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Twilight, Travel, and Treats

Reflections of a Twihard on all things twilight, travel, and treats.

It's a crazy time of year. In coming up with my wishlist for the family I didn't realize how many things I actually wanted.
I now have a whole section of my wishlist called "Seriously, Don't Laugh - Twilight Stuff."

There are the obvious things that are from Hot Topic that I had no chance to buy since I live in Canada. Like the New Moon and Eclipse fleece blankets.

Have been wishing for this since last year!

But then there are special things I didn't know existed but now feel like I can't live without

Not sure why I'd need this silver necklace from Edward but his face is too pretty

And you know what's on backorder? The Hallmark twilight ornament. I know, it doesn't look anything like them and he definitely isn't the hot Robward that we love.

They aren't even that attractive looking but I still want it.

Speaking of ornaments look what came in the mail?

Thank you to my awesome friend Dangrdafne for this lovely gift.

Finally stuff that I stupidly want even though they'll just sit in the vault but at least they're pretty.

Anyone remember Edward having a Masen ring?
What kind of Twilight gifts are you secretly hoping for?


itsjustme1217 said...

I really, really want one of the blankets. I found some at Toys-R-Us that comes with a pillow too!

Dangrdafne said...

If you ever want me to get you things from the US, just let me know and I will hook you up. I love to shop and shopping for Twilight stuff is the bonus!!! Seriously just let me know.

I usually just buy what I want but Living with Edward did surprise me with the Bella/Edward dolls - she knew I really wanted a Bella. I can't think of anything else at the moment. I hope your Christmas wishes come true :)