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So I was surfing today looking for UHQ pics of KStew (btw let me know if you have a good source). I was at the AllKristenStewart blog and came across this Robsten video. I'm sure all you Robsten freaks have seen this many times (yes that's you Lisa and Jen - Happy Birthday sweetie). But you know I've been in a mild bit of denial about them for a long time. I just didn't want to believe it because I didn't want to see it fall apart before Breaking Dawn finished.

My fav pic - in colour this time!

Now I've become a bigger Robsten fan than a Bella/Edward fan. What the hell is wrong with me? Maybe because they're so frickin cute together.

Anyways here's the video that I had to rewatch multiple times yesterday and I teared up every time. It doesn't help that I have loved this song since the 90's and may have a small thing for Richard Marx.

And yes I have this video playing in the background while I'm writing this post!

Off to grab tissues...


Twired Jen said...

PMSL, I had a small thing for Richard Marx when I was about 13. I saw him at the fair here in Del Mar, CA way back when. My best friends Mom took us and during a break we screamed out "We love you Richard!" LOL!

I can't watch the vid at the moment, but will definitly check it out. Looks like you have given in to Robsten. I love you for it!

xo J

Twired Jen said...

Ok boss left, watched it. OMG! Amazing. That is all.

w/v "coppegag" LMAO!

Dangrdafne said...

can't watch video at work. I hope I remember to come back :) I am neither here nor there with their relationship. If they are together then great, if not then that is fine too :) But I understand the Robsten lovers :)

17foreverlisa said...

*blows nose* Oh, TC! I had never seen that video before. I cheated and watched it at work because if it was so good that you had to post it, declare you're a bigger Robsten fan than a B&E fan, and it made you cry, well, I couldn't wait until I got home.

It gave me goosebumps and, yes, I cried. The song is so freaking perfect (love Richard Marx-I have to get kiTT over here), and it chronicled their journey so well.

Thank you for finding it and sharing it with us. Mwah!

Congrats on the award (that is one smexy badge) and on becoming an affiliate with Twilight Lexicon. Don't forget us little people ;)

Love and miss you :)


TongueTwied said...

Ya know I have never seen that picture in color before! Color or B/W it remains a great pic of rob's ass. :)

Cool video TC. I wonder if they would think so too? You can never go wrong with Richard Marx--he's always the right amount of sappy, angst, and love. *sigh*

Are you following who is being cast in Cosmopolis?

twilightcupcake said...

@DD I was in Robsten denial but I just give in! Hope you have a chance to watch it.

@Lisa - I can't believe you haven't seen this before. It's a first for me - you always seem to know all the best vids and music too! Sigh that I get goosebumps too - so silly. Thanks for the congrats - I am still the short little person here. The Twilight Lexicon thing doesn't bring traffic here anyways, just to Twi-Mobile. This still feels like "me" Love and miss you too!

@KiTT I just discovered that coloured pic yesterday. Always thought it was B&W first! The colours are different though - almost muted so I can see why they don't post it that way. Think that calls for some fiddling ;)
I always wonder if they ever watch things like that about themselves. Wouldn't that be weird? The idea of having strangers chronicle your relationship (probably inaccurately) is disturbing. But good entertainment for us.
I haven't been following Cosmopolis - most likely bc I can't say the name!

Pam said...

I thought it was beautiful and yes ... I cried. But then again, I've always loved that song. It's one of the reasons that the movie Anastasia has always been one of my favorite Disney movies. It just has some great music in it. :)

Damn, I think I might just have to watch it again. LOL

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks Pam. Normally her voice would be too high for me but it's perfect in that song.