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Hit By Destiny by ocdmess

Well here's another angsty long fanfic worth a read. If you are a fan of Emancipation Proclamation then you'll like this one. It's not for the faint of heart - there's bullying, assault, and just downright scary shit that happens.

Plot - Edward in this story is the epitome of the conceited arrogant teenage asshole. Of course he's a beautiful manwhore to boot. Bella is the quiet isolated girl at school who is constantly bullied. No one knows her story and no one cares. She has secrets that eat her up so badly she wants to die. She's nearly killed when Edward crashes his car into her on a dark night. Will they both be saved from their demons by this fateful accident?

My thoughts...

I enjoyed the authors style of writing and appreciated that the first ten chapters are a lead up before the crash so we know what we're dealing with. The villains aren't the usual suspects and neither are the friends. Edward's character is such an asshole at the beginning it's almost too difficult to read. But I stuck with it knowing that there must be some form of redemption and a love story with it. I wasn't disappointed. If you like reading E get all soft and mushy on B then you'll be happy.
Word to the wise - if you're like me and keep reading to get to a good steamy part you'll be reading for a while. There is a lot of cockblocking in this fanfic but it doesn't feel out of place. If there were more lemons it would be out of character for this Bella.
The title felt obvious to me but I didn't really get the deeper meaning of it until I got to the last two pages. It kept me happy and surprised until the end.
Wishing there were outtakes but you know we can't have everything!
As always I'm adding this to the "Ward of the Day" fanfic rec section on the left sidebar.

It feels like this blog is becoming fanfic based. Good thing I'm heading to Hong Kong in a few days so I can add some travel back in here.