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Twilight, Travel, and Treats

Reflections of a Twihard on all things twilight, travel, and treats.

Okay, you want to reach the twilight promised land?

First you have to know where to go.

Where is Forks anyways? (you can move the map around)

[googlemaps http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=forks+wa&oe;=UTF-8&ie;=UTF8&hl;=en&hq;=&hnear;=Forks,+Clallam,+Washington,+United+States≪=47.950355,-124.385487&spn;=2.626693,11.25&z;=7&output;=embed&w;=425&h;=350]

Forks is at least 3 hours travel west of Seattle. Port Angeles is the closest big town and is 75 minutes drive east of Forks on Highway 101.

If you are coming from Seattle the fastest way to Port Angeles is as follows. First you drive from Seattle up the I-5 to Edmonds. You take the 30 minute ferry from Edmonds to Kingston. Then drive 50 minutes west to Sequim and then another 20 minutes west and you are at Port Angeles.

From Vancouver, B.C. you can either drive down the I-5 to Edmonds but you have to keep in mind the border line up going south can take hours if you are leaving Saturday am.

Alternative route from Vancouver, B.C. has less driving time but more time on the ferries. Take a BC Ferry from Tsawwassen (about 45 minutes south of Vancouver) to Swartz Bay (15 minutes from Victoria, B.C.) and then take the Blackball Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles. To skip the ferry wait it's worth the extra cost to make a reservation and you get on right away.

What did we do?

Since we came from Vancouver, B.C. on a long weekend we chose the last option through Victoria on the ferries.

Ferry to Victoria, B.C.

Downtown Victoria is quaint and relaxing

Being from Vancouver, B.C. we travel a lot to nearby Victoria (which is on Vancouver Island, I know it can be confusing). My husb (Mr. Twilight Cupcake or Mr. TC) used to fly by floatplane here from Vancouver every week so we've got lots of tips on the good eats and shopping. I'll post these in the after Forks section.

On to Port Angeles twihards!

Ugly ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles

Yuck, the Coho ferry is gross. At least the ride is peaceful. Beware that you are crossing from Canada into the US and customs and need to get to the ferry terminal early. From Victoria, if you are walking on then 20 minutes ahead is fine but if you are driving you need to get there 90 minutes ahead and you can't leave the terminal. Nothing to do and no snack bar.

Finally Port Angeles...

I had always thought of Port Angeles as a hole. No intent to offend those who hail from that area but really can you argue with me? But they have something we don't - the annual Dungeness Crab Festival. That combined with the best pie I've had made it worth the stop even without the twi stuff.

Next up...Port Angeles - crab, pie, and Bella Italia


blythelight said...

Um, yeah - compared with Victoria, Port Angeles is kind of a hole - but it's just a different kind of character. The locals are working really hard to spruce it up! I hear the Coho is going to be out of service for a few days, but maybe by the time it is up & running again, the weather will have calmed down. You can check out a few other things to come & see & do at my blog, http://whaletails.wordpress.com. The Twilight thing has been a lot of fun here - and it is great that people can come & call it "cheesy" and still love it! Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously! And seriously, this is a great excuse to get out and explore the beautiful beaches, learn about the Tribes, and take a walk into the deep dark woods! I post my Twilight stuff at http://blythespiritenterprises.com. Hope you enjoy! And can't wait to get over to Victoria! I love the harbor in the summer when the artisans are out front and people are playing the bagpipes!

twilightcupcake said...

We actually found Port Angeles to be more lively since the festival was there. Will have to go back and partake of the crab. I love the photos on your blog! Beautiful - makes a rainy day at the beach look so nice. Victoria is a good relaxing sleepy town. Nice cafes and little shops.