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I love the Olympic Mascots. Ever since they were released over 2 years ago I've been seeing their merchandise for sale and working hard to resist. The most comprehensive collection is sold at The Bay and Zellers. They sell tons of things including pins.

Miga Mogul pin in honour of our First Gold Medal on Canadian soil

So where to get Olympic Mascot stuff for cheap?

Well, I've been going to McDonald's so often it's making me sick. But I am on a mission to collect all of the Olympic Mascot toys so it's worth the extra trips. So far this is our lineup

They connect up together

You've met Snowboarding Miga who wiggles when she's rolled

Quatchi & Miga in a bobsleigh that
moves up/down when rolled

Sumi alpine skiing wiggling when rolled

Sumi almost looks majestic

Miga figure skating twirls when rolled

Quatchi ski jumping moves up/down when rolled

Such a funny angle for the ski jump

Sumi playing ice sledge hockey moving
his stick when rolled

I'm missing the last two - Quatchi goalie and Quatchi luge. I think the goalie will be hard to find considering it's our national obsession. Won't hurt to keep looking...

Speaking of looking, I was staring at the McDonalds display I noticed something that I know won't end up as a toy.

Miga doing skeleton

For those of you summer sports people, Miga is doing skeleton which is like luge but face first.

Doubtful that McDonald's will make a toy where you can slam Miga's face straight into something but if they made it I would want to collect it too.

On a local note, I found the cheapest price so far for Olympic Mascot plush with red mittens.

Mukmuk wearing famous red Olympic mittens

Save-On Foods has them for $9.99 with your Save-On Card. Better than the $16 minimum I've seen everywhere else.

Okay, lastly, let's see what Mini-Edward got up to today.

More bobsledding practice

Miga teaches Mini-E how to figure skate

Next post, more Olympics touring and Opening Ceremonies.


dangrdafne said...

PLEASE PLEASE can you get me that stuffed Mukmuk?!!! OME he is sooooooo cute - not as cute as your monkeys but pretty darn close ;) I will pay you and send you my address so you can mail him to me!! He is my favorite of the mascots - just so cute and tiny. My hubby bought me his pin but this stuffie is freaking adorable.

PS I have mentioned how jealous I am of you ;) lol

DQ said...

We've been going crazy collecting Olympic merchandise, too. London Drugs has all their Olympic stuff on for 25% off. I'm sure it will get marked down even more but things may get picked over.

twilightcupcake said...

Hi Dangrdafne. Sorry for the late reply. Went back to work today. I'd be happy to help. You have my email so send me your mailing address. Your hubby got you a pin? Where from? That's sweet. I think you'll like my next mascot post too!

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks for the tip DQ. The Bay didn't even have mittened animals. I'll have to go tomorrow after work and see what's left. Happy shopping!

dangrdafne said...

I think he ordered it from the USA Olympic store online. It is Mukmuk with the #1 glove/finger pin. Sooo cute.