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Sugary Sunday

This post is about baking. For all the dirty twihards out there, get your mind out of the gutter and in the kitchen for just a few minutes.

No, I don't own these (pic from http://www.dollymix.tv/

Okay, really, I'm leaving the smut out of this post after this point.

I thought it might be nice to balance out my blog with some wholesome goodness. Must counteract the lust of Fanfic Fridays otherwise I might internally combust. So to keep this blog true to its name I'll start posting Sugary Sundays.

My earliest fondant creation that I have a photo of is this.

They were made for a beach or Hawaiian themed birthday. Apologies to my good friend DQ (for Dancing Queen, not Dairy Queen) that I can't remember why we made these for her daughter. It was years ago.

how to make these

I didn't give an equipment list at the beginning as I'll be explaining what you'll need throughout the post. If you prefer the equipment list and photos at the beginning please let me know for next Sunday. I apologize in advance for the lack of photos with each step as I'm stepping back in time.

let's get started...

The grass was piped by DQ from buttercream piped with a Wilton grass tip (tip# 233).

use tip #233 as a grass tip (in the midde at the top)

I made the sandals by colouring Wilton premade fondant with Wilton gel food colouring. Note, this is not the liquid you buy in bottles from the supermarket. Use a toothpick to transfer a bit of colouring into the fondant and knead the colour in. Be careful as it stains your hands.

Comes in a huge rainbow of colours but these are the basics of course

Next roll fondant to about 1/8 inch thick. If the rolling pin sticks you can use powdered sugar to dust a bit. Careful with the sugar on coloured fondant because it makes it look, well, powdery. Some people put the sugar in a clean nylon stocking and tie the top to make a dusting bag.

You can use a wooden pin but if you're really serious you can buy a mini roller like this


that is non stick and also comes with rings to help you get a consistent thickness. Some people use their pasta machine too.

Cut out the sandal base with a mini butterfly cookie cutter.

best butterfly cutter - Wilton Easter mini set

Then with a sharp craft/exacto/paring knife cut the sandals out from the butterfly. Yes, you will have some wasted fondant from the middle of the butterfly. You can always mix back into your fondant ball to make the next batch. Smooth edges with fingers.

Make the top of the flip flop by rolling out and cutting a small rectangle of a contrasting colour. Then cut a slit down 3/4 of the way so that it looks like a pair of pants. Use fingers to smooth edges.

Attach the top to the sandal using a very very small amount of clear liquor like vodka dabbed from a tiny paintbrush. I attached the top of the pants first and then used a round toothpick under the "knees" to keep them a bit raised and finally attached the foot of the pants.

Lastly roll and colour the fondant for the flowers. Cut out using the smallest gumpaste flower cutter you can find. I bought this set from Michael's with my 40% off coupon

Wilton gumpaste flower kit - use the tiniest flower

I know it seems like overkill to buy a whole kit for a small flower. If you do enough cake decorating you'll find this set invaluable (the 40% coupon from Michael's email list helps). They do sell individual gumpaste cutters but they are quite expensive so this started kit is actually a good deal.

Lastly the centre of the flower was made with an indent from the tip of a Wilton #2 icing tip (this is the one that people usually use to write names on cakes with).

Round tip #2 (on lower left) comes in all basic cake decorating kits

If you own a basic metal icing tip set from the supermarket it should have a #2 tip inside.

Let them harden up on some parchment paper overnight before you put them on your cupcakes the next day. If you put fondant decorations on buttercream icing more than a couple of days ahead I have found that the fondant gets soft and melts. I usually try and put them on last minute.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Up next week - Fondant Daisies