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This post was prompted by the Twitard's new post "RPattz, is that you?" because I actually know a girl who was texting (or well, more like he was texting her) with Rob. Long winded story but we'll get there soon...

So, as some of you may know, I hail from Vancouver, B.C. In fact, I live about 40 seconds up the hill from where they filmed the break up scene in New Moon.

Sigh...they were so close by and I didn't know

In fact, I am very sad to report that when they were filming down my street that I hadn't read twilight yet *shock.* I was driving home from work and wondered what they were filming with all the bright lights. How could I have known that months later it would dawn on me, while I was in the shower no less having some uber good Edward thoughts, that he had been right down my street???

Another fact of living in Vancouver is that everyone knows someone in the film industry. Hence, everyone knows someone who has worked on either New Moon or Eclipse or both.

When the lovely Jelena over at Confessions of a Twiholic posted that she is four degrees away from Rob, I realized I was only TWO degrees away. She insisted that I out myself to the twitarded crew or that she might do it for me. Happy now girlie?

So, a few of my friends of friends are stunt guys, local actors, and stand ins. I know they all have to sign super secret confidentiality agreements and I hope none of them will get in a lick of trouble with Summit because of my tiny post.

One of my friends has a family member acting in Eclipse - when I found out I was speechless for 20 minutes, seething with jealousy. We all hope she'll take us to the LA premiere with her so we can try and touch RPattz. Her set stories are to die for and I wish I could post them here. May have to wait until after Eclipse if released so Summit doesn't take away her first born.

Another relative of a good girlfriend was working behind the scenes in stunts helping to train the actors. I would love the deets on who he trained but no such luck so far. This is the awesome guy who also surprised me with autographed set merch for Christmas out of the blue - loved it and almost fainted in front of my family (who up until that point had been oblivious to my twihardedness).

Best Christmas present EVER!

here's the story

Lastly, little ditty I found out about from MK last night. Back when New Moon was filming up here, a girl at MK's work was at a post awards-show party with one of the Canadian bands and RPattz came in with his posse. She swears that he was high on coke or some other shit. (MK of course came to his defense because obviously you know him or something right?? okay sweetie, I would too)

Anyways, apparently RPattz spent the whole night hitting on one of the girls that had come with said-girl-from-work even though she was all "I've got a boyfriend, take a hike." Can you believe I know someone who turned him down? WTF? RPattz spent the next few weeks texting her trying to get her to go out while he was in town.

Booty text anyone

I am still reeling this morning. Who the hell did this bitch think she was? God, how many of us wouldn't have killed to be her. I know how many of you out there would have dropped kicked her ass and stolen her phone just to kidnap our Precious.

I hope they come back up here to shoot Breaking Dawn. According to Lainey Gossip there is still a chance so fingers crossed. I still drive by the Cullen house in West Vancouver every week to drive my kids to classes.

Driving by this house every week I keep thinking they're inside

Okay ladies, until the next Close Encounters with Rob post.


snarkier than you said...

too funny!! wonder if it was really him - and no, i wouldn't turn him down. ok i wouldn't turn him down if I didn't have a husband. that boyfriend would be shit out of luck - lol! no vows to be broken = booty call with RPatts!

: )

twilightcupcake said...

I was wondering the same thing but I think it would be him. There are a lot of actors in town but people actually don't make that shit up around here too often. Won't know though until I get her cell phone ;)

Cullenary Curser said...

I'm rather fond of Mr. CC, so I'd never dump him for the Pattz. However, if I was just dating, it'd be game over boyfriend.

twilightcupcake said...

Okay, of course those vows with Mr. TC count for something. After all we are going for our 10 year anniversary to Italy in June (eg. sidetrip to Volterra woohoo!) But you know there's that laminated list that Ross had in Friends? I think Mr. TC would understand.

twilightcupcake said...

In reply to 17forevers comment:
"OMFG! Who in their right does that? I mean, how could you not know he was in your neighborhood filming?!! LOL!! Seriously, though, does that girl have any regrets?!!!"

When they were filming in my neighborhood I honestly had not read twilight. I was still delivering babies at the time and remember I was driving home from the hospital, very tired. My biggest thought was going home to sleep and not who was filming. Btw, the break up log is also the same spot where everyone threw up at our high school post grad many moons ago.
I hope that girl he was texting has broken up with her b/f now and is filled with regret that she could have been Mrs. P.

(Sorry Lisa, my bad for choosing a theme that has the comments link at the top of each post instead of at the bottom. I wonder how many other comments will end up in the wrong spot. My apologies...)

17foreverlisa said...

Well, you could have at least fixed my typos before reposting it here. LOL!!!!!!!

mk said...

hehehe, her words were "he was totally 'coked out'" - I was like no.... I don't think he does coke - we've had it documented well (and he is the first to admit) that he drinks alot (read AA - help!) and he is a chimney (ewww - tar kisses ;() and living in BC, a little bud is basically one of the major food groups so I can see him doing that, but coke! No! Yup, blissfully Naive...that's me! Also, I don't know how I feel about the fact that he seemed almost desperate - well, boys do have their 'needs'... (but somehow, this makes me think of uber gross chad kruger of nickelback and his groupy sex lineups - blegh!)

oh and one more part of the story I forgot to tell you last night - one of her friends stopped talking to her after this night because she had been party hopping for weeks in an attempt to meet and seduce 'the precious one' - she had left this party, 5 minutes later he walks in! She was so pissed off, their friendship suffered.

twilightcupcake said...

Teehee, I'll remember that next time.

twilightcupcake said...

Ah, MK, I've sucked you into my blog :) I told you last night that you should post this yourself!
I believe you about him being doped up. He and KStew often have the glassy look to them. Sigh I'd love to be close enough to actually get a whiff of him to know for sure.
I doubt he is that desperate anymore. Probably still isn't easy for him given the number of women who must throw themselves at him everyday.

Jelena@Twiholic said...

Oh my. I cannot believe it. I definitely would've stroke up a conversation with him, and then got him to be my buddy, you know, like I was saying in my post.

I am so glad you outed yourself, and thanks for mentioning me. You're a darling.

And, praised be Precious, I'm not the only one who hasn't figured out how to add an avi when commenting on your blog. Btw, how do I follow you and such? Oh, and I still haven't tried the cupcake recipe, cause I've yet to buy that pan. But don't worry, I will. ;D

twilightcupcake said...

Jelena, it's funny that when I see the word "buddy" I think Jacob. I don't know if I could just be a good buddy with Rob.
Gotta figure out the avi thing for you.
Yes please, follow me. There is an RSS link button and an email subscription button too at the bottom of the right sidebar. Let me know if these things don't work for you. Sadly I feel lonely using wordpress. I am coveting the "follow me" buttons you all have through blogger and google friend connect. Anyone use wordpress that knows any other way to follow?

twilightcupcake said...

Jelena, I think I may have figured out the avi question. Do you have a Gravatar? I'm not sure if wordpress.com blogs only support avatars from their sister company gravatar. I think those who have avi's show up must have one from
Surprised that you haven't come across this before as I'm sure I'm not the only wordpress.com twilight blog out there. Maybe it's me and I'm missing something since I've only been at this for 2 weeks. I have the same problem when I comment on blogger blogs though and my avi doesn't show up.