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There's been a silly game of blog tagging happening in our Twilight blogosphere and I've been tagged by my lovely friends Musing Bella and Jelena. They asked me some questions and here are my answers.

From Jelena at Confessions of a Twiholic

1. What is the favourite spot (aside from Forks) that you've ever visited?
If I could only keep vacationing somewhere it would be Hawaii. Asia is nice as a second home and Europe is magnificent for its food but Hawaii has soft sand and sun that we don't have in Vancouver.
All time favourite place is the Spa at the Grand Wailea in Maui. They have these multicoloured baths with algae etc that you rotate through
and also a rainfall shower but super intense.
the showers on the left - you sit on a bench and water pounds onto your shoulders
from the ceiling - love it
 It gives a lomi lomi massage - high powered jets that come down on your neck and shoulders - a pounding that is bliss.
By the way, in that shower picture, the showers on the right are high powered fine jets. As in you have to hold on because if you don't you might actually go flying out the door. Most people find it painful but I went back at least 10 times. Maybe 50 needs to have one of those next to the playroom in MotU?
2. Would you rather live by the sea or in the mountains?
I live at the base of a mountain. The gondola to go skiing is literally a few houses up from us.
the mountain that I live at the base of

About 10 minutes down the hill is the waterfront. This is the bridge I drive over to go to work everyday
more realistic

love this one though

So my answer is that I live on a mountain and by the water. Is it pretty? Yes. Do I sometimes wish that I lived by the water on a warm sandy beach - everyday!! Mountains bring rain and snow. Brrr.
3. What was your worst ever nightmare?
I don't know. I have lots of good and bad dreams every night and only seem to have peaceful sleep with the occasional cold and flu medicine. My most recent bad dream involved being chased all over a giant shopping mall that was supposed to enclose a city in Hong Kong. I felt like I was in a bad Mission Impossible movie.
what a nightmare Rob might look like
4. What did you dream of becoming when you were growing up?
A fashion designer. I remember in summer camp they made us draw a "in the future" poster and I wanted to be Alice. I had drawings of outfits and colour schemes everywhere. I'm sure my old school Chinese parents were silently praying it was a phase.
I so could have done better than Valentino, well the one on the right is kinda pretty
5. What's your favourite fruit?
Since I'm allergic to all fresh fruit and veggies I'll have to go with my realistic option. I love the dried sweetened strawberries from Chukar's Cherries in Pike Place Market, Seattle. On our last Forks trip I picked up four bags. I'm sure for all you fresh fruit fiends these things look disgusting but they are heaven for me.
6. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
Twining's English Breakfast Tea - just like Bella from MotU. If I'm at Starbuck's I'll have a chai latte.
I prefer my tea with Storm Troopers
7. Which booze do you always have at your house?
Bombay Sapphire Gin. By the way I found these gingerbread houses online - they have gin inside and the ingredients for a apple cocktail in them. Wow corporate Christmas gifts for liquor companies are kick ass.
8. Did you ever ride on a horse?
Sadly no.
Answers to Musing Bella's questions tomorrow.


Dangrdafne said...

Wow I love learning even more about you - great questions and answers. I need to send you an email about Hawaii :)

Are you really allergic to veggies and fruits are your "allergic" because you just don't like them? If you really are allergic, what causes that? That is an amazing allergy.

TongueTwied said...

Well sign me up for that spa!
I said "Vanilla Extract" for booze in my house and with the baking you do, I'm thinking that is true for you too! YUM Chai latte!
I think you would have been a fab fashion designer--you always have a good eye for design and flair with your cupcakes and pictures.

Twired Jen said...

I'm kind of strange, I love Starbucks Mocha's and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Chai..

Love learning more about you. Miss you!

xo J

twilightcupcake said...

@dangrdafne yes please email me about Hawaii. I love that place.

@TT lol that vanilla extract is always in my house. I didn't even think of that one but you know me too well. That spa is very nice. Thanks for the fashion design comments but I think i'm nowhere no crazy enough.

@Jen I don't know the last place you mentioned but I'd love to try the chai :)