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Welcome all Twihards!

So a quick run down about Where to Stay in Forks

Of course, this depends upon your style. I am a Westin kind of girl but of course will take a Four Season or Ritz anyday. My biggest factor, believe it or not, is the washroom. If it is modern and clean I'm actually not as picky about brand but even a luxury room with a "rustic" washroom is a no-go. I am totally anal about finding exactly the right place to stay when we are travelling and pretty obsessive about my tripadvisor use.

There is surprisingly little info out there about Forks. Granted, it's a super small town with one traffic light but considering how many twihards there are I was a bit surprised. The first website most of you will hit in your accommodation search is the Forks Chamber of Commerce. They have taken this Twilight craze and run with it. Smartest thing I've seen any government do in a long time.


Now if money was no object, the Lost Mountain Lodge would be the place to stay. It is in Sequim so it is a good hour away from Forks but you'll most likely have a car anyways. If we had been planning just a romantic getaway I would have loved to stay here.

Lost Mountain Lodge


This is not me. It may be my husband and also my best friend MK but not me. I know there is a Forks 101 RV Park and also a Hoh River resort but of course I can't comment since I abhor sleeping outdoors.

Bed and Breakfasts

On the Forks Chamber of Commerce site you will finds loads of B&Bs.; Most of the big ones have tripadvisor reviews.

For the total Twihard the obvious one is the Miller Tree Inn otherwise known as "The Cullen House" in Forks.

Miller Tree Inn (courtesy of berthanny)

Part of the twilight tour around Forks will be to check out the local residences that have now been deemed The Swan Residence or The Cullen House. I love how the Cullen House innkeepers keep the dream alive by posting messages from Esme on the front porch. You can even choose to stay in Alice's or Edward's room. They have one suite meant for a family with a child but otherwise this place is meant for grownups.

La Push

If you are the quintessential Jacob fan you can actually stay in La Push at the Oceanside Resort. A few tripadvisor reviews of this place emphasize that the word resort is used loosely but nonetheless it looks like a cool experience if you want to spend more cabin time on the Quileute side of things.

Staying in La Push


Forks is a small town; it really only has one traffic light. Hence, there is no hotel but there are a bunch of motels. If you want to ensconce yourself in all that is twilight and Edward then you must stay in the Twilight themed rooms at the Pacific Inn Motel.

Pacific Inn Motel

We took our Forks trip with MK's baby in tow so we chose the motel option. For $50 you can stay in a regular motel room or for $99 you can stay in a twilight room. We figured if you were crazy enough to go to Forks, why wouldn't you go all the way? You know you want to stay there, even in all the cheesy glory! God it was so worth it.

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