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It's been plastered all over the internet that Rob has new photoshoots in Details magazine and also in Vogue. By the way, my favourite out of the whole bunch is actually this one.

Vogue - from Robsessed

My post today will not be about the photos. We know that he is hot and every one of us dreams that we have those super long legs wrapped around him. I included the above photo because it gives me warm fuzzy feelings of a romantic summer day walking on vacation with my sweetie - and I do mean Mr. TC. Italy is coming up in June...sigh.

I am postponing an Olympics post until tomorrow because frankly I don't have time. You all know I'm a bit type A (just a bit) right Dangrdafne? So I need to do the Olympics posts properly with photos, links, proper descriptions, blah blah blah.

Tonight is a quicky but wordy. Can you stick with me? Just before going to sleep tonight I looked through the Details interview and actually read the whole article.

Angsty Rob seems even sadder after this interview

(Did you notice that it was a Jenny giving him the interview? That made me laugh.)

The first thing that struck me was, god this guy is young. I mean we all know he is only 23 but still sometimes the way he looks I just forget that he was born in 1986. He really is a boy for all intents and purposes. What gives it away? Other than the fact that he is scared of vaginas. And the most significant relationship he has is with his dog? It's that he is a compulsive eater and that he looks as good as he does. That metabolism can't last forever sweetheart.

Never before have I felt like a cougar. I'm only 33 but, like I was telling SoTwired Jen, my 30's have been way better than my 20's and I've heard my friends in their 40's are even happier. My mother in her 60's says life gets better every decade. The older we get the more we seem to embrace ourselves. It gives us the self confidence to pursue our passions. A complete dichotomy from this poor lost beautiful boy.

No wonder he seems scared of all other people and seems to relish his relationships with animals. No other people mentioned in the article other than his mother but he spent a whole excerpt discussing elephants. I doubt he actually gets to meet any new people without having to deal with all the crap of being astronomically famous.

That he would think it was a happy day to be put out of his misery (and how convenient to be able to know the exact day when his teeth would fall out - ah, the British are an odd lot) I seriously feel sorry for him. Of course, now all I want is to take him in my arms and give him a good cuddle and rock him slowly while he cries. Sick, sick, sick...

Also, did anyone notice how he sounds so articulate in this article? Why does he sound like such a dick wad sometimes on TV? I'm sure I'd sound like a blubbering idiot in both mediums so I hardly blame him and Kristen for not interviewing so well on TV.

Well, off to bed now after an Olympic day of fun (and mixed feelings of sorrow as well). Will keep you all posted from Vancouver.

Quatchi & Miga at Waterfront Station (major transport hub)


Raptors’ DeRozan claims last dunk spot (AP) | Sports Headlines Today said...

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TigerlilyRose said...

Good Post. I feel the same way. He's kind of like a little lost pup. I think he sounds so awkward in interviews because he is so young and awkward with his fame. Such a babe. I am only 33 too (*cough 34 in a month) and my mother and I say the same thing about age.

The Olympic did have a very sad day yesterday, didn't they. Have to figure it will only get better though, since the biggest traumatic event imaginable happened already. All our hearts go out to the Georgia Team and the Luger's family (sorry can't pronounce/spell his name).

17foreverlisa said...

I have not read the article yet. I decided I'd wait until I could read one of the multiple copies I'm bound to buy :)

Here's my 2 cents on Rob in general. Acting and modeling are forms of pretending, and he's a great pretender. When the real Rob peeks out, he's adorkable, self-deprecating, funny, humble, and . . . lost. I firmly believe that that is why I am so in love with the idea of Robsten. The journey they are on is like nothing any of else will ever experience and/or be able to relate to. That experience has bonded them for life, regardless of whether that bond includes sex. I hope it does. I hope they have each other to take comfort in. I hope that in the quiet pockets of time they get to spend together that they are happy. If not, then he really is lost, and I just can't bring myself to think about that.

Jelena said...

Hm, thank you first, for the lovely comment on my blog regarding my posts. I've seen your post yesterday, but didn't read it until now. You all have made very valid points, and shed some light on that vagina quote. If I was that Jenny, I would make a point of trying to figure out why he would say something like that, because, frankly, it's not just another info, it's huge.

His interview reminded me of a friend of mine from Ottawa, who is very philosophical, but emotionally jaded. He and I have spent numerous hours trying to get him to open up to love, but he just seemed to be incapable of surrendering himself entirely to a woman. But he spent a lot of his time being fascinated by events such as the one when Rob was with the elephant. I too am very analytical, but even I know where and when to draw the line. You will rarely hear me say such a sentence bordering on bull without me explaining what I mean by it, and why it's important.
This is the sole reason why I dislike this interview - Jenny showed no desire to scratch the surface and delve a little deeper. I would've dissected Rob like he was a frog in a science class; I would never just act like a mere anthropologist around him, observing his habits and rituals without further analyzing them.

Okay, this is one long comment. :D

twilightcupcake said...

Jelena, yes if I had my way we could corner him and dissect him for a whole book's worth of questions. Could you imagine? Just the idea makes me giddy. I have to admit the anthropologist side has the appeal of enjoying him in an unaltered natural state rather than his often reactionary angst and self-deprecation. I love the long comments btw.

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