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Mr. TC and I both have blogs. I don't think he's been reading my blog because honestly, I think it frightens him.

His blog is about a passion of his - travel. If he had a blog about a teenage drama (like heaven forbid a Hannah Montana blog with lusty photos of Miley Cyrus) I would probably shoot him and then myself in that order. Maybe I wouldn't go so far but I would still worry if he spent his whole day plastered to a screen twittering and blogging with other men about his love for Miley and Hannah Montana.

If Mr. TC had a blog about her I would die

But me having a blog about him is okay

But why is it what I am doing okay? It is the double standard that I am ashamed of yet I am exploiting it gloriously.

Wouldn't it be creepy if thousands of men were waiting for Miley Cyrus to turn 18 and had graphic descriptions of the way they would celebrate her birthday with her? Wait, I'm sure that is happening and I am just in denial.

Anyways, to me it's gross when I think about 40 year old men jacking off in front of the computer after reading a Hannah Montana fanfic. Yet it's okay that I frequently spend the day drooling over a 23 year old whose stare turns me into a puddle on the ground. Yes, 23 is legal but honestly he's still really young.

Okay, maybe he looks more grown up here

Is it because women are supposed to be more harmless than men? Or that a man would be more than happy to have women pining over him where a woman should be scared? I dare to say that a crazed female fan could sexually exploit and harm a man just as badly as if the genders were reversed.

I don't know why our significant others put up with it. Obviously there are some SOs who reap the rewards of wet panties from lemony fanfic. But even then I would be grossed out if Mr. TC read a story about Hannah M and her boyfriend getting it on and then came to bed with me because it made him excited.

Is it really okay that I could spend the whole day
looking at this? (from RPFangirlDC)

I guess they love us and are willing to live with it. Until they put their foots down I suppose it does seem to make us happy and so they turn a blind eye and pray it will be over soon. This reminds me a post on Twired where SoTwired Jen's Not So Twilight boyfriend brings up the ultimate elephant in the room about what she'll do when this twilight thing is all over. They're obviously secure in the fact that we love them and there is no way Rob is going to run through doorways so they aren't threatened. But still, if the roles were reversed what would I think?

Robsession at it's best - backgrounds from MissAmyJoon

I guess if Mr. TC were to start a KStew blog of love while I was in my RPattz bloggie world then it would somehow seem balanced. But if it were more one sided on his side where I was left standing while watching him ogling and lusting after her, I'm not so sure how I'd feel. Does it mean that I'm the insecure one even if I truly didn't feel threatened but just disturbed and envious that she was getting so much of his attention?

Let me know your thoughts on this. I am not looking for a way to defend our blogosphere - I love it and I'm thankful that it exists and don't need a justification for why it's here. Sometimes you just question whether or not things are out of balance, but in my favour this time.

I guess for now I won't question it. I'll just sit back and enjoy.


Amy said...

Thanks for the link! :)

I've wondered about this as well. Grown women lusting over a man that, for some, could be their son. It's not a problem for me since Rob and I are in fact the same age. I suppose it's a double standard, but with good reasoning I believe. How many times throughout history have men had the opportunity to manipulate and use women for their own satisfaction? Exactly. Although women are surely capable of manipulative behavior, I think that the intention is different. The power structure is different. I'll stop before I start writing a thesis for a women's studies paper. lol

twilightcupcake said...

Oh yes Amy men have been using women since the beginning of time. I know it seems about time that things swung the other way. One of my aunts is obsessed with a singer and I always thought she wanted to hug hk
and it felt very innocent when I was young. Now looking at how I think about Rob and what we discuss doing to and with him it is definitely not innocent at all. A different power structure in some ways and at some times.

Hannah Montana Updates » The Twilight Double Standard « twilight, travel, and treats said...

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mk said...

Ok, two words that make whatever we women do ok: tiger woods! (ugh, 2 young kids, model material swedish wife, seriously???)

Really, guys would and do cheat..... women, harmless blogs!

twilightcupcake said...

Yes - Tiger Woods. You have to look back and think that he was just too good to be true. See you tomorrow am at work ;)

Mrs. P said...

OK...I think that women are more jealous creatures by nature. I too would kill my hubby if he ran a blog about some woman. But, i think the men find it sexy...perhaps...that we are finding some pleasure in this stuff? I don't know...all I know is that my hubby is benefiting enormously from this whole obsession of mine, and maybe has has noticed!

Munkee said...

Yeah, I think of Hugh Hefner....ANYTHING we do is tame by comparison. It will all be fair when there is some reality TV show about a 70+ year old woman surrounded by loads of RPattzy types.

Jelena said...

I'm going to write my comment first before I read anyone else's, because I'm afraid I might forget what I wanted to say otherwise.

Miley Cyrus, yuck! But if it was KStew, or some other hot girl/woman, I wouldn't mind that much.

However, I've been thinking a bit after my yesterday's post, and I've come to this disturbing conclusion: all of us who are obsessed by Twilight, needed to place our obsession somewhere - so there came poor, unsuspecting Robert Pattinson, and voila, we're here. All this hype is pure fun for me, I seriously have no hots for Rob, but I appreciate him aesthetically and how the photos and videos make me feel. But then, I use that same feeling to project it on my husband. It's no secret to me that my husband probably does the same thing. I am not overtly jealous person, so I don't mind him looking or even commenting about other women. I try to explain this to him every day, that I only use this Rob dude as a source of inspiration for creative things, that he is, by no means, object of my desire.

Therefore, if that KStew or Miley Cyrus obsession was in fact just personification of something deeper, more profound, like a book or saga, than I probably wouldn't have a problem with it.

I hope you understand what I meant, cause I was kinda all over the place.

twilightcupcake said...

@Mrs. P - I would say that I am much more jealous than Mr. TC is. I hate that I am that way and thank God that he is so secure in himself.
@Munkee the idea of some 70+ year old lady with a bunch of hot guys - LMAO!
@Jelena - dearie, why do we always make the other person think so much? It's good for our souls I suppose. I am with you 100% and glad that this seems to have added a positive passion to our lives and a good benefit to our husbands I'm sure.

Poptarrts said...

I always mean to comment but rarely do - I'll try to change this.

First off, you make a valid point.If I caught someone (a male) in my work running a miley cyrus blog that I would be a little bit creeped out and probably wouldnt think the same about the person who ran it. Whereas guys just accept it that Im sitting in the corner googling RPattz images.

My boyfriend does run a blog which he links me too everytime he posts, granted not about women, but if he ever were to run a blog about a woman in particular, regardless of who it was, I wouldnt be that put off. I as a person require alot of alone time and privacy, I am a loner by nature, always have been. My boyfriend is exactly the same. He knows I need an outlet for what interests me and thats what my blog is all about. He occasionally checks in on my blog and we discuss it later, I actually love he takes such an interest.

I feel the same about him, although Miley Cyrus is a bit wrong because of her background with disney in my eyes.

Plus I would be kinda concerned about his choice of woman and how that reflects back onto me.

This was a really good post, you got my brain thinking after working night shift - not an easy accomplishment! :D

twilightcupcake said...

Glad that you enjoyed the post Poptarrts. It is lovely that you and your SO know each other well and support your respective endeavours. I'm honestly not sure if Mr. TC reads my blog. Frankly I think if he did he would say because some of the stuff I write about is messed up so how could he not?
yes, a Miley Cyrus lust blog would be a bit much. I guess it would still be weird if he were up at night twittering with fans of Eva Longoria or something, don't you think?

Poptarrts said...

Yea, I think so. I dunno. We have a very trusting relationship. When we first met there was alot of drama, and in those circumstances you get to know the real person your dating. I think its because of that I dont get jealous - im secure with my relationship. To be honest, I think a small reason for lack of jealousy stems from not depending on him. Im the breadwinner in our relationship, and neither of us are together because we need to be, we're together because we want to be.

I dont know - Im blabbing here. Definitely need sleep. LOL

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