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So as you may have read I wanted to bring mini-E with me to all our Olympic events but Mr. TC drew the line. So mini-E must stay at home and watch the house and kids while we go off into the land of snow (mostly rain) and enjoy festivities.

He has decided to have his own party at home with all the Olympic paraphernalia that we accumulate.

First off, if you missed the last post, we watched the torch relay come right by our house yesterday and also got some nice stuff from the people at Coca-Cola.

Here is Edward threatening to open my souvenir Coke bottles if I don't take him with me.

Bella wants him to go to the Opening Ceremonies too so she can have the house to herself.

Then they proceed to use my mittens as sleeping bags and stink them up. Mr. TC asks me if Edward's farts smell like flowers because he's so dreamy.

He also threatens to take the Opening Ceremony tickets off their beautiful lanyards and throw them in the bin.

Take me with you or the tickets die!

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Edward even tries to show his patriotism to appease me.

He and Bella finally stage a sit in and refuse to budge, so I left.

I brought in the big guns. The Olympic Mascots. Nothing like cute furry mythical creatures to take down an angsty vampire.

Here's Miga slowly approaching Edward

It's okay Edward, I'm not going to hurt you.

Let's just talk this out.

Miga takes him to meet mini Quatchi to show them how friendly they are and maybe he should be happy to stay home and hang with them.

Come hang with us

Then they bring in Sumi who looks harmless enough.

Sumi uses his hypnotic Jasper-like powers "Come Join Us"

Sumi, unbeknownst to Edward, has super magical transforming protection powers of persuasion. Our secret weapon uses his Jasper-like magic to keep Edward happy until I return from the Opening Ceremonies.

Group hug with Mini-E

With mini-E seemingly happy now, I am off to the Opening Ceremonies. Going to take all day to get down there and go through the festivities.

Until the next adventures of Olympic mini-Edward..


TigerlilyRose said...

Ahhh, Looks like Mini E is having a good time despite your hubby's kabash on the festivities. I collect Coca-Cola memorabilia, I am watching for my Olympic Bottles! How wonderful you get to witness some of the Games and the opening ceremony..WOW! What would be a site to see! Enjoy it, it's a once in the lifetime op for sure!

twilightcupcake said...

I'll be posting our experience at the Coca-Cola house at the Olympics. You would have loved it. Opening ceremonies were amazing. Sad day though with the luger accident. Almost no time to post. Thanks for checking in :)

17foreverlisa said...

This post made me smile! I needed it after the whale video and the reflections on lost Rob. Glad I read them in this order. LOL!!!

Can't wait for your Opening Ceremonies post. What an incredible experience.