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The Perfect Pride & Prejudice

Thanks to my friend YS I now have a copy of Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley on my iphone. I was listening to the movie on the way to work this morning. The commute today was so much more enjoyable that I think I'll listen to a movie everyday.
I liked the Colin Firth BBC version of Pride & Prejudice but loved the 2005 version with Keira even more. I adore Keira and think that her energy and underbite are the cutest things. She made a wonderful Elizabeth Bennett. Of note, she was awesome in The Duchess too.

I can only think of one thing that would make it better, other than choosing a British actor to play Mr. Bennett instead of Donald Sutherland. I'm Canadian too so it's not a nationality thing.

Instead of seeing Matthew Macfadyen, a cutie in his own right

I would much rather see this

I mean he's British, he plays the brooding hero very well, and he's done period pieces before. Although, I really didn't care for his hair in the Vanity Fair alternate ending (click to watch the video).

Do you remember the downpour rain scene from 2005 P&P; where Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth in the stupidest way possible (directly from the screenplay)

Picture Rob proposing to angry Elizabeth

(Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth)
I have struggled in vain
and can bear it no longer.
These past months have been a torment...
I have fought against
judgement, my family's expectation,
the inferiority of your birth,
my rank.
I will put them aside
and ask you to end my agony...
I love you.
Most ardently.
Please do me the honour
of accepting my hand.

Can't you imagine Rob with his Edward hair standing in the rain with Keira shouting back and forth with their lovely British accents?? I would die! I'm sure there have been a wide number essays and blog entries written out there pointing out the Edward and Mr. Darcy parallels. Hence I am not going out there today. Everyone knows how similar they are in their dark angst and quiet misunderstood strength. That's why we love them so dearly.

Well, as much as I would love to see Rob helping Elizabeth get into a carriage or gaze longingly at her across a ballroom floor, I don't think it's going to happen. I really can't see him doing a Austen British period piece ever. Sad, especially for all those who are fans of the fanfic Twice As Long As Yesterday (that one's Irish).

Something to cheer me up, sigh...

Beautiful Keira

Beautiful Rob


Jelena said...

Well, I agree. However, I don't think there's a role I wouldn't want to see Rob in, LoL. But I'm not a big fan of Keira. She's a wonderful actress, but her pouting makes me nauseous, and when I see how actually thin she is I just want to force feed her. Sorry, I'm anal retentive that way, and I hate it when celebrities promote that unhealthy life style.

So, what do you mean you're listening to the movie? Like, Keira reading Pride and Prejudice, or the script? I'm unfamiliar with this.

twilightcupcake said...

Oh, I have the movie as a video on my iphone, like twilight and new moon. So, instead of "watching " the movie since I am driving, I listen to it. It is plugged into my car like how you would listen to music on your ipod. I mean if I were to look down I could actually watch the movie too. Have not attempted it even at a stop light though.
I agree about the Keira skinny bit. I try to avoid looking at the photos and then it makes me happy.
I don't know if I can get into Little Ashes. It's not the gay part. It's the moustache. I am not a huge facial hair fan and anything remotely Charlie Chaplin-ish turns me off. I can't even stand to look at him in the photos.

want2Binforks said...

You must be reading my mind...just a few days ago I was thinking about how Bel Ami is going to be our chance to see RPattz in a period piece. Just wish he didn't have to have facial hair and is he going to try to have a french accent? The majority of the actors are British so maybe they will just go with that. Anyway, I'm reading Bel Ami for our book club and was thinking of the old fashioned clothes, sets, manners, etc and got very excited. If only he could be in a period piece with a British accents--I might spontaneously combust!!

I like the film version of P&P; better also, Colin Firth was a little too stiff for me. I much prefer his Mr. Darcy of Bridget Jones. Did you watch the miniseries Lost In Austen? That Mr. Darcy was find as well :)

Will check out the fanfic you recommended. Are there other period fanfics out there? I hadn't even thought to look!!

twilightcupcake said...

Yes I would love Austen RPattz of any kind. Colin Firth in Bridget Jones was better than the BBC agreed. I haven't even heard of Lost in Austen. I'll have to check it out thanks.
Any other period piece fanfic? I can't think of one except for the new Cinderella one. I'll have to link to it later.

want2Binforks said...

Lost in Austen is a BBC production that they played on US PBS stations ala "masterpiece theater" There are trailers, etc all over the interet.



The main premise is a modern woman is transported back in time and into the book Pride and Prejudice. Eliz. Bennet comes to present day London and is modernized but the main character is Amanda Price. I love her line "I just want to read my book!"

I love time travel pieces and this one has the plus of someone meeting their fave literary characters. If I was a writer and had time I would love to write one about going to Forks and encountering the cullens. I would dispatch of Bella very quickly and get Edward to fall in love with me.

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks. I'll take a peek. It sounds right up my alley.

dangrdafne said...

I started watching the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice over New Years but I was so busy with Twilight blogs and such (who would have guessed that) that I wasn't paying enough attention. So I turned it off because I was loving it but wanted to be sure I actually watched the movie and not just had it on in the background. Thanks for the post to remind me to add it to my Netflix queue :)

twilightcupcake said...

Yes, you have to go back and watch it. It is not twilight but you can always imagine it's Rob and then you're good. In addition to being witty of course because it's Austen it is also beautiful. Enjoy.

twilightcupcake said...

Whoops Dangrdafne, I'm peeking at the post now and the formatting got messed up. Sorry if that's how it was because then the beautiful outtake of Rob at the bottom is missing ;( I'll fix it now.

twilightcupcake said...

Okay, fixed.

mk said...

I loved the colin firth vesion of P and P... so much so, that at first, the kiera knightly version was a total turn-off... I would get all huffy when she would not enunciate the words to the exact sameness as the colin firth version (I forget the female actress's name) - but, eventually (like after watching it 5-6 times) I came around and now like it the same as the BBC version. I've been meaning to watch that movie about jane austen's life and her real life love story that inspired all her books - I forgot what the movies was called but it was in the theatres a few years back.

twilightcupcake said...

I love Colin Firth too but I do prefer him in Bridget Jones. Do you remember in Mamma Mia that he was singing and joking. I love it when he's like that.
We need to watch the Jane Austen life movie and there's supposed to be another story about Jane Austen brought into present day times as a teenager but then reviewing all her old works. I'll have to find it (my friend YS told me about it so I'll bug her).

Cullenary Curser said...

Yes, you must see 'Lost in Austen' W network plays it occasionally.

And I'm sorry, but I love Colin Firth too much to love any other version.

twilightcupcake said...

I'll have to catch Lost in Austen on W.
Colin Firth is lovely. Did you see him in Mamma Mia? That side of him is almost better than the Mr. Darcy (aka Twitchy Palm 50 shades a la MotU fanfic) version.