's the perfect system, until he meets Bella Swan. He thought that he set the terms, apparently nobody thought to tell Bella."
We call him EmoWard but it is just soooo good and so real. Love it.

2) Dark Wolves and Vampire Delights by BeckyBrit - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6413373/1/Dark_Wolves_and_Vampire_Delights
Here is the description:
"When Charlie is supposedly killed by a wild animal, Bella returns for the funeral and is met with a less than warm reception. She discovers Forks is no longer the safe, sleepy town she left behind 6years ago and is now full of secrets and danger."
It is an excellent mystery so far and I love it!!

Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

If TK wrote it, then it must be funny. I need that right now.

TongueTwied said...

I'm glad TK extended beyond a one shot! It is so full of humor.

Dangrdafne said...

"Going Down" is amazing. So funny and very refreshing. TK is awesome and he sense of humor just kills me. This is an excellent recommendation TC, I completely agree with you in it. Now everyone go read :)