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Twilight, Travel, and Treats

Reflections of a Twihard on all things twilight, travel, and treats.

Yes, I am a collector and I get obsessed. Currently and for the foreseeable future I am obsessed with Twilight. The idea of shopping in Forks was too exciting and it did no disappoint.

Clearly there are advantages to developing obsessions in your thirties rather than in your teens. For one we have money. We also may have a mortgage and kids to feed but at least you aren't begging Mommy for a twilight Barbie (I have two Bella Barbies by the way - one to play with and one to keep).

They don't come with the woodsy backdrop

Hence you can drive to your mecca of choice and shop with wild abandon. God I miss Forks and can't wait to go back in September with the crazy Twitarded ladies.

Around town

The Forks Chamber of Commerce has one of the best custom Googlemaps I've ever seen. It has hearts on the twilight points of interest and shopping baskets for twilight retail. There were a couple of stores that I enjoyed that were missing from their list but it was pretty comprehensive. Remember, it really is a small town with one traffic light.

Places I enjoyed...

Forks Outfitters

There is no Newton's outfitters - it's a big Walmart like store mixed with Thriftway grocery

The Twilight Zone actually freaks me out - can you hear the eerie music?

Forks Outfitters was actually our last stop and a good one. They had twilight umbrellas (sadly didn't buy one), rain boots, loads of subtle and not so subtle T-shirts, and some cheesy souvenirs of course. They also have twilight and Fork tees and hoodies in tween sizes. Only place I saw in town that carried these sizes. All in a K-mart like setting. And of course you could buy your groceries and junk food to snack away on while reading fanfic in your motel room.

Forks Outfitters - should have bought the boots

98331 Gear

Very nice and modern inside

This store is kind of tucked around the corner from the main drag but totally worth the stop. Their walls are covered in autographed twilight posters and merchandise to admire and also to purchase. They had beautiful Cullen crest earrings that I should have bought. Their T shirts were very clever but just this side of unwearably raunchy for me since my eldest son can now read.

I really wanted to buy the "Forks Makes Me Wet" shirt but, dammit, there are too many kids at home.

JT's Sweet Stuff

This is the ice cream and dessert place in town. They had loads of yummy fudge and a wide variety of beautiful chocolates. I was pleasantly surprised given it's a small town. They don't have a whole lot of Twilight candy but they do have a copy of Twilight autographed by Stephenie Meyer to them while she was in town. Very cool.

Leppell's Flowers & Gifts

courtesy of Jeanny M. on yelp

We never hit this store. For some reason we missed it! I have heard good things and I will definitely try and stop in September.

Dazzled by Twilight

Sorry folks, I actually have none of my own photos of this store. I was too busy shopping. As soon as we approached the storefront my heart starting racing and my head got a bit fuzzy. I actually felt so excited I got lightheaded. Hence the last thing I was thinking was about photos for a future blog. There is a video out there which has a walk through of this store. I'll have to hunt it down sometime and add it. Another quick note - product photos below, unless otherwise stated, come from the Dazzled by Twilight online store. So you can click on the links and order your own :)

Two storefronts to this place - they are down the street from each other and it's not quite clear that they are connected. Both are very well done. The one where the tour meets up has mostly books, tees, and mugs. Well lit and reminds me of the gift shops in the Vegas hotels before you see a big show. Last show I saw like that was Love by The Beatles Cirque du Soleil at the Mirage. So good and I don't even love The Beatles like Mr. TC does.

Inside the location where the tour meets. courtesy of http://www.celebritysmackblog.com/

The other storefront is the biggie. This is where twihard shoppers go to die. It is gigantic and has the Hollywood outdoorsy feel down so well that nature crackles under your feet (or was it my imagination). I swear the ground felt different or maybe I'm just hallucinating like Edward in my first favourite fanfic Wide Awake.

Gratuitous Edward shot. Plug for fanfic. From talented Angela @ Lion_Lamb LJ

Aah the fanfic that started it all for me...whoops sorry to slip off topic. Edward is just too distracting.

Okay, back to the store. While shopping in Dazzled by Twilight I barely spoke, quite a feat to get me to actually shut up. I was just so focused and in the zone. Mr. TC honestly didn't say anything bad as I racked up baskets of purchases. Except he put his foot down about the damn twilight towels :(

An absolutely huge selection of shirts and hoodies. I mean there are two full size rooms of shirts. I got this one to sleep in since they didn't have the right size for petite Asian chicks.

Love my T shirt with this motif

I loves their magnets and bumper stickers and poured over them for 10 minutes. MK's awesome sis found this one for me - last one too, so lucky.

This sticker totally reminded me of this etsy link MK had sent me so I had to stealthily buy one for her and save it for her birthday.

A surprise sticker for MK's birthday

Or the original etsy wall decal (not sold at the Dazzled by Twilight store)

Life size silhouette - maybe a bit too creepy

The store owner Annette has this huge collection of Twilight stuff in cases in the back - note these precious things are not for sale. I'm sure she has that sh*t fully alarmed to keep away the crazy twihards like myself. Had to wipe some drool off the glass from getting too close.

Their mugs and glasses were perfect and these are the ones I got for myself and my lovely sister.

I *heart* my mug

This is the only hint that I am a twihard in my office. I swear if it ever breaks I'll be crushed and have to drive the 7 hours back to Forks. Oh, and my secretary requested a pair of these too

funny once you put milk in them you can't see the words anymore

I love their jewelry collection and got this bracelet.

A bit more subtle than the wood-carved wolf

Unfortunately I lost my crystal heart at the second showing of New Moon that I went to. So f*cking ironic that I spent the whole night wishing for more Edward and ended up going home with just the Jacob. Sucks. Okay I must go to the online store and get a new one. Maybe the official one will hold up better. I know that I could just get my uber-talented sis in law to attach a Swarovski crystal heart but then I'll know it wasn't from Forks and it would just feel wrong.

When you buy a book there they should put a Forks sticker on it. They forgot mine on my New Moon companion guide but I think I overwhelmed them with my massive pile of purchases. Twilight chocolates and mints plus trading cards rounded off my purchases.

I don't know why I love these cards so much

a bit too drunken mugshot for me

MK and her sis took a couple of shots in the store with the stand up Edward and Bella. I would be a dead woman if I posted these pics so you'll have to go there and make your own woodland scene with Edward and Bella.

Well, there were a few more stops that I for sure forgot to mention here and also a few more things that I am too embarrassed to say that I bought :)

If the rumour is true and we get a good shopping excursion to Forks with the Twitarded crew I'll be dropping way more cash. Can't wait!

Keep an eye out for some more fanfic reviews...I'm planning to do FanFic Fridays.